PHOTOS: New Life for Iconic Lansdowne Theater?


Every Saturday was a great day in Lansdowne, Delaware County, in the late 1960’s. My mom would make Philadelphia Cream Cheese and jelly sandwiches, cut them in to squares and send me off with a dollar to the Lansdowne Movie Theater.

There I would join an army of children, all carrying snacks packed by Moms, to watch the Saturday matinee. It was usually something wonderfully terrible like Santa Claus and the Martians. There was also a cartoon or a Three Stooges short to start things off. And while you were finding a good seat, a man would play one of the biggest pipe organs you would ever see.

Now movies are shown in one of 13 black boxes in a non-descript building by the mall and you could be shot for bringing in your own food.

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“Silver Linings” Author Matthew Quick Gets Another Movie Deal

Matthew Quick is notable for two things here at Philly Mag HQ. One, he wrote the book The Silver Linings Playbook. Which turned into a movie you have heard of. Two, he kicked off his writing career with a column for the LaSalle Collegian under current Philly Mag news editor Brian Howard, who was also his junior year roommate. (They lived in E-12 at the St. Miguel Complex during the 1994-1995 academic year.) Now, he’s got another opportunity to remind we meek journalists of the riches we have forsaken by trafficking in the realm of fact: Sony Pictures has just bought the rights to make a movie out of his not-yet-published novel Love May Fail (Harper Collins, 2015).

“Love May Fail” follows Portia Kane, who after escaping her posh life and cheating husband, finds herself transported back to her childhood home where she sets out to reunite with a beloved high school English teacher who retired after a horrific event in the classroom.

This is the fourth book–not including Silver Linings–he’s optioned. For more on Quick, read Brian’s interview with him at the height of Oscar madness. [The Wrap]

Tom Corbett Thwarts Bradley Cooper Effort to Shoot Movie in Philly

This ought to help his popularity issues. Gov. Corbett has rejected an in-person request from hometown hero Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell for tax credits to shoot a film based on the Abscam scandal that rocked Philly (and the country) in 1980. (Corbett–listen to this, voters–didn’t even meet with the pair, though they schlepped to Harrisburg to plead their case.) Though the movie would be set in Philly (council members were involved in the scandal, in which the F.B.I. created a fake sheikh to fake-bribe elected officials), Corbett said there wasn’t any money left in the budget to do it. The pair will shoot in Massachusetts instead. (Whose own tax credits helped Mitt Romney prop up his friend Big Bird back when he was governor.) []

Well Look Here, Jennifer Lawrence Appears to Be Smoking a Joint

Nooooooo. Philly’s own adopted girl-next-door from the diner-next-door has been revealed as the loose-living miscreant she portrayed in Silver Linings Playbook. Perez Hilton has a photo of her day-drinking in Hawaii, avec hand-rolled joint-like item. (No word on whether she met up with Barack Obama’s choom gang.) Seriously, though, if anything, she’ll only become more popular. After all, would unrelatable goodie-two-shoes Anne Hathaway ever smoke pot? I think not. [Perez Hilton]

Watch: Jack Nicholson Hits on Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars

I’ve posted two Jennifer Lawrence videos today, a fact about which I’m a little ashamed. But this last one–I promise–is the best. What begins as some playful flirting between Jack Nicholson and the Best Actress winner (observed awkwardly by a lost and scared George Stephanopoulos) ends up looking like someone might want to take things a step further. The video is a bit hard to hear, so here’s a transcript from a gossip blog.

A star-struck Lawrence could hardly believe the unexpected meeting with the Hollywood icon, who praised the “beautiful job” she did in Silver Linings Playbook.

But things got even better when Nicholson told Lawrence, “You look like an old girlfriend.”

She flirtatiously replied, “Oh, really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?”

“I’ve thought about it,” Nicholson said, walking away.

A flummoxed Lawrence covered her face and asked Stephanopoulos, “Is he still here?”

Nicholson leaned back in and jokingly told her, “I’ll be waiting.”


Temple Prof with “Silver Linings” Role Kissed by Bradley Cooper. Sort of.

On the cheek, on the cheek. Settle down everyone. Temple professor and prominent Philly theater actress Cheryl Williams, in case you weren’t aware, played Jennifer Lawrence’s mother in “Silver Linings Playbook.” She sat down with the Temple News recently and revealed what we always suspected. Bradley Cooper is a total, unabashed, sweetiepie. “I chatted with Bradley Cooper and he’s a total gentleman. He’d always ask how your day was and give you a kiss on the cheek. He would always thank everyone after filming a scene, too.”

She also tells a heartwarming little story about landing the role while she was teaching a class:

One day — the only time in the history of teaching — my phone went off during class. I’m very strict about students keeping their phones off while we’re acting. Everyone was so shocked. I told them it was my agent, and they made me answer the call. She told me I had the role and I was so surprised I had to sit down. All of my students kept asking, “What is it?” So I told them I would be playing Jennifer Lawrence’s mom in a movie and not to get too excited because it wasn’t a big part. Then they all started screaming.

[Temple News]