Your Weekend Sale and Shopping Roundup


It’s the weekend! Let’s get our shop on.

Let’s end this marathon week (hasn’t it seemed long?) with some sales, free cocktails, and shopping events. Here’s where you should be shopping this weekend.

First up, Frey Boutique, which—as we reported yesterday—is closing their Exton store after business hours tomorrow and opening in Newtown Square on October 24th. This means you’ve got one last day to scoop up major deals on summer and fall merch at the Exton location. Nothing is over $100, and they’ve got $5, $10, $25, $50, $75 and $100 sale racks. The store is open until 6pm tonight, and from 10am to 6pm tomorrow.

More sales ahead!

Market Report: 66 Fall Boots To Buy Now


  • In the market for fall boots? Here are 66, arranged in smart categories like ‘Best Return Policy,’  ‘Best Quality For Your Buck,’ and ‘Heavily Discounted Designer Picks.’ Go on. Look at them all and play the ‘Which boot am I?’ game. [Huffington Post]
  • Bookworms, rejoice: There is a perfume that is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. ( And it’s called Nevermore!) [Into The Gloss]

Up next: If you wash off all your makeup at night, you’re doing it wrong.

Your Guide to Shopping On eBay: How to Score Amazing Designer Steals


Your designer and vintage heaven awaits.

I’ve shopped pretty much everywhere: fledgling Etsy stores, garage sales, weird little no-name boutiques, flea markets, consignment shops, the side of the road. Yet I’ve managed to resist the siren call of eBay, mostly because I’m terrified of it. It seems like a black hole, and venturing into it would likely lead to one of two things: 1. Accidentally bidding an ungodly amount of money for something dumb, like a fake Birkin or a side table made out of a rotting tree root, and then winning. or 2. Becoming addicted and slowly turning into a hoarder of porcelain dolls or turn-of-the-century retainers.

But here’s the thing: There are actually extraordinary buys to be found on eBay: Céline bags, vintage Chanel, Miu Miu heels, archival pieces from designers’ past collections. You just need to know how to find it all, and then, how and when to actually pull the plug.

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The 5 Pieces We Want Most at the New Vince Store on Walnut Street


It’s heeeeere.

Every fashion girl in the city let out a cheer when Vince finally opened its Rittenhouse doors last week. To finally rid Walnut Street of the long-faded gaudy glory of Juicy Couture was a relief. To hear that it was being replaced by the simple luxury of Vince was nearly impossible to comprehend. It was like discovering your smelly slob of a neighbor was moving out and Ryan Gosling was moving in.

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Field Guide: 5 Awesome Local Beauty Stores (That Aren’t Sephora)


Moko in Old City. | Photo via Moko.

When the spa moved to 16th and Walnut, it expanded its services (hello, Best of Philly 2014 winner for blowouts!). But we really love the new location for its bigger, better selection of beauty products, now organized in a huge display section worthy of the luxury brands it carries. Here you can score hard-to-find products like Valmont and Biologique Recherche skincare, Keiko Mecheri and Serge Lutens perfumes, Chantecaille makeup,  Rene Furterer shampoos and conditioners, and James Read self-tanning lotions. It’s basically the best of all European beauty brands in one sleek space. Better yet: Their website makes it easy to shop online, too.
Go here for: The cult-favorite P50 cream, which magically turns tired, dull skin into dewy-fresh perfection. See owner Danuta’s skin for proof.
1601 Walnut Street, Center City,

You’ll find more luxe picks at this beauty store, which has a quaint boutique feel that belies its national-chain status. They’ve got the beauty world’s top brands—La Mer, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Trish McEvoy—and knowledgable salespeople to help you find what you need. For skincare, the M-61 line (created by Bluemercury’s founder Marla Malcolm Beck) is one of the best for brightening and tightening skin.
Go here for:
1701 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse; 3603 Walnut Street, University City; 42 St. James Place, Suburban Square, Ardmore; 100 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne;

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Shop LA’s Coolest Store at Nordstrom KOP’s Pop-In Shop


it’s like Pinterest come to life. | Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.

These days, everyone wants to be a boutique. Even the mega department stores. Case in point: Nordstrom, who just this very weekend launched its latest “pop-in” shop featuring Poketo, an LA-based shop that’s quickly become a cult-favorite destination for artful, innovative spins on everyday items like desk accessories, planners, notebooks, chairs, tables and planters.

And now you can shop it at KOP!

Market Report: 3 Swimsuit Styles Every Woman Should Own

  • MR1Happy Monday, Shoppists! This easy swimsuit shopping guide breaks down the three must-have styles every woman needs in her arsenal: the strapless, the maillot, the itty-bitty. [WhoWhatWear]
  • The World Cup trophy will be presented in a custom Louis Vuitton trunk. Tres fancy. See it here. [WWD]
  • No, no, no, NO. Free People is selling fake, clip-in dreadlock extensions. Also they cost $128. Bob Marley is rolling over in his grave right now. [Racked]

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Field Guide: 5 Best Flea Markets to Shop This Summer


Vintage furniture and salvaged signage at Clover Market. | Photo by Jauhien Sasnou.

The 21st-century flea market has nothing to do  with junk. Need proof? These five local emporiums  offer some of the best finds in the region.

Clover Market
Calling Clover a flea market is like confusing the Rittenhouse Hotel with a Holiday Inn. The popularity of this upscale marketplace — in different locations all year long — has skyrocketed since it began five years ago. That’s all due to founder Janet Long’s discerning eye and strict standards. (Each of the 100-plus vendors is vetted by Long before securing a coveted market spot.) She aims for a nice mix, too, which means you’ll find groovy ’60s artwork and sideboards made from old farmhouse wood alongside vintage-y glass cloches and jewelry crafted from antique china.
Go Here For: Quality home goods all in one place. // Locations in Ardmore, Chestnut Hill and Center City.

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Shopping Shocker: There is Actually a Reason to Go to the Franklin Mills Mall


Psst: There is couture here. Yes, really. (Photo via Franklin Mills Mall.)

The Franklin Mills Mall has been a hidden, dirty little secret of mine for some time. I’ve scoffed at it, rolled my eyes at it, and been truly scared of it. But I still go there for one reason (well, two): the Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue outlets, Last Call and Off Fifth.

We’re talking $40,000 McQueen dresses, guys.

5 Best Shops for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mom-marqueeAll right, guys. We’ve got five full days until Mother’s Day. And let’s face it, most of us will procrastinate until the bitterest of bitter ends. This means a) No time for shipping! b) No time to waste on all-day shopping ventures. (Yep, this rules out monogramming, too. Sorry, mom.)

Lucky for you, this isn’t our first time at the rodeo. We’ve been aimless mall wanderers, plucking through leftover crap, convincing ourselves that, Yes! Mom totally wants a Vera Bradley bag from Hallmark! It’s not a fun place to be. To save you from that stress—and to save your mom from getting a Vera Bradley  bag from Hallmark—here’s your shortlist of the best, must-visit-first stores for Mom. Chances are if you can’t find anything here, well, maybe your mom might actually just really want your love. (But still buy her a nice card, ‘kay?)

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