10 Amazing Philly Record Stores to Shop This Weekend

philly record store

Image via Repo Records.

Tomorrow is National Record Store Day, which gives us the perfect excuse to round up the best Philly record stores for your browsing pleasure. From impossible-to-find vinyl to the mustiest out-of-print books your heart could desire, these independent record stores are well worth the visit. Spend a little time this Saturday searching for the next record to add to your music trove – here’s a look at some of the releases to look out for – at these 10 amazing record shops.  Read more »

The Revisit: Does Century 21 Still Live Up to the Hype?

Century 21

The view from the Market Street entrance to Century 21. | Lauren McGrath.

When we got a sneak peek inside Century 21 before it opened in the fall of 2014, we couldn’t get enough of the Gallery’s brand-new, face-lifted megastore. But as so many stores have experienced time after time (ahem, Nordstrom Rack), it ain’t easy out there for an off-price retailer in the middle of the city. Call us cynics, but we worried about the state in which we’d find all that Chloé and Saint Laurent after all this time. High-brow doesn’t generally mix well with clutter.

I made my way down Market Street fueled by La Colombe and a burning desire to see the real state of affairs at Century 21, its grand-opening luster long gone. I had visions of gorgeous beaded Valentino platforms smushed on a shoe shelf next to patent leather Jessica Simpson heels and clothing racks in disarray. Braced for the worst, I dove in. Here’s what I found:

Here’s What Happens When You Spring for Your First Pair of Designer Shoes

Designer shoes 1

Behold, my first pair of designer shoes. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

Until very recently, I considered designer shoes, clothes, anything, completely out of the realm of a possibility for me to own (unless found in a rare vintage shopping moment of glory). Let’s face it, I’m a broke millennial with student loans that eat my paychecks faster than you can say “I know guac is extra.” However, a recent trip to New York ended somehow in a euphoric train ride home clutching my first pair of designer shoes like a newborn baby, and no one was more surprised than me. 

It’s all Emily Goulet’s fault, really. I guess that’s what you get when you go to the Big Apple with a shopping editor. One minute I was at a showroom in Chelsea taking notes for a story, and the next I was falling truly, madly, deeply in love with a pair of embellished black booties. The location was Jeffrey, a non-threatening alternative to Bergdorf Goodman, with a cool selection of luxury brands—far too luxurious for me to be shopping there.

But there they were, the most beautiful boots I’d ever seen. “Dries Van Noten,” the salesman cooed, watching me quiver with joy as I ran my fingers across the funky iridescent stitching. I tried to play it cool, stealing a glance at the price sticker, but I lost all control of facial expression when I saw the number. And then I realized that this number was the markdown price—a 70 percent discount from the original four-figure cost. Emily told me to try them on anyway. (“If you were a shoe, you would be those boots,” she said.) I slipped them on, audibly sighing. They were dreamier than any man, ever.  Read more »

Video Evidence That Spring Coats Are Having a Major Moment

spring coats

Images via Third Street Habit, Terese Sydonna, and Lyst.

We’re all for jumping on the Chrissy Teigen—and, begrudgingly, Kim Kardashian—style train, and this season the celebs are proving that spring coats are back in a big way. This morning, we popped over to Fox 29 News HQ for a quick spotlight on the trend, pulling a few of our favorite spring coats from local boutiques. Read more »

Here Are Our Favorite Picks From the Target x Marimekko Collection


Images via Marimekko.

The newest Target x Marimekko collab doesn’t hit stores until April 17, but we already know exactly what we want to buy. The much-anticipated collection just released a look book that has us drooling, scheming, and planing our in-store attack routes. Ok, maybe that last one was a little extreme, but you know these items are going to sell out ASAP—even that $499 ten-foot-tall paddle board. Crafting a game plan is key if you want to get in on the sunny, printed, patterned fun. Check out a few of our favorites from the collection, and start crafting your wish list before the Target x Marimekko launch. Read more »

Is it Possible to Find Stylish Clothes at Kohl’s?


The marketing worked—Kohl’s Cash got me in the door. | Lauren McGrath.

Not gonna lie: I got about 90 percent of my clothes from Kohl’s in middle school. (The other 10 percent were hand-me-downs.) By the time I hit high school, I found myself too sophisticated to shop the juniors section, but the women’s clothes were far too grown up for 15-year-old me. I clung to the LC Lauren Conrad pastels as long as I could, but it wasn’t enough to fill my shopping void anymore. Until this weekend, I hadn’t stepped foot inside a Kohl’s in about 10 years, but when mom gives you $40 in Kohl’s Cash — that is, free money that’s only spendable at Kohl’s — you give it another shot. Here’s what happened.

Stop Everything: You Can Get Furs at Half Price This Weekend

Fur at half price

Get fur for less. | iStock.

If you prefer real furs over faux, there’s a major sale happening today through Saturday that you need to check out (because, as connossieurs know, furs at half price are about as common as unicorn sightings). Jacques Ferber, a Philadelphia fur stronghold since 1927, is holding a major sale this weekend—but there’s a catch. Read more »

Help! We Can’t Find Cute Plus-Size Clothes in Philly

Cute Plus Size Clothes | Lauren McGrath

A few styles from Fason de Viv in Old City. | Images via Fason de Viv.

Originally, we wanted to write a post calling out the five best local shops for cute plus-size clothes. However, after a solid day of digging, we’ve only managed to find big-box mall stores (Torrid), inexplicably expensive brands (Lane Bryant) or small sections at mega-retailers (Forever 21) that fill the need for plus-size clothes at all.  Read more »

We’re Obsessed With Grad Hospital’s New Boutique

Maark Concept1

Images via Maark Concept.

Grad Hospital just got a brand-new, lust-worthy shopping destination: Maark Concept. This small, airy fashion haven is the brainchild of Ethan Nguyen of The Philly ShopsPia Panaligan and Melissa Choi of the brand Senpai + Kohai, Nicole Haddad of Lobo Mau, and Samantha Connors of VEXOT. Together, these four entrepreneurs combined their retail, merchandising and manufacturing knowledge to bring together a curated mix of designer brands and local talent.  Read more »

The Universal Shopping Dilemma: Is This Cute or Fugly?

Lauren McGrath, Philadelphia Magazine, Shoppist, Cute or Fugly?

A few cute or fugly wardrobe items in question. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

I’m not usually one to go all philosophical on matters of life (let alone shopping), but this dilemma has been plaguing me since I started buying clothes at the mall in middle school and persists on every retail venture to this day. I’m talking about that moment when you see that moody, floor-length Morticia dress or those platform oxford creepers that remind you of a sassy old British professor and your mind goes, “Oooh that’s cute! Wait, is it cute? Hang on, this might be kinda hideous. But something in me still likes it…I actually can’t decide – is this cute or fugly?” Read more »

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