Best of Philly 2014 Preview: Shopping and Style


Best Casual Clothing for the Fashion-Forward Guy: Armour

Subtly futuristic button-ups and vests, delightfully odd wooden bow ties and lapel pins, ­custom-made patchwork tote bags by Philly designer Hamid Holloman the collection here is unexpected in the best way possible, and solidifies what we knew all along: Fashion in Philly isn’t just for the girls. 704 South 4th Street, Queen Village, 267-928-2002.

More sneak peeks ahead!

10 Amazing Buys You Can Still Score at Nordstrom’s Major Anniversary Sale

There is a strategy for shopping major sales. You’ve got to scope out the surroundings (what are the discounts, and will they get steeper the longer you wait?). Then you have to circle the sale quietly, like a predator hunting down its prey. And then, when you’re sure that you’re buying something for the right reasons—i.e. not just because an item was ridiculously expensive and now it’s not, which is tempting but RESIST!—you have to pounce, because sale items go quick, especially the sale items at Nordstrom’s major anniversary sale, which just so happens to be in full swing right now.

The sale ends on August 4th, when all discounted items return to full price. (Sad trombone.) This means you don’t have time to painstakingly click through page after page of sale items. So we’ve done it all for you, and we’ve experienced the pain of realizing that the Chloé satchel is unavailable, so you won’t even have to bother clicking on it. You’re welcome.

See our picks here.

Where I’m Shopping: Fashion Forward, Philly’s Best Spot for Designer Resale


A case holds Jimmy Choos, Louboutins and all sorts of glitzy baubles.

There’s a certain thrill to buying luxury pieces at a designer’s flagship store, or from the hushed, marbled showrooms of places like Neimans, Saks or Barneys. It’s a dance of pomp and circumstance. Racks are sparse; rifling through them is done gingerly, to show your respect for the clothes and also to not piss off the saleswoman who probably already has an inkling that you aren’t going to drop $34,000 on that mink shirt. Wires, like vines, snake out from the most expensive garments and lock them to the rack. It’s all very civilized.

Shopping at Ayana Hamilton’s boutique is a different animal entirely, and for me, the thrill here is even better.

Chanel, Prada and Miu Miu ahead.

You Loved It: Our Photo Director’s Poop Emoji Shoes


Our photo director makes smiling heaps of poo look fantastically chic.

I first posted about the collaboration between Edie Parker and Del Toro back in March. Luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi had just opened its pre-order list to score the line, called M’Oticons, which featured velvet slippers and acrylic clutches emblazoned with emojis. The emails between my fashion-minded colleagues and me flew back and forth with relentless abandon:

“These are amazing.”

“OMG, they have the red dancer lady!”

“I want the monkeys.”

“I wish they weren’t $340. Sigh.”

And then our photo director, Jess, chimed in:


Yep. The poop ones.

Field Guide: 5 Best Shops and Sights in Princeton

The house-made goods at Brick Farm Market in Hopewell.

The house-made goods at Brick Farm Market in Hopewell.

Come summer, Princeton’s collegiate crowd clears out, making this the perfect time to enjoy the area’s quaint, brainy charm. Here’s where to go first.

Brick Farm Market
With a juice bar, a cheese­monger, house-dried sausages and polished-concrete floors, this lofty market feels more Brooklyn than Jersey. But in fact, Brick Farm Market has rather bucolic roots: It was founded last year by Robin and Jon McConaughy, owners of the nearby Double Brook Farm, as a place to sell the many sustainable products that come from their acres. The pair are somewhat new to the agro biz — they had one of those life-changing Michael Pollan moments a decade ago — and their fresh perspective is what makes this place so memorable. Just 15 minutes from downtown Princeton, it’s worthy of a stop for a snack, a meal, or ingredient-gathering on your way back to Philly.
Go here for: A hip twist on a country farm stand. 65 East Broad Street, Hopewell.

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The Lingerie Line We Love: For Love and Lemons at The Geisha House


The most beautifully sexy lingerie ever. |Images via Instagram.

Recently, the pics above swept by as I skimmed through my Instagram feed. I was instantly besotted. They’re from an LA-based line called For Love and Lemons (an appropriate name, as the gossamer-thin bras are most certainly not made for those of us endowed with more melon-sized chests).

Read on for where you can find it in Philly.

The Ultimate Bathing Suit Guide — From Most Modest to Most Risqué


It’s never been cooler to forgo the itty-bitty bikini and opt for more full-coverage suits. Sophisticated maillots, retro high-waisted two-pieces, and athletic touches like rashguards and mesh cutouts are all having their moment in the sun. But chic styles still abound for those who still like to bare serious skin. Start at the top and snake your way through our roundup of 16 of the season’s coolest swimwear options. I promise, there’s one for every body type (and wallet)!

Click here for style details, prices and where to buy.

How to Wear All Black in the Summer

We at Shoppist have a love affair with the color black. (Also everyone else, ever.) The inky shade matches with everything and just looks so damn chic—we can’t get enough of it. But what happens when the temps start rising and an effortlessly cool black sheath starts to feel more like a solar panel? It might seem like the only option is to store away your black clothing until fall or opt for pastels for the next three months, but it’s not true! We rounded up the best ways to don your blackest blacks and still look and feel cool this summer.

Shopping details ahead!

McQueen! Marni! Missoni! 5 High-End Designer Sales to Shop Now


The best closets we know aren’t busting at the seams. Instead, they have a curated mix of high quality designer pieces alongside requisite Zara and J.Crew buys. We call these designer pieces Wardrobe Makers. We get it: It’s not realistic to have a closet full of Wardrobe Makers like McQueen and Missoni, but it is reasonable to sacrifice a few lower-quality purchases throughout the year in lieu of one of these fabulous picks that’ll last a lifetime. Plus, a 30 percent discount might sound puny when buying, say, a pair of $50 jeans, but when it’s on a $2,500 dress, that’s $750 off. And we can think of a lot of ways to spend that spare change. Think about it like this: These are the pieces you’ll pass down to your kids; might as well get a deal.

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