Aerial Photo of Reading Viaduct Gives Runners Something to Daydream About

Earlier this spring, on one of the first really warm days of the year, I was locking my bike up near the base of the Reading Viaduct, the foot of the planned Rail Park and the spot where a PHS pop-up beer garden sits now. As I looked up from my U-Lock, I spotted a runner casually squeeze through a hole in the fence to the elevated rail line, the length of which is currently overgrown with weeds, and keep on running. I thought, Man, that girl is really desperate to run somewhere besides the grey, concrete streets of Callowhill. But hey, we’ve all been there, right?

So when I woke up this morning and saw an awesome aerial photo of the Reading Viaduct — slated to make up a chunk of the planned Rail Park, a three-mile linear park currently in the fundraising phase — I began daydreaming, for myself and for this fellow runner, about green, red-light-free (weeds-free!) city runs along a transformed elevated rail line. Read more »

Outdoor Activities in Philly: The Ultimate Outdoors Cheat Sheet for Summer

Outdoor Activities in Philadelphia: Belmont Plateau, a perfect picnic and running spot

Belmont Plateau, a perfect picnic and running spot | Photo by Flickr user Rich Lee

Trust us: We know how easy it is to get stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy episode after Grey’s Anatomy episode while sprawled out in front of the air conditioner on a hot summer day. So to make sure you have no excuses for wasting your summer stuck indoors, we’ve put together this cheat sheet full of outdoor activities in and around Philly, from outdoor yoga options to waterfall-filled hikes to Shore runs to picnic spots. The goal? To give you endless hours of outdoor fun right at your fingertips. Print it out, paste it on your fridge with a big sign that screams “SAY NO TO NETFLIX!” and squeeze the most out of your summer in Philly.

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5 Healthy Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day in Philly

Sure, you’re probably prepared to indulge in the dinner of your dad’s choice this Sunday night, but for those of you who want to get the celebrations started a little earlier, why not begin the day with one of these five father-focused fitness events (try saying that five times fast)? From a 5K to a free boot camp with post-workout booze, there’s bound to be something you can rope your pops into. Read more »

The Checkup: Why You Should Stop Drinking Your Coffee Piping Hot, Stat

• Good news, coffee addicts of the world: Yesterday, the World Health Organization officially took coffee off of its list of possible carcinogens, which it’s been on since 1991, and said that drinking coffee could actually protect against a number of cancers. That said, researchers did note that, surprisingly, drinking coffee—or any beverage, for that matter—when it’s super hot could contribute to esophageal cancer, so make sure to let your java cool before you sip! [New York Times] Read more »

The Shore Runs for Nature Lovers and History Buffs to Put on Their Bucket Lists

Photo courtesy RunCape

Photo courtesy RunCape

If the Shore is your second home in the summer, go ahead and put one of these running tours on your summertime to-do list: RunCape, a newly launched running tour business helmed by two Jersey runners, is offering a slew of three-mile running tours throughout the summer that will seriously up your knowledge about the history and nature of Cape May while helping you get your runner’s high on.
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10 Weeks to a 10K: The Official Training Plan for the Philly 10K

Calling all runners! Next Monday, we’ll officially be 10 weeks out from the Philly 10K. Crazy, right? So if you’ve been slacking on your running game, time to get in gear. And we’re here to help: We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Philly 10K again this year to bring you the Official 10-Week Training Plan for the Philly 10K. Read more »

How to Get a Free (Yes, Free!) Bib for the Sold-Out Philly 10K

The Philly 10K. | Photo by Matt Stanley

The Philly 10K. | Photo by Matt Stanley

Hey, Be Well Philly readers, we need your help! For our upcoming print issue of Be Well Philly, which you’ll be able to get your hands on come September, we’re polling Philly’s fitness community (that’s you!) to find out how you stay healthy and fit in this awesome city of ours. And to sweeten the pot, we’re teaming up with our friends at The Philly 10K to give away one bib for this year’s sold-out race. Yep: You could run the much-anticipated race just by filling out this poll. Read more »

Meet Autumn, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Autumn smelling the flowers.

Autumn smelling the flowers.

I don’t really see any point in telling you more about Autumn, because I feel like you’ve probably already jumped out of your desk chair to go pick her up after seeing her stopping and smelling the flowers like the cutest creature on earth in the photo above. Am I right? Thought so. (But just in case, you can learn more about her below.) Read more »

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