Residents Set Their Sights on The Mantua Greenway

Loved having these local youth out for the Mantua Ave clean-up! #youngstewards #phillies #getoutside

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What began as one local’s personal garden has blossomed into one of Mantua’s more transformative community projects. According to Dan Eldridge on the Local Initiatives Support Corporation blog, the West Philly neighborhood will eventually enjoy its own biking and walking trail that connects to the Schuylkill Trail system. Upon reaching completion, the greenway is expected to have murals and art installations.

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11 Reasons We Are So Stinkin’ Excited for Warm Weather in Philly

warm weather

We are now officially four days into spring, but Mother Nature doesn’t appear to care one lick. And since we’re due to get more snow tomorrow (just a dusting, but still), I would like to say for the Internet Record that I am sick to death of being cold. I won’t go all the way and wish for full-on, 1,000-percent humidity summer weather, as my sister-in-law has done, but I’ll gladly take anything over 50 degrees at this point. Is that so much to ask?

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