Here Are the New SEPTA Regional Rail Schedules


SEPTA Regional Rail lines have adjusted to new schedules.

Most lines have altered weekday and Saturday and Sunday train times – meaning trains will likely leave a few minutes earlier or later than you’re used to. It’s part of the final implementation phase of Positive Train Control, a safety system meant to prevent tragedies like the 2015 Amtrak crash.

In particular, the Chestnut Hill East, Media/Elwyn, Lansdale/Doylestown, Paoli/Thorndale and West Trenton lines are seeing significant changes in the Saturday and Sunday schedules.  Read more »

The Songs That Should Win SEPTA’s Commute Playlist Contest

Photo: SEPTA

Photo: SEPTA

On Wednesday, SEPTA announced a contest — “Name That Tune” — that asks riders for the song that best represents their transit commute.

Of course, the agency’s own sample suggestions were predictably lacking: Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train” (a Seinfeld classic) and the children’s standard “Wheels on the Bus”? Come on. (However, respect must be given for shouting out Reel 2 Real’s “I Like to Move It” – an all-time ’90s club banger.)

With that in mind, we’ve put together a playlist that truly captures the ra(n)ge of experiences we’re all subjected to on SEPTA. Read more »

What I’ve Learned From Philly’s Homeless

Photo by Terryfic3D/iStock

Photo by Terryfic3D/iStock

When I tell people that I’m working on a book about the homeless, most are curious to know what I’ve discovered while tracking five homeless men and one woman in the Riverwards area of the city.

I’ve accompanied them during walks around the city and listened to their stories and complaints about store managers and the police. My book includes a number of homeless success stories: how Jesse, who used to walk in traffic with his “Anything Will Help” sign, later got off drugs and returned to school. In one chapter I tell the story of Karl and Amber. Karl once had a lucrative career as a young filmmaker in Los Angeles, got hooked on drugs, and wound up on the streets of Kensington, where Amber works as a prostitute. Read more »

SEPTA Says It’s Getting Tough on Panhandling

Expect crowded conditions on the Broad Street Line around this time every day during the convention. | Photo: Ben Schumin

Photo | Ben Schumin

SEPTA officials have introduced measures that they hope will put a stop to panhandling on subways.

Transit Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel said on Twitter that the new policies follow an uptick in complaints from passengers who say some people have been overly aggressive when asking for food and/or money on the Broad Street and Market Frankford subway lines.  Read more »

SEPTA: Complaints Down 25 Percent Since Cops Began Wearing Body Cameras

Thomas Nestel III - body cameras

SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel demonstrates how officers turn on body cameras during a press conference held in January 2016. (File photo: Dan McQuade)

Complaints against SEPTA police dropped by 25 percent in the first six months since officers began wearing body cameras, according to the first audit of the transportation organization’s $400,00 Body-Worn Camera Program, which launched in January of 2016Read more »

SEPTA Wants to “Rebuild the System” With 12-Year, $7.3B Plan

SEPTA Fourth of July Service

L: Courtesy of Anthony Cramp

SEPTA proposed an ambitious $727.2 million budget on Monday.

The funding – which would reflect an almost $180 million increase over last year’s budget, if approved – would go toward the agency’s “Rebuilding the System” initiative, a lofty plan to overhaul the city’s aging transportation infrastructure, vehicles and technology. The initiative dates back to the 2013 passage of Act 89, legislation that revamped the state’s commitment to transportation. Read more »

Are You Faster Than SEPTA?

Or you could just pay the $2.25. (Clean Air Council)

Or you could just pay the $2.25. (Clean Air Council)

Anybody who’s sat on a bus in traffic — or watched those creeping dots on the SEPTA app — has surely wondered if they’d have been better off just hoofing it.

But would you? You might have the advantage over a short distance, just by virtue of being smaller and more agile and not having to carry people. But buses have motors and don’t get tired, so the longer the race, the bigger the advantage for the machines, right?

This Wednesday, the Clean Air Council invites you to put it to the test at their annual Race the Bus race against the 21 bus. It’s a 3.1 mile race east through the city during rush hour. Starts at 40th and Chestnut. Ends with a happy hour at Plough & The Stars. Read more »

SEPTA Proposes New Fare Hikes

SEPTA Fourth of July Service

L: Courtesy of Anthony Cramp

Come July, you’ll probably have to pay a little more to take SEPTA.

The transportation organization just released fare hike proposals for the 2018 fiscal year. If the proposals secure board approval, they’ll kick in July 1st.

Potential changes include a 20 cent increase in the price of a SEPTA token – from $1.80 to $2. SEPTA cash/quick trips would rise 25 cents, from $2.25 to $2.50. Monthly Regional Rail passes could go up as much as $13.

Fare increase are typical every three years. The organization was due for a fare hike in 2016 (the last occurred in July 2013), but increases were postponed because of the SEPTA key rollout.

SEPTA will hold public hearings on the proposed fare increases starting April 19th. The organization has more information and the following proposals listed on its website:

Transit Division
Cash/Quick Trip
SEPTA Token $1.80 $2.00 NA
Cash via SEPTA Key Card NA NA $2.00
Cash Transfer Fee $1.00 $1.00 NA
Transfer Fee via SEPTA Key Card NA NA $1.00
Weekly TransPass $24.00 $25.50 $25.50
Monthly TransPass $91.00 $96.00 $96.00
Convenience Pass $8.00 $9.00 $9.00
Disabled Fare $1.00 $1.25 $1.25
PATCO Joint Fare $3.10 $3.50 $4.00
Paratransit/Shared Ride $4.00 $4.25 $4.25


Railroad Division
Weekly TrailPass Zone 1
Fare Kiosk
Weekly TrailPass Zone 2 $36.50 $39.00 $39.00 $39.00
Weekly TrailPass Zone 3 44.00 $47.00 $47.00 447.00
Weekly TrailPass Zone Anywhere $53.00 $55.75 $55.75 $55.75
Monthly TrailPass Zone 1 $101.00 $105.00 $105.00 $105.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone 2 $135.00 $144.00 $144.00 $144.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone 3 $163.00 $174.00 $174.00 $174.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone Anywhere $191.00 $204.00 $204.00 $204.00

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