The Most Mouthwatering Chilled Soups at Philly Restaurants Right Now



If you think that the best summer foods are ones that come straight off the grill, you’re missing out. Gazpachos and chilled soups are every bit as classic as charred-up burgers—and healthier, too. And we’re not just talking about your everyday tomato gazpacho. A bunch of restaurants in the region offer super-creative takes on the chilly favorite. They’re chock-full of yummy summer veggies and fun ingredients, like zucchini blossoms and long hots, that are sure to please even the most devout backyard griller.

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Federal Donuts Teams Up To Launch a Kickstarter

rooster soup co.If you needed one more reason to love Federal Donuts, here it is: Federal Donuts is collaborating with Broad Street Ministry (BSM), a non-profit, to launch a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will fund Rooster Soup Company, a gourmet soup restaurant where 100% of the profits will go to the Broad Street Ministry’s Hospitality Collaborative. BSM has been providing social services and meals (over 60,000  a year to be exact) to those in need in Philadelphia. Bill Golderer, founder and convening minister of BSM, spoke on the team up saying, “when unlikely collaborators like Broad Street Ministry and Federal Donuts join forces – new possibilities emerge. Getting in the game together leads us past helplessness, and allows us to envision radical new solutions.”

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Buy Soup, Support MANNA



This icy weather calls for soup. So how about a warming bowl that also supports a good cause? The Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance is hosting a Souper Bowl (get it?) fundraiser right now to help generate support for its nutrition programs for critically ill Philadelphians.

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Warm Up with Some Good Soup


When we polled our readers and distilled down their answers about the best soups in Philadelphia, we figured it would be a good post for a cold day. And what do you know, today qualifies.

So here are our suggestions for the best soup for lunch in Philadelphia as well as the best soups served in Philadelphia restaurants.

Where To Get the Best Soup for Lunch in Philadelphia [Foobooz]
Best Soups in Philadelphia Restaurants [Foobooz]

Good Lord, It’s 17 Degrees Outside—Make These Warming Soups Now

Leftover Bruschetta Soup—recipe below!

Leftover Bruschetta Soup—recipe below!

You would not believe how many layers I’m wearing today—and even still, I’m barely tepid over here. That’s why I’m taking the cold-weather battle to the kitchen and whipping up a honkin’ batch of warm-me-up soup pronto. Won’t you join me? Here are five of our most popular soup and chili recipes to help you fight the cold.

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Where To Get the Best Soup for Lunch in Philadelphia

Soup Kitchen - Photo by Courtney Apple

Soup Kitchen – Photo by Courtney Apple

A couple of weeks ago we crowd-sourced where to get the best soup around Center City Philadelphia and beyond. We received suggestions in the comments, on Facecbook, via Twitter and email as well.

Here is our list of the places and soups that came up the most. For what restaurants serve a can’t miss soup as part of their meal, check out our best soups in Philadelphia restaurants list.

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Do You Have “The Best Chili in Philly?”


The Cambridge is getting set to hold its second annual chili cook off. The event takes place on Sunday, November 10th at 3 p.m. and the South Street bar is still looking for a few more contestants who want to compete for the title, “Best Chili in Philly.”

Guests get to sample as much chili as they like and vote for their favorite. The Cambridge will also have more than ten pumpkin beers on tap.

The competition will be held in the outdoor courtyard, so dress accordingly.

Contestants may sign up by emailing their contact info to:

Cambridge [Foobooz]

The Great Foobooz Soup Hunt

Pumpkin Soup

Pretty much everybody here at Foobooz World HQ (and everyone among the wider Philly mag team) is walking around with a case of the sniffles right now. As such, talk has turned to where in the city everyone goes for their favorite bowls of soup.

But out of these many conversations has come a depressing realization: In a city as broad, diverse and food-focused as Philadelphia is, we have a serious lack of truly great soup. I mean, yeah. There are places to get ramen. And a couple places to go for decent bowls of chicken soup. But where are the true soup savants in this town? The cooks for whom soup-making is not just an afterthought, but a true calling?

So with the weather turning chilly and the skies going gray, we’ve decided to turn to you, the Foobooz community. Where do you guys go when you’ve got an itch that only a really great bowl of soup can scratch?

Let us know in the comments. And please, for those of us who are stuck at our desks and living vicariously through you, don’t spare any details.

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