Fall Shoe Report: These 5 Styles Are About to Be Huge

fall shoes featured imagesThe easiest way to dip a toe into next season trends is to invest in of-the-moment shoes. And with fall’s vast assortment of looks, there’s something for everyone. Here’s your first look at five fall shoes that will be big — and your roadmap to start your fall shopping now.  Read more »

Must-Buy: Gladiator Sandals Under $100


Leopard, laces and POM-POMS. | Photo of Waltzing Matilda sandals by Nell Hoving.

Though recent years have seen the gladiator sandal creep up to the knee (see: Kourtney Kardashian, who’s famous for corseting her poor calves in uncomfortable-looking lace-ups), the best iteration is the most basic: a still-elaborate lacing of the foot that ends with a simple knot at the ankle.

One of my favorite pairs of gladiator sandals comes from Waltzing Matilda, a Wayne-based leather-goods company that strips the Roman sandal to its utilitarian essentials—butterscotch Horween leather, hand-tacked golden nails, a loopy crisscross of laces. They are at once primitive and beautiful, perfect for the urban hippie or the pavement-pounding glamazon warrior. And at $178, they’re not totally wallet-breaking either! (Buy them here, or visit the adorable Wayne boutique, which nabbed a spot on our 50 Best Shops list!)  What’s that? You want ones UNDER $100? Click here!

How to Fit All of Your Shoes in Your Teeny Trinity

store shoes

Shoe shelf AND room divider all in one. | Image via Domino.

Spring is just around the corner, which has me itching to organize the items that clutter the space around me. Part of organization is letting go of certain things, but when it comes to shoes, I tend to only part with them after a deadly heel snap or buckle break (and don’t you dare try to make me change).

So what’s a girl with a budding shoe collection and limited storage space to do? Lord knows Philly is infamous for its lack of closets and shelving, especially in older units and trinities. Today Domino seemed to hear my plea, because they just released twelve amazing ways to store your shoes that are both cute and functional. Don’t you love it when those two collide? Here are a few of the highlights:

8 Snow Boots That Are Warm, Weatherproof – and Actually Stylish


Boots that make a predicted 17-inch snowfall seem … not that horrible?

So, you thought we’d escaped another Philly winter? Think again. Snow (and a lot of it) is possibly on its way. If weather predictions are correct, you have about four days to stock up on cold-weather gear. And if you’re planning on just battling the snow banks with your rubber rain boots, you should probably reconsider. I get it: Snow boots aren’t exactly fun to buy. They’re clunky, chunky and, on the whole, pretty darn uninspiring.

Or so we thought. We did some digging and rounded up eight pairs of snow boots that are warm, functional and surprisingly stylish, so you can save your rain boots for a rainy day, and not a blizzard.

Let it snow? If it must. At least now you’ll be prepared.  Find out prices and where to buy here.

Stop What You’re Doing and Shop This Major Shoe Sale Now

Image via Style Maniac

Image via Style Maniac.

Did you get some extra cash for Christmas that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Let me help you get it off your hands! Quick, get yourself to Bus Stop (the charming shoe and accessory boutique at 727 South 4th Street) and check out its just-launched winter sale.

The entire men’s and women’s winter collection is 35 percent off from now through Monday, January 11th. But, as always, the sooner you get there, the better steals you’ll find. Go. Buy yourself something nice. (Psst: Can’t bear the cold? Shop online and use code ‘MAJOR.’)

Why I Can’t Let Go of Shoes That Cause Me Pain


So cute; so painful. | Lauren McGrath.

Of the myriad things men will never understand about women, the one that tops the most lists are those token pairs of so-painful-we-can-hardly-walk shoes that we keep around anyway. Sure, we’ll complain about them the entire night. We’ll regret the decision for at least a week, as we nurse the blisters on our toes and heels. We’ll swear up and down that we will never wear those damn shoes again. Yet they are impossible to part with, and so they languish, mostly unworn, in our closets.

Why do we do this to ourselves? The answer is simple: for the love of all things fierce, for the way shoes can change your outfit and your outlook in one simple (albeit painful) step, and for the hope that maybe, maybe, one day our feet will shrink or our heels will become immune to blisters and we’ll be able to happily walk in them. Think you’re alone in this feeble dream? Think again. Here are eight Philly Mag staffers on the shoes we hate to love. Read more »

Are High Heels Over? How to Wear Sneakers Everywhere

Are Heels Over?

Inspiration boarding. | Images via Just the Design, Pinterest, Shutterstock.com.

I stumbled across the above photo on Pinterest a few days ago and can’t stop looking at it. It’s mostly pinned by people for the woman on the right, for “mule” inspiration. But it’s the girl on the left I can’t stop staring at. She epitomizes Fashion’s eternal, if eye-rolley, buzzword – effortless –  and in doing so, makes her companions look just the tiniest bit overwrought.

Dressing down when others are dressing up is the easiest way to look super-stylish (take it from most fashion designers, who dip out at their runway shows for a quick bow in casual, unfettered clothing). And it seems that everyone has caught on, whether they know it or not (the other day, I couldn’t tell whether a woman wearing a trench and battered white Nikes was extremely stylish or was in the same commuter outfit she wore back in the eighties). Now the Working Girl look has become something wholly new and even fashion-forward. It’s a brave new world out there, and how better to navigate it than in shoes you can actually walk in? But switching the way you think about sneakers takes time, and figuring out when and how to wear them can be tricky. Here are 14 supremely stylish ways to wear sneakers right now and come, finally, back down to earth.  Read more »

Shop Talk: The Only 4 Heels You’ll Ever Need


Cracking the shoe code once and for all. | Shutterstock.

  • Great news! We found proof that celebs only really wear four types of shoes, just in a zillion different ways. So if you’re looking to invest in a few wardrobe staples, consider these: the cap-toe pump, the black single-sole pointy-toe pump, the pop-of-color single-sole pointy-toe pump, and the Stuart Weitzman nudist. To see them styled every way you could imagine, check this slideshow out. [Marie Claire]
  • Are you accidentally making your perfume expire faster? (Yes, perfume expires.) Learn the dos and don’ts of storing perfume to make sure you’re wearing nothing but the freshest scents. Spoiler alert: That vintage perfume decanter you transferred your L’Impératrice into – that air exposure is harming the fragrance. [Huffington Post]
  • We’ve been doing it since the grade school days – carrying around more weight in our bags than we’re supposed to. Sorry to break it to you, but scoliosis isn’t a concern that’s limited to the classroom. To protect your back, a chiropractor determines the ideal weight for every type of handbag. The one I’m bearing in mind: Shoulder bags should weigh no more than ten percent of your total body weight. [SheFinds]

Plus: The greatest 5-minute mini-facial and the model with Down Syndrome who walked at NYFW

Stuff We Covet: Tom Ford Patchwork Sandals

These sandals are the season’s prettiest, perhaps because they capture what’s most lovely about it: the deep cinnamons, brick burgundies and melted-chocolate browns of turning leaves. With chunky copper heels and a rich mix of leather and velvet, they’re fashion’s version of fall, a carbon copy of Mother Nature’s palette in a style that—thankfully—won’t change with the seasons.


Autumn glory. | Photograph by Brett Thomas.

The Details: Tom Ford Patchwork sandals, $1,490 at Neiman Marcus, King of Prussia.

Stuff We Covet: The Most Insane Gold Booties Ever


A gilded age. | Images via Sevilla Smith.

In our fall fashion spread, you might have noticed gold boots sticking out from a pair of Etro flares. (Refresh your memory here.) They’re Saint Laurent and they’re close to tipping into the four figures, a price that, sadly, isn’t in my fall-shopping budget, even though my toes pine for a taste of their gilded glory.

Then — as if the golden-shoe gods were looking out for me! —I discovered this pair by Faye Sevilla Smith, a Philly-based designer whom you might remember from her Old City boutique Sevilla Smith. Though the brick-and-mortar has since shuttered, Faye is still designing, and her standout shoes deserve a spot in your fall boot arsenal.  Read more »

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