10 Amazing Last-Minute Christmas Gifts


Dear procrastinators: You’ve put it off long enough. It’s crunch time. But don’t panic—you can still pull off a spectacular gift without paying an arm and a leg for overnight-like-right-now shipping. Here are 10 gift ideas that feel thoughtful, even if you’ll be wrapping them in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. Even better? We’ve even found some places that will wrap it for you, other places that will do the actual gift-picking for you, and a few gifts you don’t even have to leave the house to buy. Ready to do this?

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What To Wear: How To Rock Maxi Skirts Right Now



Maxi skirts need not be limited to warm weather and sandal pairings when there are so many festive sequined, ribbed knit, and silk organza varieties to don during the holiday party season. Go formal—and even black tie!—with a bell-style skirt and a collared crop top (that doesn’t reveal too much), or dress a slinky sequin number down with a slouchy cashmere turtleneck. Plus, if you pair the look with a stiletto, your legs will look mile-long. Either way, winter’s maxi skirt is a toasty alternative for a holiday look.

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The Edit: 10 Chic Vests To Keep You Warm Right Now

It’s officially cold, guys—25 degrees with an icy windchill cold. If the brisk weather had you reaching for a parka (and mukluks and camp socks), let it be known that there are more stylish and strategic ways to stay toasty this season. Enter the vest, the most effortless layering piece out there. Whether you opt for the predictably cozy fur gillet or a menswear-inspired tuxedo type, the extra layer will keep your core warm, bundled and utterly stylish.

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Attention: We Just Found The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit


This is a Shoppist PSA; we just found the most glorious midi skirt to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. An hour ago, vintage boutique Wilbur tweeted the above mohair fringe skirt as a new addition to their Etsy shop. I mean, just look at it: an autumnal color scheme, a forgiving a-line shape, and it rings in at only $40. To celebrate this festive find, we picked out the sweater and booties we’d pair for this holiday look. Just beware: the skirt is vintage and there’s only one, so be quick! (Or, ya know, we might just buy it.)

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PHOTO: Dom Streater Wore The Cutest Hat (And Easiest Halloween Costume) Ever


Dom Streater in the world’s cutest cap.

I ran into the lovely Dom Streater at Timberland’s opening party earlier this week, and she had on the best accessory of the night. I’d noticed her cute little bunny ears sticking up over the crowd—she’s one of the few who can pull off such a whimsical cap on a non-Halloween night.

See where she got it here.

The Edit: 8 Fantastic Faux Fur Jackets


We love real fur as much as the next person, but sometimes you need a cheaper and, not to mention, more fun alternative. Faux fur allows you to try out the quirkiest and loudest fur trends—like stripes, unnatural hues, and interesting cuts—in a more accessible way. So toss one on (or prop one over your shoulders à la blogger chic) with a tee and jeans for a perfectly cozy fall look. Plus, if you opt for the leopard print, you’ve got yourself an Edie Sedgwick get-up for Halloween.

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7 (Non-Sexy) Halloween Costumes That Don’t Suck


Let’s get one thing straight before we begin: I’m not a fan of any costume that has the word “sexy” tacked to it. Sexy pirate? No. Sexy Santa? No. Sexy ghost/zombie/bee/stewardness/pilgrim: No, no, huh?, no, no. Halloween costumes aren’t supposed to be sexy. Please just stop.

Moving on. There is a whole lot of crap out there when it comes to costume-hunting. We sifted through it all—and tried to keep the price point low because we feel like you should spend your money on this (pause for squeal) instead of, well, this. (Although if you do buy this, you are invited to my Halloween party.)

Here, in no particular order, are costumes that—while not sexy—are worth wearing this Halloween.

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10 Must-Have Accessories For Your Most Fashionable Fall Ever


The easiest and most cost-effective way to keep up with each season’s trends (which, as soon as you adopt them, have already changed), is to shop like this: Buy clothing that you love to wear and invest in your go-to staples—to hell with trends!—but keep your look up-to-date by sprinkling in a few of the latest accessories.

Why this works: You won’t look like a slave to trends and you’ll save money on total wardrobe overhauls as soon as the next season sweeps in and declares skinny jeans and moto boots Totally Over. To help you with your instant closet update, here are 10 of fall’s top trends. Even better? I’ve got options for any budget.

Your most stylish fall ever awaits.

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