Larisa Bunch Wins Songbird 2

Larisa BunchWe have a new “Best Singer in Philly,” folks, and it’s Larisa Bunch. The 28-year-old was crowned winner last night at the grand finale of Josh Schonewolf’s Songbird 2 competition at Tabu. Here’s what she had to say about the honor on her Facebook wall:

“I would just like to say how thankful I am to have met so many amazing people — not just the people in the competition with me, but the amazing people I’ve met in the community. …  I’d like to thank Josh Schonewolf for believing that I was talented enough to make the top 20 picked, and I would like to thank the judges for believing in me throughout this grueling and stressful competition. …  I’m so so so happy right now and I am so grateful for all the amazing times that I’ve had with my new friends.”

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Jo Stones Wins First Philly Songbird Competition

jojo walsh songbirdLast night, scruffy singer-songwriter Jo Stones was named winner of Philly’s first Songbird competition, a contest in the Gayborhood to find the city’s best singer. He was chosen out of a crop of 16 that was whittled down every week since the event started in September.

I asked Songbird judge and Philly Weekly music writer Bill Chenevert what it was that put Stones above the rest:

“One of my favorite things about Jo Stones is that he’s a very positive, happy person who radiates soul. It’s said that every fallen Songbird was pulling for him last night and that’s not entirely surprising: he played fair, honestly, and with the right attitude. … As a performer he’s magnetic. Whether he’s behind a keyboard or not, his voice is dynamic and strong.”

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