How to Master the Art of the Lunch-Break Run 

Finding the time to work out when you are so busy you want to crawl into a hole and die can be hard: That’s where the lunch-break run comes in. Not only does it give you the opportunity to sneak out of your office for some much-needed sunshine, it’s also a way to use the time you know you have every day to get your sweat on — without needing any equipment or having to shell out any dough. And, unlike a lunch-break fitness class, you assign the amount of time you’re going to sweat for. Only have 30 minutes until you need to be back at your desk? No problem.

But the lunch-break run is an art of sorts: You have to, one, know how to get the most out of a short run, and, two, know how to set yourself up to look office-ready afterward. So, to help you become a lunch-break running pro, we asked two of our favorite Philly runners, Holly Waters of Fitness Alive and Katie Rodger of The Juice Philly (also a Lululemon Ambassador and an avid runner), to spill their lunch-break run tips and dish on their favorite post-midday-run products. Below, how to master the art of the lunch-break run in six steps. Read more »

Internet Watchdogs on High Alert for Boston Marathon Cheaters

Remember the name Mike Rossi? That’s the name of the Montgomery County dad who became the topic of some very heated Internet discussion last year when runners looked into his past race times, available online, and accused him of cheating in the 2014 Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon, the race that qualified him to run the Boston Marathon.

The runners — who were alerted of Mike Rossi’s existence when the story of him being scolded by the principal of his children’s school after taking them out of classes for a few days to watch him run the Boston Marathon went viral — argued that Rossi’s qualifying time for the Boston Marathon was suspiciously faster than his previous race times, and that combined with fact that there were no photographs of Rossi running the race that qualified him for the Boston Marathon pointed to cheating. Rossi vehemently denied the allegations, and the Via Marathon reviewed the evidence against Rossi, concluding that there was “not conclusive evidence that his time in the 2014 LVHN Via Marathon is inaccurate.” But nearly a year later, Runner’s World points out that the whole Boston Marathon Dad incident is still very much on people’s minds. Read more »

Meet Tre, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Tre | Photo courtesy Monster Milers

Look at that bow tie! | Photo courtesy Monster Milers

This week’s adoptable running dog, Tre, was surrendered to the shelter when his owner became too ill to care for him — but shelter life didn’t get him down! This guy, currently in foster care with the Monster Milers, loves other dogs, people, AND running. So, basically, he’s perfect. Learn more about him below.
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Why You Should Absolutely Bring Your Bike Out of Storage This Weekend 


The Manayunk Bridge Trail | BasSlabbers/

This weekend, two great things are happening: First off, we’re supposed to see temps in the high 60s (hallelujah!), with lots of sun; and two, it just so happens to be Opening Weekend for the Circuit Trails, also known as the hundreds of multi-use trails around the region. And to celebrate, there are tons of trail happenings — including LOTS of group bike rides — going down around town. So go ahead and dust off your Schwinn, and get ready to pedal in the sun this weekend. Read more »

The Checkup: Have You Ever Peed Your Pants During a Race? (Be Honest)

•  Author and runner Jen A. Miller highlights an interesting dilemma over on The New York Times: Where to go to the bathroom, as a lady, on longs runs and during races. She then goes on to tell a story of a runner who couldn’t get to a porta potty at the Philadelphia Marathon, so she just peed her pants — on purpose — and ran on. And I’ve talked to other runners who’ve admitted to, ahem, relieving themselves without stopping during a race, mostly because they just didn’t want to stop. So, my question: How common is this? (No judgment. I mean, okay, maybe a little judgment — but not much.) [The New York Times]
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Philadelphia Runner Hosting Boston Marathon Watch Party

Philadelphia Runner

Philadelphia Runner

Remember the word darty? You probably haven’t said it since you were in college and had time to darty. In case you’ve forgotten, it’s the words day and party combined — simply a more fun way of saying “day party.” Anyway, my point: Philadelphia Runner is having a darty for the Boston Marathon, and you are invited. Read more »

How to Train Your Mind to Tackle the Mental Hurdles You’ll Encounter During Broad Street

Photo by G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia

Photo by G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia

No matter how many miles you log in your Broad Street Run training, there’s no escaping that point in the race where your breathing becomes more difficult, your legs feel heavier, and your ability to keep pace feels, well, completely out of reach. Slowing down seems inevitable — but it doesn’t have to be. What you choose to do in this moment completely within your control. Read more »

The Science-Backed Trick to Prevent Blisters

Blisters: If you’re a runner, you’ve definitely had your fair share of them, and you’ve probably tried about a bazillion tricks to prevent them. Fancy socks! Petroleum Jelly! Moleskin patches! Powders! And you probably got blisters anyway. But lucky for all of us, a new study out of Stanford (Yes: A study on how to prevent blisters), published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, seems to have found the trick to preventing blisters: paper tape. Yep, like the kind you get at CVS. Read more »

What This Philly Running Group’s Growth Says About Philly’s Running Culture 

City Fit Girls on a group run | Photo courtesy Kiera Smalls

City Fit Girls on a group run | Photo courtesy Kiera Smalls

A few weeks ago, I came across a poll on Women’s Running that was asking women to vote for the best cities for runners, to be released in the magazine’s May issue. I scrolled down, on the hunt for Philly amongst the 30 or so cities they said their “experts narrowed down to the best locations” for running. I didn’t see us. I scrolled through again. Nope — nothing.

This bummed me out for a variety of reasons, the biggest of those reasons being that Philly’s fitness scene is so often overlooked. (You can’t see me, but I’m giving cheesesteaks boatloads of side-eye right now.) Of course, once people are in Philly, they realize that the fitness scene here — running world included — is awesome. I mean, as a fitness editor, I’m happy to say that it’s hard to keep up with everything going on, from the seemingly endless list of outdoor yoga options in the summer to impromptu snow-day beer miles in the freezing-cold winter to the endless chatter that goes down on the Run215 Facebook page all year long. The people in this city never stop.

I rolled my eyes at the Women’s Running post and moved on with my life. And then, a little while later, I had a “Take that, Women’s Running” moment while chatting with City Fit Girls co-founder Kiera Smalls. Read more »

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