SEPTA Wants to “Rebuild the System” With 12-Year, $7.3B Plan

SEPTA Fourth of July Service

L: Courtesy of Anthony Cramp

SEPTA proposed an ambitious $727.2 million budget on Monday.

The funding – which would reflect an almost $180 million increase over last year’s budget, if approved – would go toward the agency’s “Rebuilding the System” initiative, a lofty plan to overhaul the city’s aging transportation infrastructure, vehicles and technology. The initiative dates back to the 2013 passage of Act 89, legislation that revamped the state’s commitment to transportation. Read more »

Are You Faster Than SEPTA?

Or you could just pay the $2.25. (Clean Air Council)

Or you could just pay the $2.25. (Clean Air Council)

Anybody who’s sat on a bus in traffic — or watched those creeping dots on the SEPTA app — has surely wondered if they’d have been better off just hoofing it.

But would you? You might have the advantage over a short distance, just by virtue of being smaller and more agile and not having to carry people. But buses have motors and don’t get tired, so the longer the race, the bigger the advantage for the machines, right?

This Wednesday, the Clean Air Council invites you to put it to the test at their annual Race the Bus race against the 21 bus. It’s a 3.1 mile race east through the city during rush hour. Starts at 40th and Chestnut. Ends with a happy hour at Plough & The Stars. Read more »

SEPTA Proposes New Fare Hikes

SEPTA Fourth of July Service

L: Courtesy of Anthony Cramp

Come July, you’ll probably have to pay a little more to take SEPTA.

The transportation organization just released fare hike proposals for the 2018 fiscal year. If the proposals secure board approval, they’ll kick in July 1st.

Potential changes include a 20 cent increase in the price of a SEPTA token – from $1.80 to $2. SEPTA cash/quick trips would rise 25 cents, from $2.25 to $2.50. Monthly Regional Rail passes could go up as much as $13.

Fare increase are typical every three years. The organization was due for a fare hike in 2016 (the last occurred in July 2013), but increases were postponed because of the SEPTA key rollout.

SEPTA will hold public hearings on the proposed fare increases starting April 19th. The organization has more information and the following proposals listed on its website:

Transit Division
Cash/Quick Trip
SEPTA Token $1.80 $2.00 NA
Cash via SEPTA Key Card NA NA $2.00
Cash Transfer Fee $1.00 $1.00 NA
Transfer Fee via SEPTA Key Card NA NA $1.00
Weekly TransPass $24.00 $25.50 $25.50
Monthly TransPass $91.00 $96.00 $96.00
Convenience Pass $8.00 $9.00 $9.00
Disabled Fare $1.00 $1.25 $1.25
PATCO Joint Fare $3.10 $3.50 $4.00
Paratransit/Shared Ride $4.00 $4.25 $4.25


Railroad Division
Weekly TrailPass Zone 1
Fare Kiosk
Weekly TrailPass Zone 2 $36.50 $39.00 $39.00 $39.00
Weekly TrailPass Zone 3 44.00 $47.00 $47.00 447.00
Weekly TrailPass Zone Anywhere $53.00 $55.75 $55.75 $55.75
Monthly TrailPass Zone 1 $101.00 $105.00 $105.00 $105.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone 2 $135.00 $144.00 $144.00 $144.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone 3 $163.00 $174.00 $174.00 $174.00
Monthly TrailPass Zone Anywhere $191.00 $204.00 $204.00 $204.00

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A Majority of SEPTA Bus Routes Are Suspended

47M bus - snow

Photo | Dan McQuade

SEPTA has suspended all but 35 of its bus routes due to the winter storm today, general manager Jeff Knueppel said at a press conference this afternoon.

“This storm has really become more about sleet and freezing rain than snow totals,” he told reporters at a presser at 1234 Market Street, SEPTA headquarters. “Icing of overhead wires and third rail and slippery road conditions have created significant service impacts.”

Those impacts initially caused SEPTA to suspend 88 of its 123 bus routes today at midday; some have come back online in the meantime. The Norristown High-Speed Line was also suspended, but service resumed after 1 p.m. The Route 101 and 102 trolleys are currently suspended.

The bus routes that are running tend to connect to the SEPTA lines that are running: The Green Line trolley routes are running, as are the Broad Street Subway and Market-Frankford Line. Regional Rail is operating on an “enhanced Saturday schedule,” with delays expected. Read more »

SEPTA Key Travel Wallet Expansion Begins Monday

SEPTA Key with City Hall in the background

SEPTA Key has been out in the wild for a while now, but it still seems to be in beta test phase. You can put weekly and monthly TransPasses on a SEPTA Key, but the Travel Wallet feature has been limited.

Now, the rollout begins. SEPTA announced on Thursday that it will begin increasing the Travel Wallet availability starting on Monday and continuing throughout the month. You will be able to buy new SEPTA Keys at kiosks at various stations as the rollout goes on.

SEPTA has released a list of which stations will begin offering SEPTA Key purchases on which date. You can buy SEPTA Key Travel Wallets at kiosks at those stations once the functionality is added. You’ll be able to add funds to your Travel Wallets at those kiosks, too.

The functionality is even being added to major bus loop junctions throughout the month as well. Once you have a Key, getting on buses, trolleys and subways is easy: You just tap at the fare box or turnstile and go. No more trying to remember where you left those tokens! Read more »

Two SEPTA El Trains Collide Near 69th Street Station

Two trains on SEPTA’s Market-Frankford El line collided this morning at 69th Street Station.

The crash happened sometime around 8:30. SEPTA says two “non-revenue” (not-in-service) trains were involved in an accident. About 18 cars were involved in the collision, six of which derailed. Police say the collision was not head-on; one train struck another from the rear, which led to a third train becoming involved. Read more »

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