How to Tell If You Actually Need to Nap

You guys might’ve noticed the blog was a bit sparse last week. I was off in California, hiking alongside Kourtney Kardashian (no, really!) and drinking adaptogenic lattes (work research, ya know?). It was lovely, not that you asked. But to get to my point: When I was in Los Angeles, I stayed with my good friend, Ellin. One day, when I walked back into Ellin’s apartment after a (sadly) Kourtney Kardashian-free hike, I saw her, right as I stepped foot in the door, jolt awake, sit up on the couch and proceed to pretend that she had not been sleeping — like she was ashamed of a mid-afternoon nap. It was like I’d caught her spending her afternoon watching General Hospital or sniffing glue or something.

But I am here to tell you, nappers: There is nothing to be ashamed of. As I learned over on Men’s Health earlier today, up to 40 percent of the population are what nap experts (those are real) call “habitual nappers,” meaning they need their daily snooze session to perform their best. But the question is, how do you know if you are a habitual napper or if you simply aren’t getting enough sleep at night, which is leading you to feel sleepy (cue couch session) during the day?

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How Being a Slave to Your Alarm Could Be Sabotaging Your Waistline

We’ve all been beat over the head with the news headlines and Arianna Huffingtons of the world screaming the same thing at us: “SLEEP IS SUPER IMPORTANT AND YOU’RE NOT GETTING ENOUGH OF IT.” The facts are this: sleep impacts our work performance; it screws with our relationships (hello, cranky monster in need of nap); and not getting enough sleep can make you act like a drunk person in the daytime. No, really, it’s science.

But all that said, when you’re deep into an internet investigation at 2 a.m., digging into how Kim Kardashian’s assistant managed to create a career that involves yachts, thinking up Kimoji-based merch and taking Kim’s “selfies,” none of this information matters. You will continue with your descent into the very deep Google hole and then regret it all when your alarm goes off at 6 a.m., arming you with just four hours of sleep to take on the day. (Curiosity killed the cat, right?)

But we’re here to bang you over the head with some more news that might make you close your laptop at a decent hour. As Health reports, a new study published in PLOS ONE found that getting less sleep was linked to higher waist circumference, but they didn’t find a link between sleep and diet quality. Wait, huh?

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These “Nap Pods” Are Coming to Philly 

Casper’s “nap pods” | Photo courtesy Casper

Casper, maker of mattresses, is on a cross-country nap tour — well, they’re calling it the Casper Stay Inn Tour, but it’s really a nap tour — and they’re parking their mobile “nap pods” in Philly this week.

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The Sneaky Reason You’re Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s probably not just your annoying neighbors keeping you up at night, a new study shows. According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Northwestern Medicine and Rush University Medical Center, to be published in the journal Sleep Science and Practice, there’s actually a pretty glaring connection between having a sense of purpose in your life and getting a good night’s sleep.

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Study: Why Your Bedtime Matters Just As Much As the Number of Hours You Sleep

Sure, setting a bedtime alarm might sound like an eye-roll-worthy suggestion. But a new study performed by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that doing so could have some eye-roll-tempering impacts on your life. Think: better work performance and the ability to actually stick to your morning workout schedule — for once!

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The Checkup: Why This Counterintuitive Weight-Loss Tip Works 

• When you’re trying to lose weight, your goal with your workouts might be just that: To lose weight. But trainer Tony Gentilcore makes a good point: Replacing your thoughts of weight loss (seriously, forget it!) with another purpose for exercising — a goal separate from the simple aesthetics-focused goal of weight loss — like finally being able to do a pull-up, could be the key to actually reaching your weight-loss goals in the end. [Women’s Health]

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The Checkup: Here’s When Your Sleep Quality Starts to Plummet

• New research published in the journal Neuron found that Delta sleep (that’s restorative sleep, where your brain consolidates memories and clears junk) declines by a whopping 50 percent in some men when they hit their 30s, as compared with their 20s. Women are luckier, seeing more like a 25 percent decline in their 30s. The folks over on Discover break down the why — and how to try your very best to maintain your sleep quality. [Discover]

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