Route 23 Split Goes Into Effect Sunday

Photo: Courtesy of SEPTA

Photo: Courtesy of SEPTA

Anyone who has used Route 23, the busiest of SEPTA’s surface bus routes, knows that the schedule is often an approximation. Heavy traffic, both in the form of riders and other vehicles in the buses’ path, causes frequent delays and bunching on the line.

SEPTA has had a fix for this problem on its To-Do list for several years now. This Sunday, the fix takes effect when new Route 45 officially begins service. (And no, the Nos. 23 and 45 do not reference Michael Jordan’s old numbers.Read more »

WATCH: Mayor Nutter Joins Inky Staff for Air Guitar Video

Here’s the Inquirer staff — joined by an incredibly game Mayor Nutter — playing air guitar to a classic ZZ Top song.

The video is part of the Rock Out Brain Tumors Challenge to raise money and awareness for brain tumors. You can make donations to the National Brain Tumor Society here. The Daily News started the wave of air guitar videos last week, when it made its own to honor Gar Joseph, the paper’s city editor who is being treated for such tumors. Read more »

SEPTA, City Unveil Fancy New Bus Shelter Design

Photo | Sandy Smith

Photo | Sandy Smith

Mayor Michael Nutter, City Council President Darrell Clarke, SEPTA general manager Jeff Knueppel and Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities director Denise Goren all gathered at the northeast corner of Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue in North Philadelphia at 11 a.m. this morning to take the wraps off what may be the most useful and attractive piece of street furniture ever to grace Philadelphia’s streets.

That would be the new bus shelters that Intersection, an “urban experience” firm formed by the merger of urban technology design firm Control Group and the Titan advertising company, will install and maintain at more than 600 bus stops across the city. Read more »

Navy Yard Subway Extension Update: Funding for New Feasibility Study Secured


From left: Sen. Pat Toomey, John Dougherty, Sen. Bob Casey. Photos | Sandy Smith

“I’ll be back only when I can ride a train from City Hall here,” U.S. Rep. Bob Brady (D-1st District) told the assembled dignitaries and construction workers at this morning’s news conference announcing that Federal funding had been secured for a new feasibility study for the planned Broad Street Subway extension to the Navy Yard.

The Congressman will have to wait a while longer for that train, for despite the tone sounded by the elected officials who spoke at the conference, there are still some more hurdles to clear before shovels can be stuck in the ground. Read more »

SEPTA Opening First New Train Station in 20 Years

SEPTA - 9th Street Lansdale stop

Map via SEPTA

Montgomery County rail riders, rejoice! This Sunday, SEPTA is opening a new regional rail station. The Lansdale/Doylestown Line will begin operating on a new schedule this Sunday to accommodate the new 9th Street Lansdale Station.

Sunday’s open is a “soft open.” SEPTA has released supplemental schedules to alert riders of the change; many trains will leave Doylestown slightly earlier.

“It is very exciting to be opening a new station, SEPTA’s first in nearly 20 years,” SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel said. “We are inviting everyone in the area to come and try it.” Read more »

SEPTA Is Buying 13 New Locomotives for $113 Million

New SEPTA locomotives

Image via Siemens

SEPTA announced today it has formally awarded Siemens a $113 million contract to build 13 new locomotives, for delivery in 2018.

“The purchase of these new locomotives is the first of several new vehicle purchases which are part of SEPTA’s Building the Future program,” SEPTA General Manager Jeff Knueppel told Railway Gazette. “We are looking forward their arrival to help provide faster and more reliable regional rail service for our rapidly-growing ridership.” Read more »

SEPTA on Temple-Cecil B. Moore Station Flap: “We Made a Mistake”


Workers install the signage in August. Screenshot | Temple/YouTube

The Cecil B. Moore stop on the Broad Street Line has been the subject of some embarrassment for SEPTA officials over the past couple weeks.

The balled up remnants of the ads. Photo | Margo Reed, The Temple News

The balled up remnants of the ads sit outside the station. Photo | Margo Reed, The Temple News

Cherry-colored decals coating the station — both at street level and underground —were mysteriously removed two weekends ago following outcry from civil rights activists. According to SEPTA officials, the Cecil B. Moore Freedom Fighters took issue with the ads. They felt that they were over-the-top and — without signage on the street level indicating the actual name of the station — overshadowed the station’s namesake, a 1960s Philadelphia Civil Rights icon. Read more »

SEPTA Spokeswoman Jerri Williams Plots New Career: Crime Novelist

Jerri Williams | Twitter

Jerri Williams | Twitter

Jerri Williams enjoyed writing her first novel. But what she didn’t like about it was what it cost her.

“This first book, I really gave up my social life,” Williams says. “My brain was a little bit too fried to write in the evening, but every weekend, that’s what I did. I didn’t go anywhere, didn’t do anything. I just got up and started writing.”

Eventually, Williams finished her first novel, a crime thriller set in Philadelphia. And now that she’s found an agent who is attempting to sell the book, she’s leaving her job as as spokeswoman for SEPTA later this month. After she retires on November 25th, she’ll begin writing her second novel: This time, on weekdays.

Williams stresses she isn’t taking a big risk with this career change. “When I’m typing my second book, I will be sitting on a cushion of a federal law enforcement pension and a house with no mortgage,” she says.

Crime fiction makes sense for Williams: Before she came to SEPTA as director of media relations, she had a long career with the FBI. Her last six years were in media relations, but before that she was a fraud investigator in the Philadelphia area. She was on the team that took down the infamous Foundation for New Era Philanthropy ponzi scheme. Read more »

Former SEPTA Deputy Police Chief Sues Secretary of State John Kerry, Others

Former SEPTA Deputy Police Chief David Scott (top center), pictured with City Councilwoman Cindy Bass, City Councilman David Oh, and SEPTA police officers in a 2012 SEPTA photo.

Former SEPTA Deputy Police Chief David Scott (top center), pictured with City Councilwoman Cindy Bass, City Councilman David Oh, and SEPTA police officers in a 2012 SEPTA photo.

David Scott was a SEPTA transit police officer for over 30 years and served as deputy SEPTA police chief for over 18 years. After retiring a few years ago, he consulted with the United States government on anti-terrorism, and now he is suing Secretary of State John Kerry and others, claiming he is the victim of racial discrimination. Read more »

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