This is the Coolest Raincoat We’ve Ever Seen


Raincoats get a bad rap. They’re either too bulky, too shiny or too casual (ever try finding one that looks good over a fashion-forward outfit?). Finally, we’ve found one we love — an effortlessly cool military-style raincoat. We stumbled upon it on Refinery29 this morning (while we were drying off from this morning’s muggy rainfall).

It’s the product of a sweet collab between luxe rainwear brand (yes, these do exist) Terra New York and jewelry brand Joomi Lim. The result: a transparent utility jacket (it also comes in black) with edgy embellishments like plated gold shoulder plates and collar tabs. Think of it as the alternative to the trench coat.  Read more »

The Edit: 10 Sorbet-Sweet Bags for Spring


After an almost t0o-brutal winter, it’s finally time to lighten up. This means shedding layers, ditching the heavy coats, and swapping out dark colors for sweet pastels. To get you in the mood, we’ve rounded up some sorbet-hued bags — in every price point! — to help soften your look for spring. Carry on!  Read more »

Celebrate Opening Day With These Awesome Chiara Ferragni Sneakers


Opening Day kicks. | Image via Shopbop.

It’s officially time for another baseball season, and as we wait for the first pitch (for the Phils, that’s today at 3:05pm at Citizens Bank Park, where they’ll face off against the Red Sox) we might as well do some online shopping. And the best way I’ve found to fete Opening Day is with a pair of these slip-ons, as they are basically glittery odes to the concession stand.  Read more »

How to Wear a Bathrobe As a Spring Jacket — And Why You Should


I have a thing for bathrobes. I wear them around the house — not the very comfy kind, or the very sexy kind, but the dramatic, floor-skimming kind with drapey sleeves and pretty watercolor patterns. (I sometimes wished I smoked, because these robes would go very well with long cigarette holders. I guess I have a thing for theatrics.)

But some of my robes are too pretty to keep under wraps, so I’ve taken to wearing them as spring jackets and over-outfit dusters (see: the pic of me above—that’s a silk robe from Anthro printed with a painting by a Philly artist! I wear it all the time).

The look certainly veers to bohemia, so you’ll want to avoid any overly boho accessories or risk looking like a Coachella victim. But it’s a welcome departure — and a summer-perfect one, at that — from more basic toppers (i.e. the cardigan, snore). Still, there’s a fine line between eclecticism and batshittery. Here’s how to make a robe work outside of the slipper-nightgown pairing:  Read more »

The Perfect Spring Carryall Bag Is by Chadds Ford-Based Arden & James

Image via Arden & James

Image via Arden & James.

Our new favorite local discovery? Chadds Ford-based Arden + James, a line of bags by industrial designer Bri Brant, who creates each piece entirely by hand. Brant’s bag collection includes totes, crossbodys and clutches, all made of raw, natural materials (linen colored with natural plant dyes, sturdy waxed canvas,  hand-cut and -hammered copper rivets). But what’s best is the fact that most of the bags are roomy enough to hold basically a small child, which is pretty much the equivalent of what we lug around on any given day.

Your best bet: Opt for one of the earthy raw linen totes (like this or this!), or invest in a leather carryall for a bag than can transitional into cooler weather.  Read more »

5 Things We’re Excited For This Month


What’s marked on our April calendars.

Each month brings its own splashes of excitement. Store openings, major sales, new lines launching. Here are a few of the things I’m excited for this month, including two new stores, a new location for an old flea fave, a collection that is sure to ruffle feathers (in ways good and bad), and the coolest way to get flowers in Philly this summer.

1. Mushmina to open in Wayne.
The Rittenhouse boutique is opening an outpost on Lancaster Avenue early next month. It will sell its custom Moroccan accessories and home goods alongside other fair-trade and sustainable lines. Cheer!

2. The Flwry launches.
It’s like a CSA, only instead of picking up fresh veggies, you get bundles of locally sourced blooms. They’ll begin taking memberships at the end of this month; delivery starts in June. (Tip: Memberships are limited, so snag yours early.) Theflwry.comRead more »

The Edit: 10 Perfectly Delicate Ear Cuffs That Let You Fake an Upper Ear Piercing

Images via the respective websites.

Images via the respective websites.

Cartilage jewelry is here to stay — and having a particularly huge moment — but piercings are a big commitment. Enter: the simple, elevated ear cuff. Right now, you want to spring for minimalist pieces that add just a hint of shine on the upper part of your ear. Try one or two on for size and then consider taking the piercing plunge. (Although, with these super-chic options, why would you want to?)  Read more »

Market Report: The Weird, Scientific Reason You Love to Bargain Hunt


Bargain-hunting actually does make you happy. | Shutterstock.

  • This is interesting: According to neurological research, when you find an item you love, particularly an item you feel you’re getting a bargain on, the pleasure center of your brain lights up. The downside? Falsely inflated prices. [The Atlantic]
  • Apparently, anything you return to Victoria’s Secret doesn’t get resold or donated. It gets shredded — sometimes on the spot. How’s that for eco-conscious [Styleite]

Next: The shoe that takes selfies.

10 Secret Shopping Perks and Services at Your Favorite Stores (Think: Zara, Uniqlo and H&M)


Own the shopping scene. | Shutterstock.

There are certain perks that many people think are only reserved for the very, very elite shopper: free alterations, personal stylists, access to sample sales. But sweet, under-the-radar services are there for the taking (some at most unexpected stores, like H&M) — you just need to know where to look.

For instance, did you know that if you take a bag of old clothes to H&M to recycle, they’ll give you 15 percent off one item? (It’s part of their green fashion initiative.) And if you buy a pair of jeans over $20 at Uniqlo, you get free alterations.  Read more »

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