Sixers Fans Want to Pay Joel Embiid’s $10,000 Fine

Photo by NBAE.

While Joel Embiid isn’t exactly looking under the couch cushions for loose change to pay his recent $10,000 fine, Sixers fans still want to help our guy out all the same.

A GoFundMe page was established with the goal of “paying” the 76ers center’s fine after he was disciplined by the league for an Instagram Live video he posted on July 4th that included an expletive directed at the brash father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. Read more »

Traces of Sam Hinkie Are All Over the Sixers’ Camden Training Facility

Photo illustration by Joe Trinacria.

A South Jersey electrician pulled off an Illuminati-level scheme in which he hid nods to former 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie in light fixtures and other nooks and crannies of the team’s new Camden training facility, The Ringer’s John Gonzalez reports.

The unidentified laborer – fittingly known only as “Son of Sam” – used a Sharpie to write messages like “Trust the Process” and “Hinkie Died for This” on the inside of outlet covers, circuit boxes and light switches that now adorn the spacious new complex on the waterfront. Read more »

Stop What You’re Doing and Play This Sam Hinkie-Inspired 8-Bit Video Game

The folks over at sports columnist Bill Simmons’ site, The Ringer, gave Sixers fans the greatest gift ahead of tonight’s NBA Draft: this amazing 8-bit video game featuring former general manager Sam Hinkie as its hero. Trust me when I say you’ll want to stop what you’re doing and play this thing right now.

With a click of the mouse you’ll be transported back to childhood by this game’s scaled back graphics, goofy sound effects and terrifically-techno soundtrack. (Missed opportunity not having “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6ers” as the song, though). Read more »

What We Learned From Dario Saric’s Epic Twitter Takeover

Photo by NBAE.

When thinking about personality and the 76ers, the first player to immediately come to mind is center Joel Embiid. With the big man’s exploits already legendary, that’s natural. But Croatian sensation Dario Saric is right there with his fellow finalist for the 2017 Rookie of the Year award, endearing himself to the Philadelphia faithful with his own unique brand of humor and zest for the game. Read more »

Sorry, New Fans – the Sixers Bandwagon Is Full

Photo courtesy of the 76ers.

I’ve paid my dues as a 76ers fan these past few years, and I know I wasn’t alone. We might not have met personally, but I know you were there in the nosebleeds too. I saw you sitting among the sea of empty red seats, wearing an Andrew Bynum t-shirt both out of spite for that hack and for the humor in how he came to usher in a new era of Sixers basketball without ever stepping on the floor.

I was just a section over in my Jerry Stackhouse jersey, hopelessly cheering on the likes of K.J. McDaniels, JaKarr Sampson and Royal Ivey. (If you haven’t heard of them, it’s because you probably shouldn’t). The atmosphere at Wells Fargo Center during those tanking seasons that followed Bynum’s medical redshirt year was still full of passion, even at times bordering on electric. This is still Philadelphia, after all. Read more »

Sixers to Host Official NBA Draft Party at the Piazza

The Sixers’ official NBA Draft party will be held at the Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons in Northern Liberties on June 22.

“The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons is thrilled and proud to host the 2017 Official Draft Party of the Philadelphia 76ers,” Schmidt’s Commons Property Manager Sean Gavin said in a release. “We’re ready to roll out the red carpet for one of our favorite hometown teams and all the fans in Northern Liberties and beyond.” Read more »

Doctor J: ‘83 Sixers Would Beat Today’s Golden State Warriors

Photo by AP.

After Magic Johnson confidently bragged that his “Showtime” Lakers of the 1980s would sweep today’s Golden State Warriors (who hold a commanding 3-0 lead over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals), Doctor J couldn’t help but think that his old rival may be right.

Of course to Julius Erving, his Sixers were just as mighty as their frequent Western Conference foes despite losing two out of three Finals matchups against them. But that one decisive series win, a sweep in 1982-83, is all Doc needs for validation. Read more »

Joel Embiid Was Punking Kids at the Pat’s/Geno’s Courts

Photo by AP/Matt Slocum.

On the court, Joel Embiid is the Sixers’ prized big man of the future. Off it, he’s just their big kid – complete with his own sugary beverage addiction like most adolescents. (Sorry Howard Eskin). And what is it that kids like to do most? Play with other kids, of course.

That’s exactly what the 23-year-old Cameroon native did on Tuesday, stopping by the courts at 9th and Passyunk to teach a group of youngsters “how to trust the process” by ferociously swatting their shots and not letting them drive into his paint – all while flashing his trademark smile. Read more »

Two Sixers Named NBA Rookie of the Year Finalists

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

In truth, the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award is rather meaningless. It does not guarantee that its winner will enjoy a long and fruitful professional basketball career, nor does it signal that the team employing its winner is instantly regarded among the league’s playoff contenders.

But it’s still nice to have nice things, and we here in Philadelphia take competition seriously. With center Joel Embiid and forward Dario Saric named as finalists for this season’s Rookie of the Year, we should fully expect that one of the young Sixers will walk away with the honor. Read more »

Sixers Get Third Pick in NBA Draft, Embiid Reignites Rivalry With Lakers

Photo courtesy of NBAE.

Sadly, the NBA Draft Lottery has devolved into somewhat of an annual holiday for Sixers fans – more specifically the rabid devotees of banished former general manager Sam Hinkie. It’s a night when we can put aside how much of an embarrassment the team was on the court the year prior and focus on the expiration date of Hinkie’s so-called “process” and a return to playoff contention.

With fans being a little nutty here — in the good way, of course — a party held at XFINITY Live! by the guys who bring you the fantastic Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast (WIP’s Spike Eskin and Michael Levin) produced a packed house, all to watch the NBA’s deputy commissioner pull cards bearing team logos out of oversized envelopes on Tuesday night: Read more »

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