Cops: Mayfair Tire Slasher David Toledo Slashed More Tires

David Toledo, a convicted tire slasher

When David Toledo was convicted of 15 charges related to a string of tire slashings in Mayfair, his lawyer had a novel defense: He was merely a Mayfair tire slasher, not the Mayfair Tire Slasher.

“The jury, by its verdict, seems to have found that he damaged some tires,” his lawyer said, “but to call David Toledo the ‘Mayfair Tire Slasher’ now would be unfair.” Toledo got probation for his crimes. Now police say Toledo is at it again.

Police say a SEPTA driver was sitting in his car on the 1600 block of Creston Street when he spotted Toledo near the tire of his vehicle. The driver investigated and found a glue mousetrap with nails attached to the glue side.

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Man Killed by SEPTA Train

Bad news:

A man is dead after a SEPTA train filled with passengers struck him Tuesday morning while he stood along tracks in Bucks County.

The train, heading to Center City from Trenton, struck the man around 9:15 a.m. about two miles east of the Croydon station, officials said.

Two of four Center City-bound tracks have been closed while the incident is investigated. Amtrak is running on the other two tracks, at restricted speed. [NBC10]

Can You Run Faster Than a SEPTA Bus? Find Out Tomorrow

septa run

This is one of those ideas that’s so good, I wish I’d thought of it. Tomorrow night, the West Philly Runners will find out if they can outrun a SEPTA bus as they follow (lead?) the 21 bus across the city for their Beat the Bus Run.

“We all know that running is good exercise, but we believe it can also be a faster way to get across town and we’re out to prove,” says a message on the run’s Facebook page. We can dig it, especially since, you know, that’s kind of what our whole Run to Work Day thing was about, too.

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Hell Is Other People on the SEPTA QuietRide Car

Illustration by Hawk Krall

Illustration by Hawk Krall

“I wish you were going to Vegas,” says the girl in the bright orange tank top. There’s something both infuriating and admirable about her tone. The way her declarative statements bend upward in pitch, as if she’s asking a question, reminds me of Valley Girls in the ’80s, and Paris Hilton. But this hot mess clearly doesn’t care what anyone around her thinks. If she were on a reality TV show, I’d say good for you — be yourself, screw the haters. But we’re on a SEPTA train bound for the ’burbs sometime around 6 p.m., and just seconds ago, the conductor made an announcement that we’re sitting in what’s known as the QuietRide car. Even if you’re not a regional-rail regular, you can probably figure out what that’s supposed to mean. Orange Tank Top and her male companion — who, in clear violation of some hipster-slacker ethos, is rocking both a backpack and a messenger bag — drone on, oblivious to both the friendly reminder and to the fact that no one in the entire car is talking except for them.
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Transit Cop Charged With Committing Lewd Act On Subway


A SEPTA transit officer has been accused of masturbating on the Broad Street subway.

44-year-old Kevin Fant was off-duty in August when he was caught on camera playing with himself. The tape wasn’t reviewed until recently; a Transit Police Captain reviewing the video identified the offender as Fant.

Fant has been charged with open lewdness an indecent exposure.
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Report: SEPTA Buses Have Dangerous Mirror Flaw

SEPTAbus48-driving-behind-taxiAll week Action News has been promoting a story about a “deadly bus flaw” with SEPTA buses, a flaw that is so dangerous the station had to wait until Thursday night to tell us about it.

But last night’s report did not disappoint: Channel 6 reports SEPTA internal memos say the left-side bus mirror has about a 5-foot blind spot. “In my estimation there could be a thousand close calls a day out there,” Ed Ruth, a former SEPTA bus driver, told the station.

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Report: SEPTA, Union Making Progress on a Deal


Action News is reporting SEPTA and Transit Workers Union Local 234, the transit agency’s largest union, are making progress toward a deal. A source told Channel 6 the sides are “getting close.”

SEPTA’s union voted unanimously to authorize a strike on Sunday, and TWU President Willie Brown said Monday he wouldn’t make a decision on when to strike until late in the week.

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Dear Willie Brown: Don’t Mess Up the Election


Dear Willie Brown:

I’ve got a favor to ask. You’ve waited a long time to lead TWU 234 on strike — the 4,700 members of your union who work for SEPTA have been without a contract since March, and they’ve stayed at both their posts and at the negotiating table since then. That’s admirable.

Now your membership has decided it’s time to strike. Well, not right now, and not this week. Maybe next week.  Maybe even Monday, Nov. 3.

That’s a really bad idea.

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The Pilot of Beverly Hills, 90210 Has a SEPTA Bus In It


The pilot of Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on October 4th of 1990. It opened with twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh adjusting to life in Beverly Hills. The opening montage also introduced freshman David Silver, popular girl Kelly Taylor, her ex-boyfriend, Steve Sanders—and one character, Andrea Zuckerman, who arrived at West Beverly High on the bus.

Specifically, a SEPTA bus. It may say WEST BEVERLY HILLS TRANSIT, but that color scheme and ‘S’ logo are unmistakeable.

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