Frybread Pop-Up Happening at Loco Pez


Hey, remember yesterday when we put out that ranked list of best (and worst) brunch dishes? High up on that list was frybread. It actually came in at #3–ahead of pancakes, ahead of corned beef hash, ahead of brunch mussels (naturally)–and that was seen as somewhat problematic because you know what we don’t have a lot of in Philly? Or any of in Philly? Fry Bread.

Which is why it’s such good news that, today, we can announce that Marcos Espinoza (aka Fidel Gastro) and Shiprock Fry Bread Pop-up co-conspirators Hawk Krall and Lucio Palazzo (chef at Loco Pez) are getting together for another frybread pop-up. On Tuesday, November 22nd at 5 p.m. Fishtown’s Loco Pez will be turning out delicious frybread–not the sweet, breakfast-y variety, but mostly the savory (although there is a dessert fry bread on the menu).

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Shiprock Frybread at the Garage

Shiprock-Garage-Lg copyMarcos Espinoza (Fidel Gastro and Side Project Jerky), Lucio Palazzo (Taqueria Feliz) and Hawk Krall (illustrator) are hosting another frybread and Navajo taco pop-up. Tonight they’ll be at the food cart in the Garage from 6 p.m. till the food runs out.

Frybread is a Southwestern specialty that is often found at state fairs and pow wows. The dough is fried to order and either drizzled with honey butter or piled high with toppings for a Navajo Taco.

The Shiprock Pop-Up dudes will be offering a chili bean taco, a vegetarian version, a goat birra, a frybread hot dog and a sweet frybread as well.

Shiprock Pop-Up [Twitter]
Garage [Foobooz]

September At COOK: Who Wants Some Frybread?


So you didn’t get tickets for last night’s Open Stove event at COOK and are feeling bad that you missed all the fun. I know how you feel.

But I have good news. There are still a few seats left for some of the other September classes. Most notably, for the Marcos Espinoza/Lucio Palazzo/Hawk Krall Shiprock frybread tacos class happening on Sunday, September 15.

$95 gets you a seat at the table–which is a good start because frybread is awesome and frybread tacos are double-awesome. But the price of admission will also score you some packaged frybread mix from Espinoza’s parents’ restaurant and a small, limited-edition print by local artist Hawk Krall, done just for the event.

So that’s better, right? Yeah, and you haven’t even seen the menu yet…

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