a.bar Hosts a Day of Sherry

sherry-bottle-400This Monday, December 9th is going to be all about Sherry at a.bar. Though many people’s only experience with sherry is on the sweet side, there are dry Sherries that work very well with food.

From 3 to 6 p.m., all oysters are $1.50 each and several local wine reps will be pouring multiple Sherries, ranging from $5 to $10 a glass.

At 7 p.m. chef Terence Feury (Tavro 13) will prepare a four-course dinner with Sherry pairings. The dinner is $85 per person and there is only one seating. Contact beverage director, Tim Kweeder for reservations.

The menu and what’s happeing late night … » 

Merry with Sherry at Jet Wine Bar

Some wines are just misunderstood. Does that mean we should stash them in the back of our liquor cabinets or give them away at office parties to that secret santa we’re not really friendly with? No, it means we should try and understand them.

On Tuesday, December 11th, Jet Wine Bar is helping us understand the likes of sherry, one of these misunderstood gems, through an installment of their Global Vineyards Passport Tasting Series. From 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., guests can enjoy an educational tasting of sherry with Spanish wine expert Eric Lopez. $25 gets you the class, small bites and a 15% discount off the post-class bar tab.

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Sherry and Tapas at Jamonera

David Snyder reviews Jamonera for City Paper this week. He’s as impressed with the sherry program as he is with the Spanish tapas.

“Sherry? Not happening in Philly.”

It is now. The list on which that El Maestro Sierra Amontillado appears, engineered by manager Terence Lewis, is staggeringly deep — 44 different sherries spanning 10 styles, from the light, bracing salinity of finos to the unctuous, stewed-figiness of Pedro Ximénez. Without the counsel of Jamonera’s well-informed staff, such depth would be overwhelming. Engage the staff, however, and soon you may gain the confidence to start your own sherry bodega.

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