7 Quick Ways to Embrace Fall’s Best Trend

Pre-fall’s rich, moody mix of embroidery, embellishment, fringe and fur lets you embrace an endless summer — and prepare for fall’s inevitable arrival. Here are seven great buys (that hit all price points!) that  you can start wearing now and carry into fall, plus the inspiration (from Anna Sui’s fall 2015 collection) to pull it off.


Images courtesy of designers; wedge: Neiman Marcus; top: Net-a-Porter.

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Where to Find Lingerie You’ll Actually Wear


Loungewear, done right. | Shutterstock.

A few months ago I stumbled across Friends With Benefits on TV, the movie with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. In one scene, Mila wears a drapey, kimono-like robe, and that’s pretty much where things ended for me. I spent the rest of the movie searching for the robe online — and apparently I wasn’t the only one. A Google search for “robe worn by Mila Kunis in ‘Friends With Benefits’” garners over 46,000 results, most of which link to pleading questions like this: “I have wanted … No NEEDED the robe that Mila Kunis wore in Friends with Benefits since I laid eyes on it. This is the closest I’ve found” (from a Pinterest page; the robe she found looked nothing like it), and this: “i must know who makes the silk nightgown mumu looking thing Mila has on when her mom walks in on her and Justin. It is amazing! who makes it/where can i get it?!? [sic]” (from one of many comments concerning the robe on Possessionista, a blog that sources clothing worn by celebs).

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The 8 Items You Need from Zara’s Fall Collection


Your recipe for seventies dreamboat style. | Images via Zara.

While we’d love to be the sort of shopper who upgrades her fall wardrobe by thumbing through lookbooks and reviewing iPad pics taken runway-side, we’re (sigh) not that kind of girl. So while we ogled the seventies-cool looks at Altuzarra, Chloé, Zimmermann and Burberry, we also knew that our love would go unrequited — until Zara swooped in with its own iterations. And now those iterations are here.

Zara’s newly released fall collection  includes everything shearling, wide-legged, embroidered and billowing that you could ever want. Here’s how to shop it: Resist the urge to buy in bulk. You want to use these wallet-friendly options to inject hints of the trend into your wardrobe, not look like a walking Zara ad. We’ve boiled the collection down to the eight top buys. Pick a few, sprinkle them throughout your outfits and enjoy looking like a ’70s dream this fall.  Read more »

10 Best Kids’ Clothing and Toy Stores in Philly


Momo’s Tree House in Old City. | Photo by Courtney Apple.

We get it: Shopping for babies and kids can be tough. You want something nice but not too expensive, comfy but not sloppy, cute but not overly trendy, and so on. And while scoring fantastic deals on Carter’s at Babies”R”Us is key, it’s also great to find local hidden gems (especially when doting grandparents are in town).

Our discerning editors — some moms, others just baby-shower veterans — rounded up the 10 best local stores and sites for everything you’d ever need for your little ones. Know of something we missed? Leave it in the comments!  Read more »

10 Most Stylish Gym Bags That’ll Motivate You to Actually, You Know, Go to the Gym


I follow lots of very pretty people on Instagram. Which means that at any point during my day, I might scroll past a short clip of, say, Victoria’s Secret Angel/ridiculous physical specimen Romee Strijd doing leg lifts, as I did yesterday morning. While I watched this — over and over again, promising myself that I would never skip a gym day again, which I did that very night — I convinced myself that only part of the allure was her actual insanely amazing baby-giraffe body. The other part had to be her matchy outfit. You see, I firmly believe that great-looking workout gear can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself and more motivated to work out. (Hey, science agrees!)

So why not start here? A stylish gym bag is a great first purchase. My tip: Pack it the night before, bring it to work and leave it in a visible place. That way, you’ll be much more motivated to actually go on that post-work run. And if you don’t? Hey, there’s always tomorrow, and most of the options above also double as great overnight bags.  Click here for shopping info!

The Only 10 Fashion Items You’ll Need This Fall


Fall’s shopping moodboard. | Street style photos via HUANG Zheng / Shutterstock.com; runway photo via Tibi.

I’m hesitant to admit this publicly, as wishing away summer is close to a cardinal sin, especially ’round these parts, but I’m — deep breath — ready for fall. It’s not the sunny weather I mind, or the calmer days (even looming deadlines seem less desperate in summer). It’s that this fall’s styles speak to me — ’70s bohemia, tons of texture, heaps of accessories — in a way that tank tops, sandals and sundresses don’t.

Even if you’re desperately trying to cling to the last vestiges of summer (we still have one more month!), I promise you: This fall’s fashion will make the end of summer bearable. The collections have already begun creeping into stores, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed (Victorian! Goth! Hippie!). So I’ve boiled down the trends into the top 10. Think of this as your new-season shopping list. Read more »

5 Best High-Waisted Bikinis Out There Now


Storming of the swimsuits!

Right before my honeymoon, I bought what basically amounted to the entire swimwear selection of Victoria’s Secret (I know, I know). For weeks, boxes of bikinis arrived at my doorstep, all tiny and stringy. Fast-forward several years (seven, to be exact), and my swimwear arsenal still only consists of these skimpy suits.

Problem is, the pools I frequent these days aren’t quite as glamorous as the saline lagoons of Hawaii, and it feels sort of weird to slink around the backyard pools of my friends, playing with their four-year-olds, wearing a tiny black triangle top. But I refuse to give in to the call of the one-piece. Though I know it’s just as chic (if not more so!) to cover up, I can’t help but imagine my mom back in the ’80s, sitting on the beach in a skirted one-piece. I’m not ready.

Happily, there is a middle ground, and it’s the delightfully retro high-waisted bikini, which counts Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and even Rihanna as fans. Far from prudish, it’s actually the most high-style way to do swimwear now. For this final month of summer, why not try one? Here,  my top picks.  Read more »

The Best Shops for Furniture and Home Accessories


Worldly eclecticism reigns at Material Culture’s enormous store.

Our furniture and decor scene is as varied as the homes lining our streets. There’s a bit of mid-century modern, some industrial, lots of antiques, and enough retro/reclaimed/gilt/wood/you-name-it goods to fill tiny trinities and vast manses alike. Here, some of the best (and our favorite) haunts for home furnishings from this year’s Best of Philly list.  Read more »

7 Editor-Approved Sales and Shopping Events to Hit This Weekend


This weekend’s shopping standouts: Shoes from Bus Stop, dresses from Jade’s Closet, and cheeky cross-stitch on East Passyunk.

There are so many great sales happening now, so it was a tad hard to whittle them down to the best. But I’ve done it, and they’re all right here in one handy list. Whether you’re looking for furniture, shoes, letterpress or apparel, I’ve got you covered. Happy shopping, friends.  Read more »

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