Photo of Men With Guns on South Street Freaks Out Neighbors

Imagine that it’s a gorgeous day and you’re riding your bike through the city when you pass by a group of men holding a bunch of guns in the air. That’s just what happened over the weekend to one Philly woman, who posted a photo of the alarming scene to a community Facebook page. After all, it’s not often that we see regular people carrying guns on the street in Philadelphia. Read more »

Police Say Owner of South Philly Day Care Sexually Assaulted Two Kids

Philly Kids Gym and Sprouts Children’s Center on 9th Street (Photo by Zach Kocis)

This is a developing story.

At a press conference at Special Victims Unit headquarters in Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon, the Philadelphia Police Department announced that the owner of a South Philadelphia day care facility has been placed under arrest for allegedly sexually assaulting two young children. Read more »

WATCH: Italian Market Grease Pole Competition

Watching videos of more than a dozen greasy people stacking themselves on top of each other in attempt to climb a 30-foot, lard-slicked, sausage-topped pole doesn’t really compare to standing amongst a rowdy crowd at the 9th & Montrose Piazza in Bella Vista and seeing it for yourself.

But just in case you missed long-standing Italian Market Festival tradition this past weekend – called the grease pole competition, for those who don’t know it – never fear: we’ve rounded up some of the best footage, including the video above.  Read more »

VIDEO: What Is This Guy Doing to a Woman’s Drink at a South Philly Bar?

An image from the video that police are investigating.

An image from the video that police are investigating.

This is a developing story.

UPDATE 5/3/2017 10 p.m.:

Philly Mag has been contacted by a man who says he is the person in the video. We have confirmed that the identity he has provided appears to be the same person as seen on the recording.

He adamantly denies that he put anything into the woman’s drink, adding that he has never “roofied” anyone. He says that he was reaching behind himself to put his wallet into his pocket, and he denies that his hand ever went over the drink. “If you look at that video,” he told me, “my hand never went over that drink.”

He says that after Shelly removed the drink from the bar, people started calling him a rapist, so he yelled back and left.

We have provided his name and contact information to police, and he says that he already contacted SVU and that he is willing to take a lie detector test.

As for the photo that has been well-circulated on Facebook prior to our publication of this story, he says he has asked Facebook repeatedly to take it down.


Six weeks after the Philadelphia Police Department launched a still-ongoing investigation into allegations that more than 20 people were drugged at popular South Philadelphia bar The Dolphin, investigators are now also taking a look at a surveillance video from a different bar that’s about five blocks from The Dolphin. Read more »

Police Looking for South Philly Arsonist

The South Philadelphia arson suspect walks through the Sunoco gas station at 18th and Oregon.

The South Philadelphia arson suspect walks through the Sunoco gas station at 18th and Oregon.

The Philadelphia Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a man wanted for arson in South Philadelphia. Read more »

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