Video: Animal-Rights Activists Mistakenly Use Prey Drone to Monitor Pigeon Shoot

A video-enabled drone attempting to monitor a pigeon shoot in Berks County allegedly suffered an intentionally-aimed-buckshot-related midair malfunction on Sunday — for the fourth time. Animal-rights group SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) promises video of the incident soon, but in the meantime, it probably looks pretty much like the last time one of their drones met some unexpected flying metal:

VIDEO: Allentown QB Nails Ref’s Noggin, Goes Viral

Allentown’s Quentin Williams, the quarterback at Dieruff High, started off his team’s season last weekend with both a lowlight and a highlight. The lowlight? His team lost, extending its winless streak to 31 games. The highlight? Check out the video above—Williams launches a pretty pass, but it doesn’t end up in the arms of a receiver. Instead, it nails a referee in the noggin. No, Williams didn’t mean to hit the ref in the head. But is any sports fan going to blame him if he enjoyed it just a tiny bit? The good news? Video of the feat had been viewed 117,000 times as of Friday afternoon. [Yahoo]

Jonah Lehrer, Bob Dylan, Hubris, Penises and Me

So depending on whom you ask, the abrupt downfall of New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer—who was recently revealed first to have self-plagiarized (which sounds way more exciting and somehow dirtier than it really is) and then to have fabricated quotes from Bob Dylan in his best-selling book Imagine: How Creativity Works—can be laid at the feet of hubris, sexism, carelessness, laziness, pressure to produce, or the fact that he just isn’t a very good writer. Me, I dunno exactly what he’s guilty of. But he sure makes me glad I’m old. Where Lehrer went wrong, it seems to me, was in becoming a boy genius. There is nothing in the world so annoying and aggravating as a boy genius—particularly to other boys who think they’re geniuses (genii?), too. Read more »

Junior Seau Killed Football

Junior Seau didn’t just commit suicide last week. He probably killed football itself.

Now, to be sure, both pro and college teams will take the field next fall, and they’ll do so in packed stadiums and to awesome TV ratings. The death Seau inflicted on his sport won’t work quite as fast as the bullet he put in his own chest—football is simply too popular and profitable to disappear overnight. It will take years, and perhaps decades. But it is coming.

And for good reason. Football—it seems abundantly clear now—kills its players. And as Seau’s death may yet prove, it even kills its biggest and brightest stars. Read more »

Dwight Howard Isn’t the First NBA Star to Make Crazy Demands

Back when the NBA trade deadline was approaching, and ridiculous rumors were circulating throughout the media like so many wishful thoughts, someone floated the idea that the Sixers might be able to acquire Orlando’s Dwight Howard for a package that perhaps included Andre Iguodala and an autographed Dr. J jersey.

It’s too bad it didn’t happen, even if it was all crazy speculation. Howard may be at the forefront of the league’s toxic new trend, in which star players who have never won anything of note hold franchises hostage, demand the ouster of coaches and generally wreak havoc with the whole operation, but it’s better to have a marketable player whining like a little kid than a bunch of marginally talented players bitching about the coach–and sinking ever deeper into mediocrity. Read more »

Best Political F@#$-Ups of 2011

One thing everyone loves more than lists? Watching politicians step in their own poo. Lucky for us there was a lot of that going on in 2011—enough to make a list actually.

Weiner’s johnson
The media just can’t seem to get enough of Anthony Weiner.  Seven months after the New York congressman self-destructed following his admission that he tweeted and texted photos of his crotch to at least six women and then blamed it on a hacker, the New York Post reported yesterday that the randy Democrat told Georgia cheerleading coach Traci Noble that he wanted to have a threesome with her and another man. Oh, and he also masturbated in his congressional washroom. His buff pecs notwithstanding, Weiner is definitely not a man whose hands I want touching my legislation. I’m thinking he should have accepted that job offer from Larry Flynt. Read more »

Philadelphia’s Worst People of 2011

Sure. Accused pederast Jerry Sandusky contributed plenty of headlines in 2011, but State College is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from these parts. And we’ve got plenty of our own creeps, miscreants, and, well, just people we don’t like very much to go around. Here, in absolutely no particular order, the people who contributed the most to Philly’s bad PR over the last year.

1. John Bolaris
The associate-degreed weatherman would have been appropriate fodder for a worst of list prior to last week’s suspension, and we’re still a little foggy on why he bothered to come back after his five-year Storm of the Century exile in the first place. We really don’t care about the weather or his lack of credibility in reporting it. We just think that he’s a real, well, a real prick. Read more »

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