10 Coolest Fitness and Foodie Events in Philly This Month: October 2016

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo via Wanderlust

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo via Wanderlust

If you’ve been thinking, “How the heck am I going to spend my October?” you can stop thinking about that now — we’ve done all the planning for you. It wasn’t hard, either: This month is filled with awesome fitness events, and a good chunk of them won’t cost you a dime. All you’ve got to do is fill in your calendar!

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The Checkup: The Trick to Boost the Calorie-Burning Powers of Your Run

• If this week’s rainy forecast has you planning on squeezing in a treadmill run or two, take note of this 30-minute treadmill workout that’s designed to ramp up your run’s after-burn effects. And note: The workout can also be done outside — just make sure you pick a running spot where you won’t trample anyone when you’re sprinting all out. Sprinting, my friends, is the key. [Women’s Health]

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Why This Is the Absolute Best Day to Do Your Long Run, According to a Running Pro

The weekly long run, the most important single run of the week and probably the one run you think about most: What route will I take? Is the weather going to cooperate? How will I feel? Can I finish it?

For most, the long run is a Sunday morning ritual. It’s set in stone, like some unspoken rule. I mean why not run long on Sunday? It seems perfect: Sunday is the last day of the week and last day of the weekend; You can relax and get loose Friday night after a long workweek and recover by Sunday; Also, most training plans have the long run set on Sundays and odds are most of your running partners run long on Sundays.

These are all good reasons to run long on Sundays. But the thing about a Sunday run is, given most people have work on Monday, you must get it done on Sunday or skip it. And skipping a weekly long run can have a negative effect on your training — and skipping a few long runs will definitely have a detrimental effect.

But the nice thing is, this is super-easy to steer clear of. You can avoid setting yourself up to skip your long run by scheduling your long run on Saturdays instead of Sundays. Below, four very convincing reasons to move your long run to Saturdays. Read more »

The Biggest Running Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

Raise your hand if you are training for the Philadephia Marathon in November — or for any race, for that matter. Okay, first, let me just say: You are a beast. And second, you’re going to want to take note of this running advice to remedy the biggest and most common running mistakes out there, according to Charles Scogna, owner, trainer and running coach (he’s quite the renaissance man) at CHARGE Performance and Wellness in Bella Vista.

And speaking of running advice, you’ll find plenty more of it at CHARGE Running, Scogna’s new training group for runners who are looking for regular input from a pro. The group will meet three times weekly starting October 3rd, with sessions covering everything from agility and weight-training (Monday evenings) to gait and speed work (Thursday mornings) and gym training sessions followed by long runs — followed by brunch (Saturdays). The cost to join CHARGE Running ranges from $54 per month to $150, depending on how often you attend. He also has a slew of Charge Running events on the roster. You can learn more here.

Now, back to that advice we were talking about: Below, you’ll find the top five running mistakes, according to Scogna, plus how to stop making them once and for all.

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10 Awesome Car-Free Photos From Philly’s First-Ever Open Streets Event

Philly Free Streets
In case you missed it, this past Saturday marked Philly’s first-ever open streets event, Philly Free Streets. South Street was closed to cars (well, mostly — there were some car-crossing intersections) from Front Street to the South Street Bridge where the route carried on along the Schuylkill River Trail and onto MLK Drive all the way to East Falls Bridge.

A car-free South Street filled with runners, cyclists, walkers, unicyclists, roller skaters and more was quite the (VERY crowded) sight to see, and if you weren’t able to make it, not to fear: We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Instagram photos from the morning (including a great one of Mayor Kenney power-walking with the people in a Bob Marley shirt that you probably — definitely — owned the poster version of your Freshman year of college) so you can soak it all in for yourself. Until next time!

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There’s ANOTHER New Beer Running Group to Add to the List

Oreos and peanut butter, Nutella and bananas, beer and running; what do these all have in common? Well, they’re pairings that at first don’t seem to go together, but once you try them, there is NO going back.

Sure, you can easily get your hands on the first two, but what about finding a place (and pals) to run with and figuring out how to find the best spots in the neighborhood for a celebratory beer? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. A little over a week ago, we told you guys about the Manayunk Beer Runners, a new chapter in the network of official Beer Runners chapters. And now there is yet another beer running group to add to the list: The Elkins Park Beer Runners! Their objective mirrors that of the other official Beer Runners groups, started by the Fishtown Beer Runners: Meet weekly at a designated location, go for a three-to five-mile run, and then grab a beer.

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Hey, Wine Lovers: Registration Is Open for the Run the Vineyards 5-Miler

Photo courtesy Good Day for a Run

Photo courtesy Good Day for a Run

Calling all wine-loving runners! You will be very happy to hear that registration for the uber-popular Run the Vineyards 5 Miler, coming up April 30th, 2017, just opened. And in case you hadn’t already connected the dots, the event includes running five miles, partly through Mullica Hill’s oh-so-pretty Heritage Vineyards, then drinking wine at the finish line. Yeah, it’s a pretty good way to spend your morning.

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Philadelphia Marathon Training: Why You Need Rest Weeks, Not Just Rest Days

Marathon training is exhausting. There’s really no way around it. Week after week you head out the door on tired, achy legs preparing your body for the 26.2-mile journey. Run too little and you’ll crash and burn come race day, but run too much and you’ll also crash and burn come race day.

Running a great marathon means knowing how to fight off fatigue — being able to manage your energy throughout the race so that when you cross the finish line, you’ve just started to “run on empty.” Marathon training needs to prepare you for this long battle with fatigue and just as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The best way to prepare is to practice running in a fatigued state. This not only includes a weekly long run but also accumulating fatigue over an extended period of time. For intermediate and advanced runners, this accumulated fatigued state is just as important as the weekly long run. Since virtually no marathon plans include running 26.2 miles at goal marathon pace, this accumulated fatigue helps prepare you for tackling 26.2 miles at goal pace without actually doing it in training.

However there is a huge risk that comes with training in an extended state of fatigue: Overtraining. Overtraining, caused by stressing the body too hard, too often, with not enough rest, can completely wreck marathon training. The key to balancing this fine line between an optimal fatigued state and overtraining is letting the body rest so it can adjust to higher workloads.

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Philly Free Streets: Group Runs and Bike Rides to Know About

The time has come: Time for Philly’s first-ever open streets event — an event where the city will shut down a stretch of streets to cars so that we can all run, walk, bike and frolic through them, sans traffic. Insert all the ecstatic squeals here.

In case you need a refresher, the open streets event, dubbed Philly Free Streets, will be going down this Saturday, September 24th, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. And the car-free route is nothing to scoff at: It spans nearly 10 miles long, from Front and South Street all the way into West Fairmount Park. Yeah, it’s going to be a good morning.

While you’re welcome to take to the streets in your running shoes or on two wheels on your own, there are also a few group bike rides and runs that will be going down throughout the day. Take your pick! (And note: Philly Free Streets has said they’ll have all sorts of fitness programming across the route, from zumba to boot camps, and more; they’ve yet to announce the schedule and locations of these events, but you can stay tuned here.)

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New Philly-Based Fitness App Makes Incentivizing Workouts Its Mission

A workout without added incentive — you know, aside from the endorphin rush — is a workout many people probably (definitely) won’t end up doing. So added workout incentive is just what the new Philly-based app Vea Fitness, launching this weekend in conjunction with the Philly Free Streets event (who else is excited??), is aiming to give folks.

As Vea co-founder Jonathan Maxim, a former graphic designer who started putting his all into the app about two years ago, tells us, “I was really inspired by my own fitness journey and realizing how much fitness does for your confidence, wellbeing and state of mind. I wanted to be able to share workout motivation on a grand scale.” And what’s the way to do that nowadays? Software, he says.

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