Plenty Dropping Its Tasso Ham Panini


Plenty, which recently expanded to 1602 Spruce Street is tweaking its menu. And to shock to myself and I’m sure many others, the tasso ham sandwich is coming off the menu.

The house cured and smoked pork shoulder is smothered in Cayenne dry rub, Creole mayo and gruyere pressed on a French roll. The sandwich definitely packs some heat and that has been cited as the reasoning for the sandwich’s removal from the menu.

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Bo Ssam Banh Mi Debuts Today at Rotisseur

bo-ssam-banh-mi-rotisseurRotisseur is rolling out a new sandwich today. The Bo Ssam Banh Mi includes slow roasted, all natural, Duroc pork shoulder, Dijon slaw, pickled pineapple, cilantro and jalapeño. The sandwich goes for $10.

Owner Aaron Matzkin is excited for the new sandwich, calling it “a winner.”

Rotisseur [Foobooz]

Where We’re Eating: Wursthaus Schmitz

Wursthaus Schmitz | Photo by Mike Persico

Wursthaus Schmitz | Photo by Mike Persico

When it comes to modernizing a cuisine, German has got to be one of the most challenging. There’s likely very little on the menu at any German restaurant in the country in 2013 that wouldn’t also have appeared on the menu of the local wursthaus in, say, 1587. And yet modernizing this almost elementally historic cuisine is exactly what chef Jeremy Nolen set out to do, both at Brauhaus Schmitz on South Street and now at Wursthaus Schmitz at Reading Terminal. Yes, you can still get potato salad here. And headcheese by the pound. And delicious sausages with ridiculous names. But you can also order sandwiches, and for some reason, even though they’re based on traditional combinations, every one of them—from the Bavarian, with its coleslaw and horseradish sauce, to the goulash-dripping Hungarian and the Lyoner (which is basically just a fried baloney sandwich with a passport)—feels like something wholly and completely new.

Wursthaus Schmitz
Reading Terminal Market
12th and Arch Streets

Rybrew Is Now Open


Here’s a shot of the slick interior of Rybrew, which opened today at 2816 W Girard Avenue. The beer and sandwich shop from the team behind Rybread in Fairmount, offers sandwiches, coffee, treats and beer.

Rybrew [Official Site]

Rybrew Is Opening Soon


UPDATE: Rybread was initially aiming for a Wednesday opening but have posted that it looks like the opening will be Monday, July 22.

Rybrew, the Brewerytown beer shop from the team behind Fairmount’s Rybread is aiming to open this Wednesday, July 17th Monday, July 22. The shop passed its LCB inspection on Thursday and has been busy stocking its shelves since.

In addition to beer, Rybrew will also offer coffee, made-to-order sandwiches, salads and fresh baked treats.

2816 Girard Avenue

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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