The Edit: 10 Statement Sandals We Love This Summer


As I write this, it’s 89 degrees outside, but it feels like 3282359 degrees—in my professional opinion—because it’s 50 percent humidity. When you can basically feel the moisture in the air, the last thing you want to do is pile on the layers in the morning. So, because you can’t wear a bathing suit to work, take the guesswork out of your a.m. outfit prep and start pairing basic with some statement-making sandals. We’ve found ten pairs that look just as good with jeans and a tee as they do with a work-appropriate shift. It’ll be your end-of-summer uniform in no time.


You Loved It: Our Photo Director’s Poop Emoji Shoes


Our photo director makes smiling heaps of poo look fantastically chic.

I first posted about the collaboration between Edie Parker and Del Toro back in March. Luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi had just opened its pre-order list to score the line, called M’Oticons, which featured velvet slippers and acrylic clutches emblazoned with emojis. The emails between my fashion-minded colleagues and me flew back and forth with relentless abandon:

“These are amazing.”

“OMG, they have the red dancer lady!”

“I want the monkeys.”

“I wish they weren’t $340. Sigh.”

And then our photo director, Jess, chimed in:


Yep. The poop ones.

The Edit: The 9 Most Comfortable Sandals Out There


It’s mid-June, which means if you’ve been enjoying the warm weather or have a lengthy walking commute, your feet are probably aching and covered in blisters. (The winter doesn’t prepare you for the epic walk-a-thon that is summer.) To combat hot, sticky, not-shoe-friendly-at-all weather, here are the nine comfiest sandals you need to buy now. Plus, they all have traction, so they’re almost like sexy walking shoes. Almost.

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Market Report: You Can Now Customize a Pair of Prada Heels


  • You can now customize your own pair of Prada heels (cue squeals). Choose from three different heel heights, five different materials, and 37 colors. You can even pick out the color of the sole. Luxury at its best. [The Cut]
  • Rumor has it Tim Gunn is angling for a season of Project Runway where all the models are above a size 12. Fingers crossed!  [Bustle]
  • Turns out the most popular tattoo in Hollywood is an anchor. Looks like everyone from Lady Gaga to Miley Cyrus is rocking the nautical ink. [Refinery 29]

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The Edit: 6 Rain Boots That Are Actually Cute


If you’ve been outside today or at least checked the weather channel, then you know it was our professional duty as fashion editors to compile this post. It’s all too easy to strap on a pair of water-repellant duck boots when the weather turns south, but there are cute options out there—we swear! So whether you want to rock watercolor-inspired art on your feet or don a pair of ’60s mod Chelsea boots, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re still trying to remove salt from your snow boots, read our winter PSA, here. Splash away.

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My Quest to Find Toe Liposuction in Philly


Just when I think we’ve reached the end of everything we could possibly do to our bodies—dimple implants, cankle lipo, abdominal etchingThe New York Times came out with an article about women getting “Cinderella” foot surgeries so that they can fit more comfortably into their designer shoes:

 “Dr. Neal Blitz, a podiatrist who specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures (including a Bunionplasty) at his private practice in Manhattan, and operates at Mount Sinai Hospital, calls this body part “the final frontier” for those who have had work done on their faces. “My practice has exploded because of Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Nicholas Kirkwood,” he said in a recent phone interview. “There’s nothing like opening a shoe closet that’s been closed to somebody for years.”

Foot surgery to alleviate discomfort from wearing high heels is nothing new—people have been getting treatments for bunions, corns and plantar fasciitis for ages (welcome to the party, NYT!)—but the article’s mention of toe liposuction and toe shortening caught my attention. Toe shortening? Toe lipo? Is this really a thing now? Are women in Philly asking for doctors to suck the fat … out of their toes? We have officially lost our minds. We are basically one tiny step away from going back to full-fledged foot binding. I immediately set aside my very important copy deadlines to investigate. How hard could it really be to get my toes shortened and a little bit of toe lipo in Philly?

Turns out, it’s pretty hard.

The Edit: 8 Flat Sandals to Wear This Spring


Confession: I’m in full-on sandal mode, Shoppists. But the truth is, I’ve only been donning my flat-healed varieties. Too many months of snow boots and galoshes have left my feet unprepared for a fierce pair of wedged gladiators and I’m paying the price. Luckily, my misfortune corresponds with a major shoe trend: flat sandals. So, we rounded up the best ways to wear ‘em while keeping you and your arches sartorially satisfied.

So many patterns! So many metallics! Click here for the details.

Market Report: Would You Wear Any of These 40 Crazy Fashion Shoes?

  • MR6To wake you up this morning, here’s a look at the 40 craziest, WTF things we’ve done to classic shoes. Warning: There are knee-high basketball sneakers in this mix. [Refinery29]
  • People‘s annual Most Beautiful list is out, blah blah. BUT OH MY GOD LUPITA’S OUTFIT IS SO GOOD I WANT IT. [People]

More fun things if you click here.

Philly’s Most Underrated Shoe Store: Head Start Shoes


Boots (and sandals, and mules, and heels) for all! Photo via Head Start Shoes on Facebook.

As a shopping editor, it’s imperative that I keep my stuff organized. The retail scene in Philly is always changing, and I need to stay abreast of what’s opening, closing, relocating, expanding, etc, etc. (Organization tip: I have a massive binder filled with business cards I collect from my scouting trips; each organized by retail category, with notes on why I liked—or did not like—each store.) But with all the changes, there are some spots that remain total gems. I think of these as The Stalwarts, the stores that stay steadfastly cool, but sometimes slip out from my radar. Stalwart #1: Head Start Shoes.

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