The Absolute Best Jersey Shore Shopping Towns You Must Visit This Summer

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Image via iStock/Sean Pavone.

Happy third day of summer, y’all! If you’re lucky enough to experience summer Fridays, you’ve already got a shore trip or two on the books, which means plenty of sun-soaked beach football days and board-walking, breezy nights await. No matter your shore activity of chouce, it’s our job here at Shoppist to make sure you’re always looking fly. We rounded up the best boutiques on the coast to aide in your Jersey Shore shopping ventures, whether you’re looking for a cool pair of swim trunks or the perfect flowy caftan that will take you from beach chair to barstool. Plus, you’ll find the coolest, non-cheesy gifts here to take home or send to family who couldn’t make the trek down the shore.  Read more »

Midtown Village Shopping: The Stylish Person’s Guide to the Neighborhood

<em>Midtown Village shopping guide: Inside Lapstone &amp; Hammer’s sneaker heaven. | Image via Lapstone &amp; Hammer</em>.

Midtown Village shopping guide: Inside Lapstone & Hammer’s sneaker heaven. | Image via Lapstone & Hammer.

If you’re headed to Midtown Village for the food alone, we won’t blame you (El Vez! Barbuzzo! Opa! Double Knot! Graffiti Bar!) — in fact, we’ll probably be right behind you, on our way to happy hour. However, don’t let all that imbibing cloud your vision — Midtown Village shopping is some of the best in the city, with indie boutiques that boast small-batch beauty products, one-of-a-kind baubles from far, far away, and home stores that will take your place from Ikea to “I can’t believe I live here!” Get to know the neighborhood in a whole new way with the stylish person’s guide to shopping in Midtown Village. Read more »

Inside a Fashion Editor’s Summer Shopping List


My (current) shopping list.

As I recently wrote on this blog, I’m sick of everything in my closet. It’s especially good timing, I suppose, as it’s a new season, one that is budding with fresh takes on old favorites. But all this newness can be overwhelming, and it’s tough to remain a smart shopper when there are very impractical things like metallic-sequin slip dresses and blouses with knee-length ruffled sleeves to tempt you.

But it is possible to nod to current trends without sacrificing your own personal style. Here is what’s currently on my To Buy list, most of which feel very of-the-moment, but not too far from the shapes and styles I already love. I’ve even included some pro shopping tips to help you decode what’s worth the splurge and what trends are better found on the cheap. Ready, set, shop.
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Where to Last-Minute Shop for Sexy Lingerie in Philly

If simply walking past Victoria’s Secret in the mall gives you anxiety (let alone shopping for intimates with middle-aged men milling about), you’re not alone. In fact, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Don’t let the McDonalds of lingerie fool you – shopping for intimates can be empowering, super fun, and downright sexy. After all, that’s the point of wearing racy little numbers, right? In honor of this weekend’s most romantic holiday, we’ve compiled a list of the six best lingerie stores in Philadelphia. From tucked-away, appointment-only boutiques to help outfit you with the perfect bra to pop-up shops with luxurious lace teddies, this city has it all. Find out where to start shopping for lingerie the grownup way. Read more »

Great Lengths: 5 Gorgeous Statement Earrings to Wear Now


Photo by Nell Hoving.

This season, it’s all about the earring, and when it comes to size, well, think big. Long, shoulder-dusting danglers—whether in mixed metals, like Erickson Beamon’s punkish drops, or all-out sparkle, like Philly-based Dylanlex’s chandeliers—are the most modern way to make a statement (so long, pinprick studs!) and a welcome return to all-out drama. Read more »

Life After Nalgene: 11 Reusable Water Bottles You’ll Want to Carry Everywhere

Water Bottles

I adore Memobottle’s fresh take on the water bottle. | Image via Memobottle.

I am notoriously bad at remembering to drink water. Even after a very unsexy bout with kidney stones, I still find myself lugging home an unopened water bottle at the end of the day. My mother wrapped up a stone from her backyard and gave it to me, a note taped to it: Drink water or I’ll be back! Even this physical reminder isn’t enough. My organs, I’m sure, are in constant danger of shutting down.

So it would seem that the stylish water-bottle market is ballooning just in time. As plastic bottles become side-eyed relics, savvy designers are rethinking the way we get hydrated. Suddenly, even the ubiquitous Nalgene seems old-school, the water-bottle equivalent of Crocs. Just this morning, I stumbled across memobottle, a flat, square, flask-like bottle that’s designed to fit better into laptop bags and purses. Sure, the design is better in terms of ergonomics, but it’s also far chicer than most reusable water bottles. I did some more digging – maybe this is the answer to my water issue? – and found other equally gorgeous bottles, all worthy of toting around all day. Here’s the modern, sophisticated way to pass on the plastic.  Read more »

8 Snow Boots That Are Warm, Weatherproof – and Actually Stylish


Boots that make a predicted 17-inch snowfall seem … not that horrible?

So, you thought we’d escaped another Philly winter? Think again. Snow (and a lot of it) is possibly on its way. If weather predictions are correct, you have about four days to stock up on cold-weather gear. And if you’re planning on just battling the snow banks with your rubber rain boots, you should probably reconsider. I get it: Snow boots aren’t exactly fun to buy. They’re clunky, chunky and, on the whole, pretty darn uninspiring.

Or so we thought. We did some digging and rounded up eight pairs of snow boots that are warm, functional and surprisingly stylish, so you can save your rain boots for a rainy day, and not a blizzard.

Let it snow? If it must. At least now you’ll be prepared.  Find out prices and where to buy here.

8 Vintage Shopping Secrets That Will Turn You Into A Pro

There are two kinds of shoppers in this world: People who gravitate to quick and easy fast-fashion trends and those of us who dare to navigate the exciting, albeit unpredictable, waters of vintage shopping. For long-time decade divers, vintage shopping can seem like second-nature. But for those out there without prior experience, the first foray into the depths of a vintage store can be overwhelming: a sea of bright colors, alien silhouettes and styles, and the, er, acquired scent of garments from past eras. Two words: Sensory. Overload.

To help you begin your journey, we chatted with Philly’s local vintage shop owners to get their expert tips and words of wisdom for how to find the coolest statement pieces, buy vintage on Instagram, and make the most of your overall experience. Happy hunting!

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Holiday Shopping Guide: 26 Best Gifts to Give in Philly


Present perfect. | Photograph by Nell Hoving.

Consider this your holiday shopping road map, gift-givers: We scoured the top boutiques in Philly to unearth the best presents to give now, from cool tech and cute toys to locally made treasures and all-out luxury. You’ll find little-known offerings (a tea subscription service!) and shop-owner faves (that kid’s matching set came highly recommended), plus some brand-new, fresh-on-store-floor items you’ll want to know about before everyone else has a chance to get their hands on them.

So go, take a look, and get out there and get shopping. Have a question or need some gift-giving advice. Send Shoppist an email. Just think of us as your elves. (Only wearing slightly better shoes.) Read more »

Your Insider Guide to Shopping the Annual Lagos Sample Sale


Images via Lagos.

Jewelry obsessives have probably had this on their calendars for months now: This weekend, Philly-based jewelry company Lagos kicks off its annual sample sale (at 441 North 5th Street), an event that brings out over 2,500 shoppers for huge deals on the cult-fave accessories.

As with every big shopping event, there can also be confusion about where to start and what to expect, especially for first-timers. So we chatted with Lagos insiders to get the scoop on how to minimize wait time and maximize your chances of scoring coveted pieces from classic collections. Read on to prepare yourself, and happy shopping.

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