Are High Heels Over? How to Wear Sneakers Everywhere

Are Heels Over?

Inspiration boarding. | Images via Just the Design, Pinterest,

I stumbled across the above photo on Pinterest a few days ago and can’t stop looking at it. It’s mostly pinned by people for the woman on the right, for “mule” inspiration. But it’s the girl on the left I can’t stop staring at. She epitomizes Fashion’s eternal, if eye-rolley, buzzword – effortless –  and in doing so, makes her companions look just the tiniest bit overwrought.

Dressing down when others are dressing up is the easiest way to look super-stylish (take it from most fashion designers, who dip out at their runway shows for a quick bow in casual, unfettered clothing). And it seems that everyone has caught on, whether they know it or not (the other day, I couldn’t tell whether a woman wearing a trench and battered white Nikes was extremely stylish or was in the same commuter outfit she wore back in the eighties). Now the Working Girl look has become something wholly new and even fashion-forward. It’s a brave new world out there, and how better to navigate it than in shoes you can actually walk in? But switching the way you think about sneakers takes time, and figuring out when and how to wear them can be tricky. Here are 14 supremely stylish ways to wear sneakers right now and come, finally, back down to earth.  Read more »

Shop Talk: The Only 4 Heels You’ll Ever Need


Cracking the shoe code once and for all. | Shutterstock.

  • Great news! We found proof that celebs only really wear four types of shoes, just in a zillion different ways. So if you’re looking to invest in a few wardrobe staples, consider these: the cap-toe pump, the black single-sole pointy-toe pump, the pop-of-color single-sole pointy-toe pump, and the Stuart Weitzman nudist. To see them styled every way you could imagine, check this slideshow out. [Marie Claire]
  • Are you accidentally making your perfume expire faster? (Yes, perfume expires.) Learn the dos and don’ts of storing perfume to make sure you’re wearing nothing but the freshest scents. Spoiler alert: That vintage perfume decanter you transferred your L’Impératrice into – that air exposure is harming the fragrance. [Huffington Post]
  • We’ve been doing it since the grade school days – carrying around more weight in our bags than we’re supposed to. Sorry to break it to you, but scoliosis isn’t a concern that’s limited to the classroom. To protect your back, a chiropractor determines the ideal weight for every type of handbag. The one I’m bearing in mind: Shoulder bags should weigh no more than ten percent of your total body weight. [SheFinds]

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Stuff We Covet: Tom Ford Patchwork Sandals

These sandals are the season’s prettiest, perhaps because they capture what’s most lovely about it: the deep cinnamons, brick burgundies and melted-chocolate browns of turning leaves. With chunky copper heels and a rich mix of leather and velvet, they’re fashion’s version of fall, a carbon copy of Mother Nature’s palette in a style that—thankfully—won’t change with the seasons.


Autumn glory. | Photograph by Brett Thomas.

The Details: Tom Ford Patchwork sandals, $1,490 at Neiman Marcus, King of Prussia.

Stuff We Covet: The Most Insane Gold Booties Ever


A gilded age. | Images via Sevilla Smith.

In our fall fashion spread, you might have noticed gold boots sticking out from a pair of Etro flares. (Refresh your memory here.) They’re Saint Laurent and they’re close to tipping into the four figures, a price that, sadly, isn’t in my fall-shopping budget, even though my toes pine for a taste of their gilded glory.

Then — as if the golden-shoe gods were looking out for me! —I discovered this pair by Faye Sevilla Smith, a Philly-based designer whom you might remember from her Old City boutique Sevilla Smith. Though the brick-and-mortar has since shuttered, Faye is still designing, and her standout shoes deserve a spot in your fall boot arsenal.  Read more »

Market Report: The Shockingly Affordable Shoe Line Fashion’s Top Buyers and Editors Wear

Sam Edelman

The shoes fashion insiders wear. | Images via Sam Edelman Instagram.

  • Not all fashion bigwigs line their shoe closets with Louboutin and Blahnik. The VP of global buying for fashion’s most luxurious e-commerce site, Net-a-Porter, revealed that nearly every woman who works there wears Sam Edelman shoes. Yep, the Sam Edelman shoes you can find in your local mall for under $200. [Net-a-Porter]
  • The guys behind fashion line Public School are the industry’s new darlings, but the duo is also killing it in the beauty sphere. The twisted, helix-like ponytails they showed at their spring/summer 2016 runway show (yep, we’re already there, guys) are next-level cool. And surprisingly easy to do! [Byrdie]
  • Though I have a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans (read about it here), they apparently come in handy sometimes, like in the case of a recent attempted mugging in New York. The story reads like an Onion article: Two muggers tried to steal an iPhone from a man’s jeans, but the pants were so tight they couldn’t get a hand in the pocket. [New York Post]

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Closet Dreams: This Queen Village Trinity Has an Entire Shoe Room — And It’s For Sale

shoe closet

Need this in my life. But first, more shoes. | Image via Keller Williams.

City apartments aren’t exactly known for their amazing storage, but we’ve found what is basically the unicorn of Philly closets: a Queen Village home — a trinity— with an entire room for shoes. Sure, the listing has other impressive details (an amazing location, exposed brick), but the standout feature is that shoe room, with three walls lined with cubbies. So, as devoted lifestyle journalists, we did some digging to find the previous owner of this listing so we could pick her brain about how much it cost, how long it took, how many shoes she has and, most important, why the heck she’s leaving.

Our search led us to Jeannie Corkery, the shoe addict and mastermind behind the impressive collection. She turned an unused bedroom into the half-bathroom/half-shoe closet of our dreams using one surprisingly simple product. (Details on that below). With over 250 pairs on display – and another hundred or so in storage – she’s sort of like Philly’s own Carrie Bradshaw, a woman who remembers sleeping with her saddle shoes under her pillow before her first day of school. Now that’s devotion.

Read more »

Inside Temple’s Secret Shoe Museum

Chinese foot binding slippers

Slippers worn by an adult woman subjected to Chinese foot binding. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

Temple’s School of Podiatric Medicine is home to one of Philly’s hidden gems — so hidden, in fact, that the unique charm of the place doesn’t quite hit you until you leave. Temple’s Shoe Museum is a far cry from the pristine halls of Philadelphia’s iconic Art Museum; its artifacts are preserved in a cocoon of cinderblock, yellow fluorescent lights and dusty shelves. The museum curator, Barbara Williams, is a no-nonsense woman who was not too keen on giving me a tour in the first place. (You can only tour the exhibit by appointment  …  with Ms. Barbara.) Crack her shell, however, and you will find that she’s a source of infinite shoe knowledge, so put more time in the parking meter than you think.

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3 Sparkly Reasons to Abandon Your Stilettos for Low Heels Now


Literal twinkle toes. | Photo by Nell Hoving.

This season, swap spindly stilettos for low pumps that deliver sky-high style sans vertigo. With heels jewel-encrusted, ringed with gems and plated in metal, coming back down to earth has never looked more glamorous.

A styling tip: Don’t reserve sparkle and shine for cocktail parties. The chunky heel and low profile of these pairs mean they work well for daytime, too. Pair with cropped pants or skinny jeans for an instant style upgrade. As for your stilettos? Take them out of your rotation for the next few months. (Your feet will thank you.)  Read more »

Wildwoods to Host Its First-Ever Sneaker Convention


The first-ever Jus Nice Sneaker Convention is coming to the Wildwoods Convention Center at the end of August. The one-day-only event promises sneakerheads the chance “to buy, sell and trade some of the most unique and high-in-demand sneakers available.”

Organizer and sneaker re-seller Justin “Jus Nice” Roper says he put together the event after attending sneaker conventions in other cities and realizing his town should have something similar. “I know there are a lot of kids around here who want to collect sneakers, but they never had an opportunity to have something like this here,” he says. “Before now, we’ve had to travel three, four hours to get to one.”

Read more »

Market Report: The Hair Color Mistake That’s Making You Look Older


The wrong hair color can be seriously aging. | Shutterstock.

  • Blonder doesn’t always mean better. Turns out, going too light can actually make you look much older than you actually are. Here’s why. [PopSugar]
  • The iconic Chuck Taylor shoe (which is nearly 100 years old!) is getting an update for the first time ever. While the kicks look similar to the originals, the new design features a padded tongue, increased arch support, more durable canvas and a breathable, perforated suede lining. They’ll hit shelves on July 28th. [CNN]
  • My pet peeve: cheap hotel pens, which are so easy to hoard. Same goes for restaurant matchbooks (except for the ones from Parc) and plastic hangers. Here’s a list of the eight home items you need to throw out now. Clutter, be gone! [Refinery29]

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