Where to Shop in Philly on Black Friday


Grab your girls, and get your shop on. And bonus points if you go out shopping looking like this. | Shutterstock.

As I say every single year, Black Friday is to Shoppist what the Super Bowl is to a football fan. Our whole year of sleuthing out the best shops, steals, deals and trends comes down this – the sale day of all sale days, the bargains to end all bargains. But while less-than-savvy shoppers might line up at big-box spots like Best Buy and Target, we know that the real deals are found in our incredible local shops.

Here are the less-publicized (read: less-crowded) but equally fantastic sales taking place on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Because you can always find another TV on mega-sale. But that covetable Maison Scotch sweater at that insane price won’t come around again. Happy shopping! (And keep checking back! We’ll be updating this list throughout the week as more deals come in.)  Read more »

5 Perfect Fall Shopping Day Trips

Fall Shopping

Pretty enticing, right? | Photos: Lambertville (Jauhien Sasnou); Terrain (via Terrain); Peddler’s Village (Instagram).

Sure, mall shopping is sometimes necessary, but when the leaves are crispy-crunchy and the air smells like it does right now (read: heaven), it’s much more fun to spend time shopping and wandering our best main streets. Here is where and how to spend a perfect fall afternoon outside of the hustle of the city. Think of it as a shopping map, filled with my must-hit shops and even where to grab coffee and a bite to eat along the way. Happy shopping! Read more »

Philly’s Best Deals, Secret Sale Racks and Little-Known Freebies


Happy shopper. | Shutterstock.

Because everybody loves a deal, and no one knows how to sniff them out like we do. Here is your guide to the deals, steals and secrets of shopping Philly on the cheap, and how to nab the city’s best freebies. And hey, it’s not all clothing and accessories here. We’ve got tech, culture and fitness classes in the mix, too. Keep reading and then flex your savvy shopping muscles.  Read more »

5 Best Local Shops for Sunglasses


Hidden gem: Dreyfus Opticians in Yardley is located in a quaint old house. | Image via Dreyfus.

When it comes to shopping for sunnies, it’s all about selection. You want a range of sizes, price points and styles, and an eagle-eyed expert to help you navigate it all. Here are five local shops that do this best, whether you want a splashy designer pair, a kooky under-the-radar gem, or a coolly normcore set. May you never squint in the sun again.  Read more »

The Best Places to Shop for Swimwear in Philly


When I think about what makes a great womenswear store, I think about curationa strong aesthetic, a refined point of view, a smart mix of designers. When I think about think about what makes a swimwear store great, well, curation goes out the window. Here, it’s all about selection — sizes, styles, prices, add-ons — and these stores have the best of it all.  Read more »

Shoe Sale Madness! 11 Fabulous Shoes On Sale Now


So. Many. Shoes.

Another week into January and the sales have intensified, meaning this is the ideal time to invest in shoes that are one or all of the following: practical (we’ve got some low-heeled, wear-everywhere knee-high boots for you), fantastical (that would be those blue-and-orange lace-ups), futuristic (metallic lizard boots!), sexy (hello, black pointed-toe booties), sweet (check out that be-poufed suede pair) or downright cool (Chloé’s Susanna flats will always be in style).

Here are 11 of the most drool-worthy pairs out there—on sale!—right now. Snag ’em soon; they won’t last long. You’re welcome.

Click here for price and where to buy.

Monday Obsession: Style Camp Canvas Calendars


We’re officially five days into 2015, and in addition to the obligatory New Year’s tasks like resolution-making and closet cleaning, we hope you’re also in the market for a sparkly new calendar. To begin properly ticking off the days of 2015, we suggest scooping up one of these Ige Design canvas wall calendars at Style Camp. The Chestnut Hill shop is currently stocking a variety of the coolly practical beauties including the gilded, frame-worthy variety and scroll style pictured above. And let’s be honest: They easily trump the feline-a-day flip calendar you got as a gag gift.

Click here for shopping deets.

6 Best Gifts To Buy At Nordstrom’s Gift&Go Pop-Up Shop


Nordstrom‘s constantly evolving “pop-in” shop series has quickly become a favorite for limited-edition, super-exclusive goods and collabs (remember Rag & Bone and Poketo?). So you can imagine our anticipation for December’s announcement. And, unsurprisingly, their Gift&Go pop-up, modeled to look like a giant opened box (with bows, wrapping paper and the like), does not disappoint. It’s got all the festivity of Santa’s Village but, well, with Clare V. clutches and whimsical onyx cat rings.

Up Next: The gifts you need to add to your list.

The Shoppist Gift List, Day Two: Waltzing Matilda Boots


Our discerning editors have culled the best-of-the-best gifts available in Philly. Each day until Christmas, we’ve reveal our 25 top gift picks to suit everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

A fellow editor described these boots at the “cooler, locally made version of Red Wing Boots,” and I agree. They are by Waltzing Matilda, a leather goods company based in Wayne.  The hand-sewn Horween leather boots feature seven eyelets, rawhide laces, a rugged Christy sole and—the best part—a (very unobtrusive) hand-stitched logo at the heel. It’s craftsmanship at its very best.

Click for price and where to buy.

The Shoppist Gift List, Day One: Hermès Soaps



Our discerning editors have culled the best-of-the-best gifts available in Philly. Each day until Christmas, we’ve reveal our 25 top gift picks to suit everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

When it comes to gift boxes, only a few manage to make your heart skip a beat: Tiffany blue, Cartier red and Hermès orange. How to gift the latter without blowing your budget? Spring for this addition to the Hermès  lineup, a trio of soaps perfect for gift-giving. At less than $60, they telegraph luxury without breaking the bank.

Click here for price and gifting recommendations.

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