Mimi Imfurst on Life After RuPaul’s Drag Race

Image provided by Mimi Imfurst. Photography by Jamin Ruhren.

Image provided by Mimi Imfurst. Photography by Jamin Ruhren.

It’s been a while. How’s life been, girl?
Busy busy busy! Between finishing up this album and producing the upcoming Divas of Drag Tour, mamma’s got a full plate! But I wouldn’t have it any other way — I love the work I do. I love creating both art and opportunities.

While maintaining a busy performance schedule, how were you able to juggle recording this album with true commitment?
I’ve been hard at work writing and recording The Fire over the last year. It was important to get the right songs and that each one was done right. I didn’t want an album with one or two singles and a bunch of filler. Every song has to be good. Patience has paid off, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s been a lot of long days and a very busy schedule — but I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Read more »

RuPaw’s Drag Race Is Better Than a Million Cat Videos

From Instagram: @rupaws_drag_race

From Instagram: @rupaws_drag_race

Sometimes I trip upon things on the interwebs that are utterly brilliant: This is one of them.

Even if you are not a religious follower of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’ll still get a total kick out of this funny-as-heck Instagram account that turns poor innocent cats into drag queens. What’s it called? Well, @RuPaws_Drag_Race, of course, which features “handmade kitty queen couture.” Whatever. I just call it hysterical.

I pulled some of my favorite cat transformations below, and I’m pretty sure no kitties were harmed in the process. You can check out the entire account by clicking here. Read more »

LISTEN: Courtney Act Releases New Single “Ecstasy”

Photo of Courtney Act by Magnus Hastings

Photo of Courtney Act by Magnus Hastings

Aussie RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 alum Courtney Act released the first single from her forthcoming debut LP Kaleidoscope today via Billboard.

The pop number is called “Ecstasy,” and Act says it was “inspired by a euphoric night of dancing at Burning Man a few years ago.” It kind of puts you in mind of fellow Australian native and gay icon Kylie Minogue, which is fitting, because William Baker, creative director of many a Kylie video, directed the song’s video two weeks ago in London. That’s due out June 1st.

Kaleidoscope is a seven-song album that finds her collaborating with Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears. It’s scheduled to drop July 7th. Hear the track in the video below. You can buy it on Amazon, or on a pay-what-you-can basis here.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Babe Pearl Coming to Voyeur

pearl drag race

Last night, at her weekly amateur drag event Cash 4 Queens, Mimi Imfurst announced that season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite Pearl will be coming to Voyeur in a few weeks.

“Pearl has been one of the most sought-after Drag Race girls and it’s exciting to introduce her to Philly for the first time,” Imfurst told me before making this pretty big prediction: “If I was a betting woman, I would put my money on Pearl as the winner of season 7.” She told me producers are making it look like Ginger Minj is the obvious choice, but she think they’re setting us up for a big surprise. “I know how they do things around there.”

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Which Philly RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Party is Best For You?

Only a week away from the premiere of the seventh season RuPaul’s Drag Race, and local gay bars are coming out of the woodworks announcing weekly viewing parties. The Gayborhood has been playing host to these types of parties for several years, but this year’s options seem to be especially prolific. Which one better suits you? We’ve put together a guide to sashay you in the right direction.

If You Always Root for the Comedy Queen

10888698_10155241710505344_7892173342251948343_nJosh Schonewolf’s weekly event at Victoria Freehouse will suit you for two reasons: It’s located outside the Gayborhood (because you’re such an outsider), and it’s hosted by two of the city’s funniest drag divas, Bev and Aurora Whorealis. Schonewolf will be bartending while the queens banter and perform during commercial breaks. The debut event features special guest star Sutton Fearce. Mondays, 8:30 pm, free, Victoria Freehouse, 10 South Front Street. 

If You Want to Watch With Future Drag Race Contestants

I’m gonna catch some flack for this, but Satine Harlow is made for Drag Race. If she’d turn in that application, she’d be in line to be one of the series’ best villains. She and her big-boobed pal Navaya Shay will be hosting a viewing party every Monday at Woody’s, with drink specials and puh-lenty of T and shade.  Mondays, 9 pm, free, Woody’s, 202 South 13th Street. 

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Queens From New Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Coming to Philly for a Sneak Peek at Season 7

rupauls drag race season 7

By now you’ve probably heard that Logo has finally told us when they’re going to air season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race: March 2nd at 9 p.m.!

There are also some exciting new details emerging, like the fact that Queer Eye For the Straight Guy‘s Carson Kressley and Chelsea Lately‘s Ross Matthews will join Michelle and Ru on the judges’ panel. And the lineup of celebrity guest judges is pretty rad: Ariana Grande, Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, John Waters, Kathy Griffin, Olivia Newton-John, Alyssa Milano, Kat Dennings, Jordin Sparks, Mel B, Tamar Braxton, Rebecca Romijn, Santino Rice, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Urie, Rachael Harris, Lucian Piane and Merle Ginsberg. Whew!

To build hype, the new cast of season 7 will be coming to Philadelphia to host an evening of performance and an advance screening of the first episode. They’re be at the Trocadero on Tuesday, February 24th—exactly a week before the  March 3 debut.

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GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to See Adore Delano at TLA on January 8th


It’s hard to pick a favorite from last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but admit it, it’s probably Adore (aka Danny Noriega). Yes, Bianca’s a force of nature, and Courtney is just so damn pretty and talented, but nobody just doesn’t give a fuck quite like Adore. And that’s why we’re crazy about her.

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GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to See Bianca Del Rio in “Rolodex of Hate”

Photos by Magnus Hastings

Photos by Magnus Hastings

If you watched Bianca Del Rio last season on RuPaul’s Drag Race, you could see that the queen—known for her sharp tongue and reads that would put Barnes and Noble to shame—is as kind as they come. She emanates warmth, she helps young queens in need, and she’s respectful. Case in point? She rang me five minutes before our scheduled phone interview this week. Early?! A drag queen?! Unheard of!

But it seems like that gentleness kind of stops when she struts out on stage, eye lashes batting, hand on hip. There she’s fiery. She’ll cut a bitch. She’ll probably even offend a few Asians. That’s her schtick, and frankly, that’s why we love her. We marvel at her quick wit, and wonder how in the hell she’s so spot-on every time. Perhaps she’ll divulge a few pointers when she brings her latest traveling show, “Rolodex of Hate,” to Philly’s TLA on December 10th.

She explains the show as being “a one-hour standup comedy special where I discuss situations and parts of my life that brought me to where I am today. I discuss who I am as a person, and how I became this little nugget of hate.”

Here are a few other things we chatted about (if you’re here solely for the ticket giveaway, scroll all the way to the bottom):

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Rapid Fire Questions With Bianca Del Rio: America’s Next Drag Superstar On Her New Movie, Being Famous, and Her Favorite Philly Venue

hurricane bianca del rio

What has Bianca Del Rio been up to since being crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar? Besides touring the globe with the rest of her Drag Race counterparts, she and her cute-as-hell bestie Matt Kugelman are partnering up on a film entitled Hurricane Bianca. The sure-to-be-camp-classic tells the story of a queer man who takes revenge on a small town in the South after being fired for being gay. His revenge? Returning as Bianca, a bitchy queen, who, true to form, is ready to read that town to filth.

The film is in crowd-funding stage as we speak. We caught up with Del Rio and Kugelman recently for more details on the project. We also shot Bianca a series of rapid-fire questions, where she reveals all kinds of personal anecdotes, including her thoughts on Voyeur.

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