SEPTA Issues Full Statement on Recent Court Proceedings


A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court recently ruled that SEPTA was not subject to a Philadelphia ordinance banning discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity. This morning, we reported that SEPTA’s Director of Media Relations claimed that the legal proceedings “had nothing to do with discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity, only whether the Philadelphia had jurisdiction over SEPTA.” Read more »

SEPTA: Legal Disagreement “Had Nothing To Do” With Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


Last week, we reported that a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that SEPTA was not subject to Philadelphia’s ordinance that protects against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. This obviously raised quite a few questions from LGBTQ riders, especially whether or not SEPTA would reinstate the contested gendered labels on bus passes. Read more »

SEPTA Announces Pope Pass Lottery for Suburban Lines

Norristown High-Speed Line train

Photo by Peetlesnumber1 via Wikimedia Commons; used under a Creative Commons License

SEPTA has announced a 3-day online lottery for passengers wishing to ride the Norristown High Speed Line or the 101/102 trolley routes during the weekend of the pope’s visit.

Similarly, regional rail tickets were distributed with a similar lottery last week. There are still 22,000 tickets available, despite high demand crashing the first attempt at selling Pope passes.

The 3-day transit passes will be valid for the Norristown High-Speed Line, the Route 101 and 102 trolleys and connecting service on the Market-Frankford Line on September 26th and 27th. On Monday, September 27th, the passes will be good for any SEPTA service besides Regional Rail. Read more »

SEPTA Papal Pass Winners Reselling Tickets Online


Winners of SEPTA’s “Pope Pass” lottery were notified just a day ago, on Thursday, that they could purchase their passes in order to use the train when the Pope comes to town in September.

Now, without even possessing the papal passes, people looking to make a profit are posting them to Internet auction sites like Ebay and Craigslist, CBS Philly reports. Winners can purchase up to ten passes for each of Saturday and Sunday, the network adds. Read more »

SEPTA Stressing Safety for Sports Fans With Safety Blitz, Phanatic Video Game


SEPTA has a problem with people going on to the train tracks. Sometimes this is voluntary: One man leapt onto the Broad Street Subway tracks last year to retrieve an orange.

But a lot of the time it’s accidental: In the past few years, people have fallen onto the tracks because they’ve been distracted by cell phones, danced too close to the edge or walked too close to the tracks.

SEPTA has, obviously, been trying to change that. This year, it’s pushing out a “Respect the Train” campaign, one that includes an interactive presentation and a five-minute YouTube safety video with catchy intro music. Read more »

Why No Buses in the Pope “Traffic Zone?”

septa pope

One of the surprises to come out Wednesday’s City Hall press conference on the Pope visit was that private vehicles will be free to operate within the cordoned off Center City / University City “traffic zone.”

The going might not be easy. In sections of the traffic zone there’s certainly going to be a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists, and there’s no in-and-out. If you drive outside the zone, your car can’t come back in. But within the zone, theoretically at least, driving is permitted. On that, Mayor Michael Nutter was very clear.

So if private vehicles can operate within the zone, why not buses? Why not a temporary SEPTA route or routes, operating completely within the traffic zone? It would offer something to residents and visitors who struggle to travel by foot or bicycle. And while everyone expects the streets near the Parkway to be completely taken over by crowds, there’s a lot of roadway available in two square miles.

We wondered if SEPTA was rethinking its previously announced decision not to operate buses in Center City. The short answer? Nope. Read more »

Feds: Pair Sold Counterfeit SEPTA Passes to City Hall Workers


A duo counterfeited fake SEPTA TransPasses and sold more than 2,000 of them in and around City Hall, federal prosecutors said. The fake passes — which allowed unlimited travel on the bus, trolley or subway — were primarily sold to City of Philadelphia employees.

According to charges unsealed today, a pair of 35-year-old Philadelphians — Mark Cooper and Kimberly Adams — conspired to sell the thousands of fake SEPTA passes between August 2013 and June of this year. Cooper allegedly made the TransPasses and gave them to Adams, who the government says sold them inside and outside City Hall for about $50. The passes normally cost $91.

The city says an internal investigation continues. “We’re not going to let city employees siphon money away from one of the region’s public agencies — especially not in City Hall of all places,” Philadelphia inspector general Amy Kurland said in a statement. “Our administrative investigation into other employees who were involved in this conspiracy is ongoing.” Read more »

Demand for SEPTA Pope Passes Lower Than Expected

What if Pope Francis visited, and not quite everybody came?

Yes, we’ve warned that crowds for the pope’s late-September visit could actually be bigger than the official estimates of 1- to 2 million visitors. But now there’s a reason to believe the crowds will be of much more manageable size:

The agency didn’t get nearly as many entrants into its lottery for regional rail passes for the pope’s visit as expected. Of course, that could also mean that lots of visitors decided not to even bother — and that they’ll be making alternative transportation plans during the weekend.

Read more »

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