The Checkup: Why You Cry When You’re Happy, Explained (Finally!) 

• A few years ago, my best friend got married in her parents’ living room and I videotaped the entire thing. But it wasn’t really worth videotaping, because all you can hear is loud, sobbing sounds … coming from me. I swear, they were happy sobs, but still, it is not cute. And for years, I have wondered: Why the heck couldn’t I control my tear ducts?!? So I am oh-so-grateful to have that episode explained to me by the lovely folks over at Science of Us. If you, too, are a happy cryer, click through to learn why. [Science of Us] Read more »

Take a Free Nap in a “Nap Pod” in Philly Next Week

nap pod

Photo courtesy Casper

UPDATE 9/25 at 8:20 a.m.: The Casper folks just shared the exact location of the pods with me. They’ll be posted up at 1950 Sansom Street — parked, I’m assuming, in that parking lot right across from Shake Shack. 


ORIGINAL: New York mattress maker Casper is right smack dab in the middle of a seven-city “nap tour,” whereby staffers are rolling into cities up and down the East Coast with mobile “nap pods” and encouraging residents to take midday naps. Next week, Philly’s getting a turn.  Read more »

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