Property’s Selfies: Allan Domb, Carl Dranoff and a Few Surprises

Allan Domb, City Council candidate.

Allan Domb, City Council candidate.

Did you know the world’s first selfie was (probably) taken in Philadelphia in 1839? In honor of the most historic month in American history (thanks again, Founding Fathers!), we’ve dedicated an entire cover and section of July’s Philadelphia magazine to the movers and shakers of the city in which a photographic phenomenon was born (albeit inadvertently) over 175 years ago. Without further adieu, here now are the selfies from Philly’s real estate, development and design world.

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Selfies with Philly’s Most Prominent Business People

Selfies - Business

Like it or not, selfies are a huge part of pop culture — and nobody’s too cool to take one, even Philly’s most prominent business people. For the July issue of Philadelphia magazine, we asked some of the most well-known Philadelphians to submit a selfie, and plenty of business folks obliged.

There’s master developer Carl Dranoff posing with a model of one of his buildings; Philadelphia Zoo president and CEO Vik Dewan with an eight-year-old male giraffe; La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael with Pat Croce at his Fishtown flagship coffee house; and Kelly Boyd of KB Consultants with her cute dog.

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