Philadelphia’s Top Food Trucks

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Night Markets aren’t the only time to visit food trucks.

Sure, Philly is going through a serious restaurant boom right now. But we’re also living in a golden age of food trucks. Offering everything from pierogis to macarons to cheesesteaks to tater tots covered in beer cheese, these are some of the best trucks cruising the city right now. Read more »

Lambertville Nitefare: A Food Truck Festival For All


This Thursday, June 12th, Lambertville, New Jersey, is hosting Nitefare, their first food truck festival. The free, public event runs from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will be filled with food, food, and more food. Top Lambertville restaurants will be featured along with food trucks from the Philadelphia area and a Yards Beer Garden.

The Cow and The Curd will also be serving up, for the first time, its poutine, a dish that includes hand cut fries, gravy, fresh cheddar curds and hand chopped bacon to top it all off. Other food trucks include Say Cheese, Nomad Pizza, and Sweet Box. And as you eat your way through the festival, be sure to keep your ears open for the live music going on at every corner. The event will be held on four blocks of North Union Street from Bridge to York Street.

Nitefare [Official]

Foobooz Six Pack: Stuffed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Put down the white bread and step away from the Kraft singles—we’ve found a list of stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches so loaded and gluttonous that they definitely aren’t your average comfort food must-haves.

These aren’t your mom’s grilled cheeses, and you know what? They aren’t even sandwiches you want to tell your mom about because you know she’ll start jabbering about silly things like cholesterol and pesky little heart attacks.

These sandwiches, stuffed with multiple meats and cheeses and standard menu items squished together between different breads slathered with different types of butters and sauces, are stuffed with a dictionary of culinary bad words: fat, bacon, cheese, grilled, fried, baked, crispy, oozing, dripping, melting…

You don’t have to be in a bad mood to eat them, but you’ll definitely feel happier once you’ve started in on any of these six stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches:

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Best Buy Wants to Buy You Lunch

Today, the Best Buy on Columbus Boulevard in South Philadelphia is offering a Lunch Break Fast Break. Best Buy is hosting the Street Food and Say Cheese food trucks. And starting at 11:30 a.m. the first 200 customers at the Best Buy will be treated to free lunch.

Customers will also receive a mystery Best Buy gift card valued between $10 and $250.

Today’s Food Trucks at The Porch

Today at The Porch at 30th Street Station there will be a Farmer’s Market from 11 a.m.-to 2 p.m. Local vendors in attendance include Freshapeel Hummus, McCann’s Farm, Mompops, and MyHouse Cookies.

As we let you know last week in our food truck guide, four Philly food trucks show up at the Farmer’s Market each week. Today’s trucks include Zea May’s Kitchen, Spot Burger, Say Cheese, and Nomad Pizza.

The Porch Farmer’s Market [Official Site]

Foobooz TV: Making A Better Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So a couple days ago, we had this idea… What with the monthly Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Ups we’re hosting at Cook being such a success, why not use the opportunity to do a little educational outreach for the people of Philadelphia. We have chefs. We have cooking equipment. We have supplies. So why not collect some recipes?

Better yet, why not just videotape the chefs doing what they do best so that all the rest of you Fooboozers out there can try and replicate the techniques at home?

So that’s what we did. We rolled up in the Foobooz Full Team Coverage news van (yeah, we have a van. And it’s got a picture of an awesome wizard on the side, rabbit-punching a dragon to death in the middle of a lightning storm), buttonholed Alan from Say Cheese (and his dad), and demanded that he make us one of his new specials: The Suzanna Banana, named after his mother (which is weird because we had no idea his mom’s last name was banana…).

Show me the video

About Last Night: A Food Truck Pop-Up At Cook (With Pictures!)

There are three things that need to be said right up front about last night’s Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Up at Cook.

Thing 1: We should do a food truck pop-up every month because, apparently, working entirely from a truck that could be quickly overturned by an angry mob turned insane by bland tacos or bad cupcakes makes a person into a fast cook, a skillful talker and a person who cooks cheeseburgers or roti like their lives depended on it.

Thing 2: Speaking of roti, I could eat the Trinidadian roti from Mini Trini at every meal, every day for a month and not feel like I was missing out on anything at all. As a matter of fact, I would feel bad for the rest of you chumps who only got to eat caviar, lobster tails and pie all day.

Thing 3: Next time I have to leave one of these events early, I’m making the guy doing dessert go first.

Oh, and one more. Apparently, if you can steal borrow a good enough bottle of vodka from under the counter, virtually any drink you mix will cause a group of strangers to think that you are a gifted bartender–even when, if fact, you are just a food writer who happened to tend a little bar at swingers parties in the basement of a Chinese restaurant a hundred years ago. But I digress…

Show me some pictures

Quick Bites: Sardine Bar Sets Another Opening Date, New Nightclub & 2nd Yogorino

American Sardine Bar has launched a Facebook page, Twitter account and web site splash page. Each of them promise an October 2011 opening.

HughE Dillon covers the opening of Rumor, Philadelphia’s newest nightclub. [Philly Chit Chat]

A second Yogorino is in the works for near Marabella Meatball Co. on the 1200 block of Walnut Street. [Meal Ticket]

Local brewers Flying Fish, Sly Fox and Troegs are all investing in expanding capacity. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

It appears that New York Bagel & Co. is taking over the vacant Dairy Queen on the 500 block of South Street. [Naked Philly]

Keith Taylor of Zachary’s BBQ in Norristown is opening two new spaces in Philadelphia. Look for Soul Cucinas near Temple and Jefferson University. [The Insider]

Say what, another food truck? Say yes, this one is Say Cheese, a grilled cheese truck serving Temple University. [Around Philly]