5 Ultra-Wearable Shoe Styles You Need to Have in Your Closet This Spring


Remember when I gave you an edited list of the spring trends to actually buy into? Well, it’s time to dive a little bit more into the shoe game. This is one of my favorite footwear seasons in some time, primarily because it’s given back to us the deliciously chunky ’70s platform (hallelujah!), but also because it’s ushered in a new era of supremely stylish flats (both demure and aggressively sporty). We’ve also got gladiators — this trend isn’t for the meek! — and a block heel for those who aren’t feeling the whole vertiginous platform thing.

Here, the five best (and most wearable) spring shoe trends, along with my top picks for each — in all price points! How to shop it: Choose one or two styles you love, invest in one and go inexpensive on the other. Then step into your chicest spring ever.  Click here for where to buy and how to wear each style.

New Trend Alert: Why You Should Start Wearing Two Coats Instead of One

Every year, mid-March introduces a tricky fashion dilemma, thanks to temps that swing wildly from cold to warm in a span of only a few hours.  Take today, for instance: It started out at a wintry 35 degrees, but by midday, it’s expected to reach a balmy 61 degrees. Here, the conundrum: Do I wear an ankle-length puffer to accommodate near-freezing mornings? Or, do I opt for a moto jacket for lunch runs outside? The answer, I’ve found, is easy: Just wear ‘em both.

During Fashion Month, a coat-layering trend burgeoned. Here was yet another way for fashion’s boldest to sneak extra patterns and textures into their looks while also accommodating the tricky in-between weather of New York, London and Paris during February and March. Unlike some of the less accessible street-style trends, this one totally worked and we found ourselves dying to replicate it.   Read more »

The 10 Best Philly Shops on Etsy


Images via MallayVintage, ABJglassworks, PegAndAwl and ZolaJewelryObjects

Etsy, an online marketplace for artists to sell their wares, can be an overwhelming place to maneuver (too many weird watercolors and oddball earrings). And while researching this post, I was reminded Just. How. Many. Etsy shops there are. But there are hidden gems out there; you just need to know where to look. We culled, browsed and pared down the glut of Etsy shops to narrow down the best of the best. So, here you go: a cheat sheet to the 10 best Philly-based Etsy shops. You’re welcome.  Read more »

Spring Fashion Feature: 8 Gorgeous Outfits You Will Love Right Now

All photography by Trevor Dixon | Stylized by Lauren Kozakiewicz

All photography by Trevor Dixon. | Styled by Lauren Kozakiewicz.

As winter’s deep freeze begins to thaw, so does our affection for its trappings: puffy marshmallow coats, thick knits, snow-stomping boots. Happily, this season brings with it lighter offerings and a fresh outlook on style. Here, the very best of spring’s fashion crop, and the new ways to wear it all. Céline, Proenza and Stella ahead!

The Only 5 Fashion Buys You Need to Look Current This Spring


The lists have been rolling in for months, each one detailing everything you need to buy for spring. It’s overwhelming —Prints! Athleisure! Boho! Gingham! Mesh! — and tough to sift through.

But don’t worry: Your wardrobe doesn’t need a complete overhaul. A simple refresh will do the trick! Here are five prime buys to invest in for spring. Choose one (or all!) for a quick new-season pick-me-up. Even better: We’ve found options for wallets both light and loaded. It’s all you need to feel on top of trends right now, without looking like a fashion victim. Happy shopping. Read more »

The Best New Spring Arrivals in Philly Stores Now

At last! Spring arrivals are here. I’ve been happily raking in emails from local retailers announcing their new merch and decided to call out the pieces worth clicking ‘add to cart’. Even better? Most of the pieces are transitional, which means you can start integrating them into your wardrobe now. Eat it, winter.  Read more »

Market Report: How To Buy Discounted Designer Bags

Image via Emil Lendof/Fashionista

  • Score high-end designer bags on the cheap by following these 7 genius tips. [WhoWhatWear]
  • It costs a lot to look as beautiful as Kim Kardashian. Yep, someone calculated it. [Defamer]
  • Here are all the lipsticks donned by your favorite celebs at the Oscars. (Chrissy Teigen and Emma Stone both wore drugstore brands!) [Elle]

Next: Cold-weather style hacks to get you through March.

6 Best Stores for Men’s Valentine’s Day Shopping

for him

Guy gifts are historically tricky purchases. Valentine’s Day guy gifts are even trickier. Laden with meaning (are we or aren’t we?), a perfectly appropriate present can propel you to the next relationship stage (or precede a breakup if necessary). To help you zero in on the ideal gift, we rounded up the best local shops and e-tailers for men’s Valentine’s Day shopping.

See all the picks here.

The Ultimate Spring Style Shopping Guide


Fringe, ’70s and denim. | Photos courtesy of Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors.

Each new season brings with it a whirl of new trends, textures, silhouettes and patterns. (Farewell, pajama dressing! Hello, power suits! So long, cut-outs! Welcome back, sheer panels! Bye, kitten heels!  Bring on … platforms?)

For many, sifting through the onslaught of new can be overwhelming. So I’ve broken it all down for you. Here are four top trends to start thinking about now (if you haven’t already!), and some choice fashion picks to help you embrace them. Even better: A lot of these pieces are transitional, meaning you can start wearing them now and take them through spring. So, let’s get shopping, shall we?

Read more »

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