Here’s How the SEPTA-Uber Suburban Connection Works


Today’s the day that SEPTA Regional Rail riders no longer have to worry about finding a parking space at 11 of the system’s busiest suburban stations.

That’s because of a pilot partnership between SEPTA and Uber that seeks to find new ways to fill the “last mile” gap between home and the train.  Read more »

A Tourist Was Struck, Killed By SEPTA Subway Train Yesterday

A man visiting Philadelphia was struck and killed by a SEPTA train around 5 p.m. yesterday at the 13th Street Station.

The man, identified by family members and authorities as 55-year-old Woodrow Jackson of Cibolo, Texas, was with his wife and had just visited the Liberty Bell when he apparently fell onto the tracks on the westbound side at 13th Street Station, the Inquirer reports. Jackson was pronounced dead at the scene. Read more »

WATCH: SEPTA’s New Crum Creek Viaduct Goes Up in Fast Forward

Where things stood on the Crum Creek Viaduct this past winter, about halfway through the video. | Screen shot of video from SEPTA Crum Creek Viaduct website

Where things stood on the Crum Creek Viaduct this past winter, a little beyond halfway through the video. | Screen shot of video from SEPTA Crum Creek Viaduct website

One month from now, you won’t be able to ride SEPTA’s Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line west of Swarthmore, as the line beyond that point will be shut down while the spans of the new Crum Creek Viaduct are put in place.

(You will, however, be able to get to every station from Wallingford to Elwyn via shuttle buses from Swarthmore, so fear not, you won’t be completely stranded.)

As this is being written, construction crews are putting the steel beams of the new spans in place on temporary supports so they can be moved into position during the 11-week shutdown of the line. Read more »

A Year After the Amtrak Crash, Casey Calls for More Money for Train Safety

Bob Casey - Chris Jagodzinski - Jeff Knueppel

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey speaks at 30th Street Station Friday morning, flanked by Amtrak’s Chris Jagodzinski (right) and SEPTA GM Jeff Knueppel. | Photo by Dan McQuade

Flanked by officials from Amtrak and SEPTA, Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey today called for more money for safety measures on train lines across the country. Earlier, he had been briefed on progress implementing positive train control, a measure that most likely would have prevented the derailment of Amtrak 188 a year ago.

“We need to invest more in safety,” Casey said under the Pennsylvania Railroad World War II Memorial angel statue. “So that Amtrak and any other rail system has the resources they need … the technology allows a measure of safety that we didn’t have a few years ago.” Read more »

The Media/Elwyn Line Is Shutting Down for 3 Months

Crum Creek Viaduct construction

With the support piers for the new span nearing completion, the Crum Creek Viaduct will be dismantled and replaced starting June 18th. | Photo courtesy of SEPTA

“No pain, no gain.” This summer, Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line passengers will have to endure a little pain in order for SEPTA to finally get rid of the poster child for its maintenance and repair backlog, the 121-year-old Crum Creek Viaduct in Delaware County.

Work on the new bridge, which will sit in the same spot as the span it’s replacing, has been progressing for the last year. Now that the support piers are in place, it’s time for the actual spans to be installed. That will require an 11-week suspension of rail service beyond Swarthmore beginning on Saturday, June 18th, and ending Monday, September 5th. Read more »

SEPTA Wants More Digital Billboards at Subway Stops

Photo by Jared Brey

Photo by Jared Brey

SEPTA is hoping to install a few dozen new digital billboards at subway entrances ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer.

On Thursday, a bill was introduced in City Council to let SEPTA build the new signs, a number of which already exist. The bill was sponsored by Councilman Bobby Henon on behalf of Council President Darrell Clarke. It lays out rules for how big and bright the signs can be, and prohibits them from displaying any animated messages. Read more »

SEPTA: Key Should Fully Launch by Fall 2016

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

SEPTA says its long-awaited (and long-delayed) card fare payment system will finally fully launch by late fall of this y ear. A “limited” launch of SEPTA Key is also planned to take place during the summer.

SEPTA revealed the news at a City Council hearing on Tuesday. Jeff Knueppel, SEPTA’s general manager, said that gradually rolling out the project is a deliberate move. “The amount of change that this kind of system brings, we’ve chosen to bring it in over time,” he said.”It’s very important to break this system in carefully.” Read more »

Ex-Philly311 Worker Pleads Guilty to SEPTA TransPass Scam


Everyone has crazy daydreams at work, even city employees. But listen: That foolproof counterfeiting scheme that you’re kicking around is just a bad idea, man.

That’s the lesson that Mark Cooper, a former Philly 311 employee, learned today. Cooper pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring with a coworker to produce and sell more than 2,000 phony SEPTA TransPasses between August of 2013 and June of 2015, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Cooper, 35, and his cohort, Kimberly Adams, were arrested last summer as part of a joint investigation involving the FBI and the Philadelphia Inspector General’s Office. Cooper and Adams, who also worked for the city, were accused of selling the fake monthly passes primarily to city employees in and around City Hall for about $50. (Actual monthly transpasses go for $91.)

Read more »

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