The Edit: 11 Pairs Of Statement Booties To Perk Up Your Look


Like a giant sparkly necklace or a fun printed coat, one accessory or clothing item can make an outfit. That’s why your requisite winter look of sweaters and jeans needs to be introduced to the statement bootie. Comfy and easy to slip on, the bold boot doesn’t need to be bright or gaudy to make a splash. Instead, opt for interesting textures (like tufts of fur!), embellishments or a play on classic neutrals (like tortoiseshell and bronze). Getting dressed doesn’t get much easier than this.

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The Edit: 14 Fall-Ready Sweaters Under $150


It goes without saying that sweaters are the wardrobe workhorse of fall. To prevent rampant outfit repetition or a sky-high dry cleaning bill, we suggest adding a few new cozy pullovers into the mix—without breaking the bank. Here are 14 sweaters under $150 to hold you over until spring. (Psst: Most of them are actually under $100, but we couldn’t resist that cashmere DVF or Theyskens’ Theory.) Happy shopping!

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The Edit: 8 Ways to Wear White After Labor Day


It’s after Labor Day and guess what? People—very stylish people at that—are still wearing white. Gasp! The stark non-color is the easiest way to get (or fake) a minimalist, modern style. One of my muses? The lovely Anh Mai, the stylist/blogger behind Mai Style Pages, who is almost always in some sort of snowy-white outfit. We recently chatted over coffee about our insane compulsion to purge, purge, purge our closets, all in pursuit of the perfect just-big-enough capsule wardrobe. My advice: Start with at least one of these (the customizable Stan Smiths would be my pick!), get rid of something in your closet that you never wear (perhaps that neon crop top you wore to Made In America, but will realistically never wear again?), and then relish in breaking the fashion rules.

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Shopping Roundup: Where to Shop in Philly This Weekend


I feel like I reference the weather every time I do a shopping roundup, BUT YOU GUYS, IT’S FINALLY WARM. And with warm weather, comes markets (we have two on tap) and sweet outdoor shopping events that have us especially excited for those 70-degree temps. Here’s all the must-see, must-shop events going on Philly this weekend. Now, get shopping!

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The Guy’s Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide


Valentine’s Day is a tricky gift-giving holiday. After all, it basically requires you to address relationship ambiguity (a big no-no if you’d prefer to stay in ignorant label-less bliss) to ensure adequate gift reciprocation (or reciprocation at all, for that matter). And then there are the established couples that have been-there, done-that. Seriously, how many times can one really gift cologne or socks? Not many. That’s why we compiled 10 fail-proof Valentine’s Day presents for the man in your life. Here, something for everyone from the barista who remembers you like extra foam to the long-standing beau. Bonus: Most of them are Philly finds, so you can make a quick trip before the 14th.

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The Grossest, Weirdest Perfumes Ever

The Grossest, Weirdest Perfumes EverPurchasing perfume can be a very intimate experience. Each scent smells differently based on one’s body chemistry. That means that no matter how hard I try, lemon verbena is always going to make me smell like Pine-Sol and not like the citrusy goddess I envision, and I have to accept that.

These gross perfumes are not examples of that. When Be Well editor Emily Leaman tipped us off to Demeter’s pizza perfume, we had a good chuckle. Then we realized this wasn’t the first time someone dreamed up pizza perfume (that honor goes to Pizza Hut), and then we became concerned. What other weird perfumes were out there? How many? And more importantly, who buys them?

Apparently, the answer is a lot. We came across everything from bacon to earthworm fragrances. If you finish reading this blog post ready to detoxify your nostrils, we’ll understand.

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The 10 Most Hipster Accessories Ever

Shabby scarves and dark-rimmed glasses are to hipsters what crustacean-bedecked belts and boat shoes are to prepsters. And now, with Lena Dunham getting the Vogue treatment, a report on how investors can flip houses specifically for hipsters, and illustrated guides to Philly’s hipster-dom, it seems the ironically pork-pie-hatted generation is taking over.  Here, your official handbook of the most hipster-friendly accessories out there. (Bikes and Warby Parker glasses not included.)