The Checkup: 14 Sneaky Ways to Strengthen Your Abs

• We’ve got good news for you: You’re already doing more than you think to strengthen your ab muscles. Here, trainers dish on how pretty much any exercise move that requires balance is tonin’ up your core and point out the common exercises — which are probably already a part of your gym routine — that are sneakily earning you that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of. [SELF]

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10 Coolest Philly Fitness and Foodie Events: July 2017

Be Well Philly’s Summer Yoga Flow | Photo by Susan Nam

Guys, the first day of July is tomorrow! I know, we can’t believe it either. But the facts are the facts, so to help you fill in your fitness calendar for July, below are our top 10 picks for sweating (and refueling) this month, from Beyoncé yoga to #SELFCARESUNDAY to a (vegan) Sunday Gravy dinner. Have at ’em!

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Do This: Run This Liberty Bell-Inspired Route This Weekend

Add this to your to-do list of things to get done before you head to the Shore this weekend (you know, before the heavy drinking and eating commence): The Philly Distance Runners have organized a 10.5-mile run through Philly in which your steps will “paint” the shape of one of Philly’s foremost landmarks, the Liberty Bell. Hellooooo, Instagram-worthy Strava screenshot! Read more »

The Philly Fitness Lover’s Summer Bucket List: 15 Things You Need to Do

Summer, in all its sweat-inducing glory, is here, folks! And we know: That spot on your couch that gets the perfect not-too-aggressive breeze from your AC is calling your name. That’s where this list comes in — here, 15 sweet outdoor activities around Philly worth getting sweaty for this summer, so you don’t find yourself embracing fall with nothing to show for yourself but a deeper couch imprint. Print this list, paste it to your fridge, and get to crossing items off, friends!

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Meet Bowser, This Week’s Adoptable Running Puppy

Oh, Fridays. They are the best for a multitude of reasons (HEYYYYY, weekend), one of which is our adoptable running dog of the week. And man, is this week’s a gem. His name is Bowser, he’s eight months old, and the Monster Milers say he loves everyone he meets. Learn more about him below!

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5 Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day in Philly (Free Rita’s Water Ice Included!)

Listen up, Philly runners: Global Running Day is Wednesday, June 7th. Yep: That’s tomorrow! Here’s the lowdown on how to celebrate in Philly. Spoiler: Free water ice is involved.

Regardless of whether or not you get in on one of these group runs or just fit a solo run into your day, iRunTheHill’s Schuyler Nunn tells us RUN215 and iRunTheHill are asking you to don blue to bring the whole community of Philadelphia runners together. And if you post a pic of your run, be sure to hashtag #phillyrunstrong.

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The Checkup: The Game-Changing Mealtime Tweak to Try at Lunchtime

• If you’ve been known to shovel whatever is on your plate into your face in seconds, barely tasting what you were putting in your mouth, you’re not alone. But becoming just a little bit more mindful (I know, insert eye roll here — but hear us out!) as you eat can totally transform how you quickly you chow down, potentially impacting your portion sizes (heyyy, slimmer waistline). And if you don’t know what the heck “eating mindfully” even means, not to fear: This exercise will get the ball rollin’. [Washington Post]

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Meet Elroy, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Elroy | Photo credit: Dee C.

The Monster Milers tell us this week’s adoptable running dog Elroy is ACCT’s (that’s Philly’s open-intake shelter) longest-term resident. Let’s change that, shall we, Philly runners? But first, learn more about him below.

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The Checkup: Dead Butt Syndrome Is Real — Here’s How to Avoid It 

• Womp, womp: In more bad news about spending our entire lives in chairs, turns out doing so can lead to — wait for it — dead butt syndrome, which essentially means your gluteus medius (one of your main booty muscles) stops firing correctly. Here, a physical therapist breaks down how to avoid being stricken with dead butt syndrome. [Health]

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