Smoothie Fanatics, Rejoice! Multiple Jamba Juices to Open Around Philly This Year



Remember the good ol’ days, back when Whole Foods was Fresh Fields and many of the stores had Jamba Juice counters? At some point, those Jamba Juices disappeared, leaving many of us wondering if we’d ever see Jamba Juice again, but fret no longer: According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, local franchisee Andreana Chryssos is bringing the California-based smoothie chain to the Philly area with a vengeance, with multiple stores set to open this year.

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Smoothie Lovers, Rejoice: New Robeks Opens at Suburban Square Today

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Remember last September, when Robeks, otherwise known as smoothie heaven, opened its first Philly outpost at 11th and Chestnut and you guys went completely cuckoo for acai bowls? Well, prepare to go nuts again: Today, the smoothie and juice chain opened its second Philly-area store, this one at 32 Parking Plaza in Ardmore’s Suburban Square.
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Awesome: HipCityVeg Is Celebrating Its Birthday By Giving Away Free Groothies Today

groothieI just trekked over to HipCityVeg in Rittenhouse for lunch, and when I got there, I found out that it’s their third birthday (Happy birthday! Thanks for bringing the Curry Tofu Wrap into the world!). And to celebrate, they’re giving away giant (and I mean giant) samples of their signature green smoothie, brilliantly named the Groothie, to everyone who stops in for food.  Read more »

Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies Opens First Storefront

robeks-smoothies-healthy-eatsRobeks, the fresh juice and smoothie chain has been getting its name out there via their food truck since July. Today they open their first storefront at 1035 Chestnut Street. Robeks started in California in 1996 and is looking to open 36 franchises in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Robeks makes their juices and smoothies to order, promising to use only the freshest fruit and featuring a proprietary Greek yogurt with more protein and less carbs. The store also offers dairy-free, soy and almond milk options. “Boosts” of added vitamins and minerals promising to increase energy, improve the immune system, reduce cholesterol and help digestion can be added.

Robeks – Center City [Foobooz]

Switch It Up: 12 Herb-Infused Smoothies to Try

smoothiesI don’t know about you guys, but I’ve noticed some unusual additions popping up in smoothies lately: herbs. Last week, the juice bar I frequent had added a smoothie with mint to the summer menu, and plenty of recipes for green smoothies with basil have been showing up on the food blogs lately. At first, it was a little off-putting. The thought of throwing basil into my banana-kale-pineapple mix was just, well, weird. But after a little more research, I turned up plenty of recipes that sound pretty darn delicious.

And, I mean, why wouldn’t they be? Herbs add flavor and variety to your favorite dishes, so it makes sense to try adding them to your smoothies for a little extra flavor. Plus, lots of herbs are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and plenty of other nutritional goodies, so it certainly can’t hurt to test it out. Here are 12 recipes to get you started.

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Beat the Heat: 11 Smoothie Bowl Recipes to Make for Dinner

smoothie bowls

Last night, as I stood in my kitchen, my face dripping with sweat (because my boyfriend and I live in the dark ages, where central air conditioning does not exist), all I could imagine eating for dinner was ice cream. It was simply too hot to consider consuming anything else. But alas, ice cream for dinner isn’t really acceptable past the age of 15, so I opted for a quinoa salad instead. It was delicious, but it was no ice cream.

But tonight I will be eating an ice-cream like concoction for dinner, because I, my friends, have found a loophole to the no-ice-cream-for-dinner rule: The smoothie bowl. The smoothie bowl is pretty much just what it sounds like: a smoothie, served in a bowl, topped off with whatever delicious stuff you’ve got lying around—chia seeds, cocoa nibs, nuts, granola, coconut flakes. Anything, really. A smoothie bowl is delicious, nutritious and—most importantly—ice-cold. So tonight, join me in taking a break from this desert-like heat with a dessert-like dinner: Here, 11 fruit and veggie packed smoothie bowl recipes that are sure to cool you down and fill you up.

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The Greatest Kitchen Hack Ever: How to Use a Mason Jar As a Blender

Here is a kitchen hack that will forever change the way you make smoothies: Attach your mason jar to your blender. The mouth of a small mason jar screws onto most standard-sized blenders, so you can throw all your ingredients into the mason jar, attach it to the blender, and make a to-go smoothie without having to wash a single glass. Genius, right? Yesterday, the folks over at Shape posted this handy-dandy video showing just how easy it is to master this time-saving trick. Watch, learn and enjoy your newly-simplified morning routine.

Looking for some smoothie-inspiration? Try our delicious peanut butter and banana concoction.

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