Portions of Girard and Ridge Avenues to Close for Construction

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SEPTA will close portions of Girard and Ridge avenues next week for construction.

The closures are part of a trolley track replacement project.

Here are the work schedules for each street, per the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation:

Girard Avenue
  • Starting at 7 a.m. on Thursday, July 27th, Girard Avenue will close between 17th Street and 20th Street. Eastbound drivers will be detoured over Poplar Street and Broad Street. Westbound drivers will be detoured over 13th Street, Master Street, Ridge Avenue and College Avenue.
Ridge Avenue
  • Starting at 8 a.m. on Thursday, July 27th, Ridge Avenue will close between Thompson Street and Poplar Street. Northbound drivers will be detoured over 16th Street and Master Street. Southbound drivers will be detoured over Thompson Street and 17th Street.

Closures for both streets will last through Saturday, August 5th. Local access will be maintained outside the construction zone.

Slowdowns on neighboring streets are expected. SEPTA advises drivers to allow extra time when traveling near the work areas.

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SEPTA Is Changing Its Ticketing Policy at Five Regional Rail Stations

regional rail

Five SEPTA Regional Rail stations in the city will change their ticketing policy this Monday.

Between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, passengers boarding at Temple, Jefferson, Suburban Station, 30th Street Station and University City must have pre-paid fares (tickets or passes) inspected and punched by Fare Collection Personnel. Read more »

SEPTA Transit Schedules to Change for Summer

SEPTA’s summer transit schedules will kick off this Sunday and Monday.

The mostly minor adjustments are meant to accommodate seasonal ridership changes.

There will be one major change for some trolley riders, however: buses will replace all Route 15 trolleys through September 17th for a track renewal project. Construction on Girard Avenue will begin at Broad Street and progress west throughout the summer.

During that time, the inner lanes on Girard Avenue will be closed to all traffic in separate, multi-block construction areas. Side streets near construction sites will be closed to through traffic. Detours will be posted.

Below are other changes to transit schedules. More information, including a full list of summer transit schedules, is available on SEPTA’s website.

Regional Rail

A track improvement project starting Monday will prompt adjustments to late-night service for select Regional Rail trains. Some trains leaving after 9 p.m. on the following lines will be affected: Airport, Lansdale/Doylestown, Media/Elwyn, Warminster and West Trenton.

Check SEPTA’s website for details. Construction is expected to last 18 weeks.

Bus Routes

The following lines will see minor changes: Routes 4, 16, 45, 66, 93, 94, 117, 124 and 125. Changes will go into effect on Sunday (with the exception of routes 117 and 125, which switch on Monday).


Here are summer schedules for the Broad Street Line and the Broad Street Spur, effective Sunday. The Market-Frankford Line will not change.

Norristown High Speed Line

Here is the new schedule for the line, effective Monday.

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SEPTA Power Troubles Causing Regional Rail Delays

(AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma, File)

Power troubles are causing significant Regional Rail delays this morning.

SEPTA officials say the Lansdale/Doylestown, Warminster, West Trenton and Glenside Combined lines are running as much as an hour and a half late. Read more »

SEPTA’s About to Get More Expensive


Pretty soon, you’re going to have to fish a little more dough from your pocket if you want to take SEPTA.

The transportation agency just approved system-wide fare hikes that will kick in on July 1st. The increases were first proposed in March, just before SEPTA unveiled its budget plan.

Changes include a 20 cent increase in the price of a SEPTA token (from $1.80 to $2) and a 25 cent increase in cash/quick trips (from $2.25 to $2.50). Regional Rail passes will rise by as much as $13.

Before you get too frustrated, know that fare increases are typical every three years, and we’re overdue – the last occurred in 2013, and price hikes were delayed in 2016 because of the SEPTA key rollout (which went so smoothly).

Here’s a summary of the fare increases, per SEPTA’s website:
  • Cash Fare/Quick Trip: Increase from $2.25 to $2.50
  • Discounted single ride with SEPTA Key Travel Wallet/Token: From $1.80 to $2
  • Disabled Fare: From $1 to $1.25
  • Paratransit/Shared Ride: $4 to $4.25
  • Weekly TransPass: From $24 to $25.50 (up to 56 trips for one customer)
  • Monthly TransPass: From $91 to $96 (up to 240 trips for one customer)
  • Weekly TrailPasses: Currently $27.25-$53, depending on zone; Increase to $28.25-$55.75 (up to 56 trips for one customer)
  • Monthly TrailPasses: Currently $101-$191, depending on zone; Increase to $105-$204 (up to 240 trips for one customer)
  • Convenience Pass: From $8 to $9
  • Independence Pass: Individual – $12 to $13; Family – $29 to $30
  • Ten Trip Discounted Fares for Regional Rail: Currently $38-80 depending on zone; Increase to $40-$82.50. (Please note: Ten-Trip Tickets will be replaced upon implementation of the SEPTA Key)
  • Parking: Regional Rail surface lot daily parking fee will increase from $1 to $1.25 with implementation of the SEPTA Key. Surface lot monthly permits will increase from $20 to $25.
Here are hikes by railroad division:
Railroad Division Current Proposed SEPTA Key Fare Kiosk
Weekly TrailPass Zone 1 $27.25 $28.25 $28.25 $28.25
Weekly TrailPass Zone 2 $36.50 $39.00 $39.00 $39.00
Weekly TrailPass Zone 3 $44.00 $47.00 $47.00 $47.00
Weekly TrailPass Zone Anywhere $53.00 $55.75 $55.75 $55.75
Monthly TrailPass Zone 1 $101.00 $105.00 $105.00 $105.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone 2 $135.00 $144.00 $144.00 $144.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone 3 $163.00 $174.00 $174.00 $174.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone Anywhere $191.00 $204.00 $204.00 $204.00

The full details of the fare hikes are posted online.

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Why Do People Need to Be Shamed Into Having Good Subway Manners?

Earlier this week, I was taking my usual morning SEPTA ride on the Market-Frankord line — arguably the least enjoyable part of my day for myriad reasons — when, as I shuffled onto the packed rush-hour train, I saw a man sitting in one seat and using the second seat as a sort of ottoman, with his leg sprawled across it. Like the El train was his freakin’ living room. Meanwhile, I was standing with my face directly in someone else’s armpit. Needless to say, this enraged me.

But there’s subway rudeness that affects a woman in her 20s who appears perfectly capable of standing (offensive, but not wildly so), and then there’s subway rudeness that affects a woman growing a tiny human inside of them, or an elderly person lugging their groceries home on the subway.

The sad truth: I have witnessed plenty of this kind of subway rudeness, too.

Read more »

Broad Street Line Delayed After Person Struck on Track

Photo | Flickr user Paul Sableman under a Creative Commons license

A person was struck by a train this morning on SEPTA’s Broad Street Line.

The incident occurred early this morning at the BSL’s Ellsworth-Federal stop in South Philadelphia.

Service has resumed at the station after a temporary shutdown this morning, but the transportation agency said to expect residual delays and crowded conditions throughout the day.   Read more »

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