City Warns Residents of Falling Ice

Watch Out for Falling Ice sign

Photo | Dan McQuade

Ah, snow. The first day, it’s quite pretty. Then for the next week it’s a blot on our fine city. From snow piles that make crossing the street a game of King of the Mountain to slippery floors inside buildings and train stations, it’s been a rough couple of days walking around Philly.

There is also the danger of falling ice. And now the city is warning residents and building owners to beware. Read more »

Heaviest Snow Ever? We Put It to the Test

A shovelful of snow, an empty aquarium, and a digital scale were the tools used in our highly scientific experiment.

A shovelful of snow, an empty aquarium, and a digital scale were the tools used in our highly scientific experiment.

Philly, we love you. If you’re not complaining about getting too much snow, you’re complaining that we didn’t get nearly as much snow as was predicted. And then in the next breath, you complain that the snow is too heavy! Read more »

A Majority of SEPTA Bus Routes Are Suspended

47M bus - snow

Photo | Dan McQuade

SEPTA has suspended all but 35 of its bus routes due to the winter storm today, general manager Jeff Knueppel said at a press conference this afternoon.

“This storm has really become more about sleet and freezing rain than snow totals,” he told reporters at a presser at 1234 Market Street, SEPTA headquarters. “Icing of overhead wires and third rail and slippery road conditions have created significant service impacts.”

Those impacts initially caused SEPTA to suspend 88 of its 123 bus routes today at midday; some have come back online in the meantime. The Norristown High-Speed Line was also suspended, but service resumed after 1 p.m. The Route 101 and 102 trolleys are currently suspended.

The bus routes that are running tend to connect to the SEPTA lines that are running: The Green Line trolley routes are running, as are the Broad Street Subway and Market-Frankford Line. Regional Rail is operating on an “enhanced Saturday schedule,” with delays expected. Read more »

This Is Our First Big Winter Storm Without KYW’s School Closing Numbers

Dan McQuade playing in the snow

The author, in front of his parents’ home in Northeast Philadelphia, during an early 1990s blizzard.

I grew up in the city, so I didn’t have a school number when I was a little kid. But when the snow started falling in Philadelphia, I did turn up KYW 1060 and listen for nine magic words: “All public and parochial schools in Philadelphia are closed.”

Still, I felt a twinge of sadness when I read the news earlier this year that KYW would stop broadcasting snow numbers. When I ended up going to a private school in the suburbs for high school, I did get a snow number. I’d wait until anchor hit Bucks County, turn up the volume on the radio and wait until I heard the number. (It has been lost to the sands of time. 510? 610? Something like that.)

It’s snowing — well, in the city, sleeting — today, so this is the first big winter storm in Philadelphia where KYW won’t be reading out school numbers.

When it got to the number for my high school, I cheered. And regardless of whether I learned from a sentence or a number, my snow-day ritual was the same: I’d go over to friends’ houses and try to find people to build a makeshift igloo with, or maybe organize a huge snowball fight. That is, if I could find my friends before I was pressed into shoveling service.

After freezing our butts off, we’d end up back inside, playing video games, drinking hot cocoa and figuring out when it would be fun to go outside again. It was great. And it seemed to all stem from that moment of waiting by the radio to find out if we didn’t have to go to school. Read more »

Town Solves Snowstorm Savesies Problem With $1,000 Fines

Photo by Mary Lou Doyle

A common sight in South Philly, but not in one local town. Photo by Mary Lou Doyle

Any time there is a snowstorm in Philadelphia, the Great Savesies Debate erupts in densely populated neighborhoods like South Philadelphia, where parking is scarce. But one local town says it put an end to the debate by threatening residents with a hefty fine on saved parking spots during snowstorms. Read more »

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