The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Our Favorite Kind of Snow Day

Photo by baona/iStock

Photo by baona/iStock

You’re right, you’re right; it’s annoying to rearrange your whole schedule because the weather people warn of an impending Snowmageddon. And yeah, it’s totally aggravating to wake up in the morning and find — wait. What? Where the f@#$’s the snow? But think about it: hardly any shoveling! Ten minutes to dig out the car! No kitchen filled with soppy discarded boots and mittens! You could drive to the store to buy soup fixings (or, you know, wine)! And you got to feel that frisson of delectable guilt that comes from knowing you could have made it in to work but didn’t — just as enjoyable now as when you were 10 and staying home from school. Not to mention how pissed we’d all be if said weather people told us an inch of snow was coming and we wound up with a foot and a half.

Happy Snow Day Everyone!


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I know, I know… Everyone was predicting a Snowpocalypse today and what we got was just a little bit of snow, in February, which is when snow is supposed to fall.

But still, it has been the only real snow we’ve gotten this year, and everyone kinda wanted this to be a bigger deal than it was, so I get it. People are looking for an excuse to celebrate and we here at Foobooz World HQ are squarely in favor of that sort of thing, so here’s what some of the bars and restaurants around town are doing to make your snow day a little less cold, a little more drinky and a lot more fun.

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Snow Day Plans: Run Secret Snow Day Beer Mile with Run215

The snow is a comin’, friends. If you can already feel the cabin fever kicking in, know that you don’t have to stay on your couch all weekend long: Run215 is putting on what sounds like maaaaybe the best snow day activity ever — a pop-up BYOB (or BYO soda, for the non-drinkers) beer mile in the snow tomorrow. The event is called — wait for it — #FREEZYCHEEKSPHL, in honor of this weekend’s postponed Chilly Cheeks 7-Miler. Read more »

Snow Day! Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL

Here are the snow totals for the area, predicted by the National Weather Service as of 4 a.m.

Yep, it’s really snowing.

You may have had a snow day or two this winter but this is the first that has a legitimate snowfall to go with it. So if you’re lucky enough to be off from work or school, here are the spots where you can get a hot coffee or a cold beer.

Check out what’s #OpenInPHL, there are some good deals out there.

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Here’s What Gene Marks Gets Wrong About Teachers and Snow Days


Earlier this week, Philadelphia magazine opinion columnist Gene Marks questioned why teachers get snow days. Today, Steve Clark, a teacher and two-time “Best Storyteller in Philadelphia” offers a rebuttal.

Why do teachers get snow days?

The simple answer to this question, Gene, is, well, they don’t get snow days.

No. Really. As Inquirer staff writers Dan Hardy and Larry King informed us, “Every school in Pennsylvania must get in at least 180 instructional days for students.” (It’s in the Pennsylvania public school code.) They precede this by suggesting, “That’s because their districts pad their calendars with a few “snow days” added to the end of the year. That way, everyone knows in advance what will happen if bad weather forces closures, with the extra days canceled if not needed.” But that’s not really fair; I mean, they probably had to Google that or something, and who has the time for that? Certainly not willfully ignorant writers with a shaky soapbox to stand on! You probably had a lot of those Wendy Williams watching, book-reading, overly sleepy teachers, Gene.

But here’s a longer answer to your lowest-common-denominator click bait: Read more »

Why Do Teachers Get Snow Days?


UPDATE: Philadelphia school teacher Steve Clark has written a response to this column

Hey school teachers, I have an idea.

Instead of fighting the School Reform Commission and campaigning for a friendly governor and organizing your efforts for a sympathetic mayor and protesting at City Council meetings and complaining about contributing more to your health insurance and your pensions let me suggest another tactic: How about you actually go to work?

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5 Snow-Filled Philly Fitness Instagrams That Will Make You Want to Go Outside

snow lead
If the thought of abandoning your house for a workout in the snowy — or in some cases, very slushy — outdoors is proving difficult (because heat and Netflix and thermal onesies), here’s some much-needed workout inspiration: five photos of locals (including one with last week’s adoptable running dog, Cy) braving the snow and slush to get their sweat on. And the biggest shocker of all? They actually make it look fun. Check the photos out below, then bundle up and follow suit. Read more »

The $3 Hack to Make Your Bike Tires Skid-Proof for Snowy Winter Rides



Man, the gals over that the Women Bike PHL Facebook group are killing it lately with useful tidbits for bike commuters. First, they alerted us to this weird yet ingenious trick for keeping your hands warm during cold winter rides, and now they’ve left a trail of breadcrumbs for a $3 hack that could make snowy winter rides a whole heck of a lot safer.

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18 Movies and TV Shows to Stream On Your Snow Day

netflix snow day recommendations

Snowstorm duds are the best kind of duds: Many of us still get a snow day from work and we don’t have to worry about shoveling our sidewalks. What you can do, however, is stay in your PJs all day and watch movies. To help you take advantage of your day off, I asked Philly Mag staffers to share their favorite snow-day movies and TV shows that you can watch for free on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Here’s what I got:

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The Ultimate Guide to Living Room Workouts for Snowy Days



Okay, okay, so we didn’t quite the get snowy wallop weather forecasters predicted. But by the looks of my desolate office and the largely deserted train cars, buses and sidewalks during my commute in, it seems some of you are holing up at home, anyway. Put some of that indoor time to good use with these workouts that require little more than floor space in your living room.

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