Tonight: Free Burgers And Beer At SPTR


Here’s the deal: All you gotta do is be one of the first 60 customers coming in for the deal tonight at South Philly Tap Room (which, honestly, probably means you’ve gotta be one of the first 60 through the door), and your grass-fed, locally-sourced burger and your first Kenzinger will be free, courtesy of Daryl Rineer of Rineer Family Farm–which is where the meat for those burgers comes from.

Or, really, I guess its technically where the cows live, but whatever. Point is, Daryl and his staff will be there to talk about cows and farming with the guests, and the first 60 of you will be eating and drinking on his dime. Nice, right?

The counting will start at 6pm tonight. I suggest you get there early.

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Bar Ferdinand Chef Collaboration Series Continues With Scott Schroeder


Say you were trying to custom-design a truly weird night. Great food, interesting company, a crew in the kitchen who know their way around a party and could cater a trip to the DMV and make it fun. If you could put any two Philly chefs together in the same kitchen to make this happen, who would you choose?

Yeah, you’re right. It would be David Ansill and Scott Schroeder. And lucky you, because the two of them are going to be cooking together for one night only at Bar Ferdinand on Thursday, March 27. It’s open seating. The fun starts at 6pm. And tickets are $55 per person.

So you wanna know what’s going to be on the menu?

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This Week: Bromance Collaboration Dinner At Ela


Scott Schroeder is having a busy season. We just wrote about him throwing in with David Ansill for an upcoming collaboration dinner at Bar Ferdinand, and now we’ve also got word that, two days from now, he’s going to be in the kitchen at Ela with one of his besties, Jason Cichonski, doing a totally different collaboration dinner.

This one is actually called the Bromance Collaboration Dinner, a “bromantical evening with Scott Schroeder and Jason Cichonski.” It’s happening on Wednesday, February 12, at Ela. Seats are $50 per person (with an optional $20 drink pairing), reservations are required, and the menu is… Well, just check it out for yourselves after the jump.

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