People Think It’s Going to Snow Because of a 2013 Story

Last year’s winter was quite bad: We got more than 60 inches of snow. The temperature was 15 degrees or colder for 15 days. “It may be hard to remember after the winter we’ve just been through,” I wrote in April, “but things haven’t always been this bad.” I had to look at data to be reminded of what warmth was!

Apparently people are still traumatized by the weather. Because today, a 2013 story about a possible March 2013 snowfall has people on social media believing snow is in the forecast for this weekend.

Before we go any farther: Don’t worry. It’s not.

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City’s Snow Tab: $18 Million

It was such a snowy winter in Philadelphia…

How … Snowy … Was it?

It was such a snowy winter in Philadelphia that plowing the streets this winter cost taxpayers $18 million dollars — three times the normal amount. Streets Commissioner David Perri announced the number Tuesday at a City Council committee hearing.  (Inquirer)

WATCH: NASA Movie of 2014’s Winter Storms

Want a visualization of just how bad this winter was for the East Coast? NASA has released this animation of satellite images showing the movement of winter storms from January 1 to March 24. Enjoy remembering how cold and wet you were all winter.

Get Ready for More Snow This Afternoon

Yes, you read that headline correctly. There is more snow on the way, and it’s coming today. Per the good people at Phillywx:

Snow starts around 2 PM city and west, with rain and snow at the start at the Shore around 4 PM. Precip at Shore transitions to snow by evening, with steadiest snows falling between 7 and 11 PM along the coast. Snow ends in the city by Midnight, by 3 AM at Shore.

Phillywx says we should be getting about 1-2 inches on unpaved surfaces in the city, while the shore will get about 2-4 inches. Some forecasters think it could be a tad higher, but I’ll err on the lower side to make everyone feel better. It’ll be warm enough to keep the sidewalks and roads relatively clear along the I-95 corridor, though winds will be high tonight and tomorrow — making it seem much colder.

On one hand, this is nothing compared to other snowfalls we’ve had this year; we can handle it. On the other, it’s Match 25 and we’re about to get more. Bah.


Here Comes the Nor’Easter

NBC 10 says to get ready for the Nor’Easter:

Most of the day Tuesday, temperatures will be above freezing limiting accumulation to colder grassy areas. But as it gets colder Tuesday evening, snow is likely to stick to roads and sidewalks making for slippery condition into Wednesday morning.

Current models are indicating 1 to 3 inches of snow for our area.

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Winter’s Back, Because Nature Hates Your Guts


Spring is here, but the winter weather isn’t quite done yet. A nor’easter is approaching our area and should hit parts of the region on Tuesday.

With temperatures above freezing, the storm will likely start as a wintry mix in Philly and the north and west suburbs before changing over to snow, while South Jersey and Delaware will see more rainfall.

The system should move out by Wednesday morning. Any accumulating snowfall will likely occur Tuesday night since that will be when the system is most active.

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Cheer Up: Winter’s Almost Over. And Next Year’s Might Not Be So Bad

The latest iteration of FiveThirtyEight, baseball and politics geek Nate Silver’s quantitative journalism site, launched yesterday. And, in an article by Matt Lanza on this winter, there was a chart that showed this is the snowiest five-year average in recorded Philadelphia history.

Ugh. Let’s post the chart again, so we can be shaken by it.


Lanza didn’t point this out in the article, but what makes this chart amazing — and this winter so terrible, with 15 days below 15 degrees in Philadelphia – is how nice the previous two winters had been. When this cold weather started in December, I was angry at my friends for complaining. “It’s been cold for, like, a month over the past two years!” I’d say to no one in particular when we were at the bar or someone’s house. “You’re not allowed to complain about winter being winter!”

Of course, things did get worse, and I soon stopped complaining about, erhm, people complaining. And by the time it’s the dead of winter and I’ve been without enough sunlight for a few months, I’m pretty much a non-stop complaint machine myself.

But I think there is reason to be optimistic.

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