Six-Pack: Pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner


Bacon Pancakes at Grubhouse | Photo by Courtney Apple

There are only a few foods that one can happily eat for every meal and pancakes are one of them. Maybe it’s because lasagna for breakfast doesn’t flow as well, but pancakes for dinner is never a bad idea. No matter what time it is, pancakes can always be the answer to the question of “What would make me happy right now?” And here’s a list of some of our favorite spots to get the hot and fluffy dish.

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Six-Pack: Milkshakes That Are Better Than A Juice Cleanse


After trying a juice cleanse for a whole 23 minutes, I realized something quite remarkable: milkshakes taste a lot better. And though it may be wishful thinking to wait for a study that proves milkshake cleanses are healthy, I will most certainly do that waiting with a shake by my side. And what better time to enjoy one than during the summer when birds are chirping, kids are playing and you can be slurping. Here’s a list of some of our favorite spots for a treat that’ll make you question why juice cleanses are even a thing.

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Foobooz Six Pack: Best Local Chocolates

Philly has a long history of candymaking, and we have our fair share of excellent chocolatiers. So while yes, this is a good city to live in if you’re a cheesesteak junkie, and a great place for pizza addicts, it also ain’t bad for those with a wicked sweet tooth.

A few months ago, we detailed all the best places to buy candy and sweets in Philly. We also listed the three local desserts you have to try before you die. But neither of those lists focused solely on chocolate, and since there’s apparently some kind of holiday tomorrow during which the exchange of chocolate (and jewelry and, occasionally, shots) for sex is the traditional method of celebration, we here at Foobooz World HQ figured a list of where to find the best chocolates in Philadelphia might be in order.

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Foobooz Six Pack: Stuffed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Put down the white bread and step away from the Kraft singles—we’ve found a list of stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches so loaded and gluttonous that they definitely aren’t your average comfort food must-haves.

These aren’t your mom’s grilled cheeses, and you know what? They aren’t even sandwiches you want to tell your mom about because you know she’ll start jabbering about silly things like cholesterol and pesky little heart attacks.

These sandwiches, stuffed with multiple meats and cheeses and standard menu items squished together between different breads slathered with different types of butters and sauces, are stuffed with a dictionary of culinary bad words: fat, bacon, cheese, grilled, fried, baked, crispy, oozing, dripping, melting…

You don’t have to be in a bad mood to eat them, but you’ll definitely feel happier once you’ve started in on any of these six stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches:

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Six Pack: Macarons In Philly


It’s not just the extra “o” that separates the two desserts. Macarons and macaroons are both sweet desserts that use egg whites and sugar as a meringue base and get their names from the Italian word for “meringue”—but it’s pretty much apples and oranges from there.

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Six Pack: Italian In Center City That We Never Talk About


Editors Note: Once again, we’re introducing a new Foobooz writer to the world, so please welcome Camilla Brandfield-Harvey. For her first post, we presented her with an interesting task: to check out some of the Italian restaurants in and around Center City that we rarely talk about here–places that have just been quietly plugging along for years without creating the kind of scandals disasters cronuts collaboration dinners news that makes for a compelling headline. This is what she came up with.

To pick a great Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, you might as well close your eyes, throw a dart, and make it a culinary adventure. It’s hard to get it wrong. And yet, some places remain under the radar. That doesn’t mean their rooms are any less full, their atmosphere any less charming, or their food any less exquisite. In an Italian-heavy restaurant scene, there’s Vetri, and then there’s also La Viola. So, in a city where it’s hard to mistake your Italian, here are six great places and six fantastic pasta dishes that you might be missing:

Spasso Italian Grill–Papardelle Porcini

With Spasso’s relatively large pasta selection, it may be difficult to separate your fusilli from your fettucine. Disregard both and have the papardelle porcini. A soft, wide pasta–the lasagna noodle’s younger brother–is paired with succulent and proportionate chicken slices in a porcini cognac sauce that doesn’t flood the dish but rather adds an appropriate thickness and savory flavor. With its riverfront location and kind service, Spasso will satiate your appetite for traditional Italian and Old City charm.

34 S Front Street, Old City

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