Transit Cop Charged With Committing Lewd Act On Subway


A SEPTA transit officer has been accused of masturbating on the Broad Street subway.

44-year-old Kevin Fant was off-duty in August when he was caught on camera playing with himself. The tape wasn’t reviewed until recently; a Transit Police Captain reviewing the video identified the offender as Fant.

Fant has been charged with open lewdness an indecent exposure.
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Report: SEPTA Buses Have Dangerous Mirror Flaw

SEPTAbus48-driving-behind-taxiAll week Action News has been promoting a story about a “deadly bus flaw” with SEPTA buses, a flaw that is so dangerous the station had to wait until Thursday night to tell us about it.

But last night’s report did not disappoint: Channel 6 reports SEPTA internal memos say the left-side bus mirror has about a 5-foot blind spot. “In my estimation there could be a thousand close calls a day out there,” Ed Ruth, a former SEPTA bus driver, told the station.

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Report: SEPTA, Union Making Progress on a Deal


Action News is reporting SEPTA and Transit Workers Union Local 234, the transit agency’s largest union, are making progress toward a deal. A source told Channel 6 the sides are “getting close.”

SEPTA’s union voted unanimously to authorize a strike on Sunday, and TWU President Willie Brown said Monday he wouldn’t make a decision on when to strike until late in the week.

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Dear Willie Brown: Don’t Mess Up the Election


Dear Willie Brown:

I’ve got a favor to ask. You’ve waited a long time to lead TWU 234 on strike — the 4,700 members of your union who work for SEPTA have been without a contract since March, and they’ve stayed at both their posts and at the negotiating table since then. That’s admirable.

Now your membership has decided it’s time to strike. Well, not right now, and not this week. Maybe next week.  Maybe even Monday, Nov. 3.

That’s a really bad idea.

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The Pilot of Beverly Hills, 90210 Has a SEPTA Bus In It


The pilot of Beverly Hills, 90210 aired on October 4th of 1990. It opened with twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh adjusting to life in Beverly Hills. The opening montage also introduced freshman David Silver, popular girl Kelly Taylor, her ex-boyfriend, Steve Sanders—and one character, Andrea Zuckerman, who arrived at West Beverly High on the bus.

Specifically, a SEPTA bus. It may say WEST BEVERLY HILLS TRANSIT, but that color scheme and ‘S’ logo are unmistakeable.

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Union President: No SEPTA Strike This Week

Willie Brown

TWU Local 234 president Willie Brown

Transit Workers Union Local 234 president Willie Brown said there won’t be a SEPTA strike this week, despite the unanimous strike authorization vote by the union on Sunday. He did say the two sides were as far apart as “California and Pennsylvania” — and that he’d make a decision on whether to strike later in the week.

After some cajoling by a reporter, Brown did agree to give riders a 24-hour notice before striking, avoiding a situation like the surprise 3 a.m. Tuesday strike in November 2009. Brown updated reporters on his side of the contract impasse at a press conference at TWU Local 234’s headquarters on North Second Street Tuesday afternoon.

Previously, Brown has said the best day to strike is on a Monday. He didn’t make any explicit promises beyond Friday, but with his 24-hour notice period it seems unlikely there will be a strike until at least Monday, November 3rd.

Brown blamed SEPTA for the sides being so far apart. “This is not about economics, unlike past contracts,” he said. “It’s about ego.” Brown said the union would accept binding arbitration if SEPTA were to accept it. The union has been working without a contract since March.

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SEPTA Union Votes Unanimously to Authorize Strike

Here’s the scary news for travelers: TWU 234, the union that represents most of SEPTA’s workforce, has voted to authorize a strike.

The better news: It won’t happen quite yet.

The union released a news release on Sunday afternoon: “Members of TWU Local 234 turned out in large numbers for a union meeting in Philadelphia today, with at least 1,500 in attendance.  Members voted unanimously to authorize union leadership to call a strike at SEPTA if necessary.” TWU president Willie Brown will hold a press conference on negotiations at 4 p.m. Monday.

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SEPTA Won’t Strike Monday

Although SEPTA union workers are expected to take a strike authorization vote on Sunday, the union is not expected to strike on Monday.

Transit Workers Union Local 234 head Willie Brown plans to call a news conference Monday at 4 p.m. to discuss the union workers’ dissatisfaction with SEPTA’s offer. The primary sticking points are health care and pensions.

“Our team has been working to reach an agreement that our members deserve,” Brown said in a statement. “But so far, management has been unwilling to reach a reasonable compromise on pensions, health care and other issues that are of serious concern to our membership.”

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SEPTA’s Biggest Union Could Strike On Monday

Photo | Ben Schumin.

Photo | Ben Schumin.

[Update 3:29 p.m. Oct. 24] TWU is believed to be unlikely to strike on Monday, but there will be a strike vote on Sunday and a press conference on Monday at 4 p.m.

[Original] TWU Local 234, the largest of the transit unions representing SEPTA employees, has announced a strike authorization meeting for Sunday, October 26th at 3:00 p.m., meaning that the thousands of subway operators, bus drivers, mechanics and cashiers who are part of the union might not show up for work on Monday morning. Read more »

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