REVIEW: Lady Gaga on “SNL”

gaga snl

Following in Miley’s footsteps (that had to hurt a little), Lady Gaga took on the hosting and performance duties during this Saturday’s airing of Saturday Night Live, showing us that she’s quite the thespianHere, I roundup some of Momma Monster’s best, worst and downright ugliest moments from the broadcast.

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Three Lessons Miley Cyrus (And We) Can Learn From Sinead O’Connor

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 6.54.43 PMMiley Cyrus hosts SNL on Saturday night, and because we seem to be stuck in a Miley Moment, and because SNL is broadcast live and has a rich history of such things, we might as well wager on the likelihood of some even bigger—shocking!—Miley Moment that will set tongues wagging, brows furrowing, and Hulu clips refreshing a million times by Sunday morning.

One of SNL’s most famous moments of surprise, of course, happened 21 years ago this week—when Sinead O’Connor sang Bob Marley’s “War,” and concluded her performance by ripping up a photo of the pope. “Fight the real enemy!” she cried, and nothing was the same for O’Connor’s career after that. Whatever happens this Saturday, it seems that anything Miley does will probably be A) far more premeditated and B) far less likely to do any real damage to her own career.

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