Softshell Season Is Upon Us, Here’s Where To Find Them


Soft shells with shoshito and honey at Stateside

We here at Foobooz World Headquarters have a soft spot for soft shell crabs. Some might get bummed out by the thought of biting through a shell, devouring a whole animal and all that. But us, we love the idea of crabby taste without the hustle or frustration of shucking anything. And softshell season is officially upon us. The delicious creatures have been showing up on more menus around town over recent days.

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Crab Tasting Menu This Week at Matyson, Brunch Starts Sunday

This week’s tasting menu at Matyson is all about crab. Enjoy crab in soup form, as soft shells and as part of a surf and turf. Matys0n’s tasting menu is offered Monday through Thursday for $45 per person.

Matyson has also announced that starting this Sunday, the Center City BYOB will be offering brunch. Look for the menu later today.

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Kick Off Soft-Shell Season With a Bang

Well what do you know, it’s soft-shell crab season already! And one of the first places we’ve seen them on the menu is at Blackfish in Conshohocken. In fact tonight the Fayette Street BYOB is offering a tasting menu of the soft crustaceans. The dinner is four-courses for $45.

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Soft Shells

We have a soft spot for soft shell crabs. We’ve already sampled the soft shell crab sandwich at the Standard Tap. We’re looking forward to our first order of soft shells at Dmitri’s. It looks like Bridget Foy’s might be just as crazy about the cuddly crustacean as we are.

From now to June 30th, Bridget Foy’s is offering four different soft shell crab specials.

  • Kenzinger Beer Battered Soft Shell Crab Sandwich / creole remoulade / shaved cabbage $13
  • Tempura Soft Shell Crab/spicy peanut vinaigrette / noodle salad $13
  • Pan Seared Soft Shell Crabs/ fresh linguini / roasted cherry tomatoes / saffrom broth $26
  • Buttermilk Soft Shell Crabs/ jalapeno grits / creamy cole slaw $26

Bridget Foy’s [Official Site]