Seven Inspiring Jersey Shore Houses

Our Shore homes are the unfussy counterparts to our city and suburban sprawls — a little more comfortable, a lot less serious. But they pose a design dilemma: How to embrace a loosened-up vibe without veering into trite beach-house trappings? Consider this your idea book: seven inspiring Shore homes (you know, the ones you’ve always secretly wanted to peek inside) that go beyond shells and starfish for true seaside style. Read more »

High-End Shore Market Unlikely to Be Hurt By Casino Closures

margate home

Photo of 514 N. Thurlow Avenue in Margate, a home for sale for $8.5 million. Copyright SJSRMLS.

The legalization of gambling across the Northeast has hit Atlantic City hard: The latest victim, Trump Entertainment Resorts confirmed this weekend, is Trump Plaza, which is scheduled to close on September 16.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Real estate experts we contacted said that while the rental market may be hit hard by the job losses — particularly in nearby inland towns like Pleasantville — the closures are much less likely to have a significant impact on the higher income ownership market in towns like Ventnor and Margate.

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The Least Beachy Beach House in Longport

Here is your suggested soundtrack for this post, obviously. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We cannot wait much longer to be released into the long weekend. Which for many of us means the year’s inaugural Shore trip. Of course we happen to know a few people for whom the Jersey Shore holds no holiday nostalgia. For those people, we introduce this very unusual Longport home. We dare you to find even one example of typical beach kitsch. Read more »

Mediterranean Villa on Seaspray Beach in Ocean City

The sun is shining and the early spring breezes are plentiful. It is the kind of day where reasonable people begin thinking about summertime shore trips. It is also when reasonable people reel at hotel prices and think “wouldn’t it just be better if we owned our own shore house?” This Ocean City property is a good place to start if you’re looking in the $3 million-plus range.

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