The Broad Street Run Lottery Opens Monday — Here’s What You Need to Know

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Blue Cross Broad Street Run | Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Yup, it’s that time of year again, runner friends. The Broad Street Run frenzy is about to hit, as the registration lottery, now in its fourth year, officially opens for business on Monday, February 1st. If you’re planning on running in the May 1st 10-miler, you’ll need to enter the lottery to do so.

New to the lotto process? Not to worry — here, the nine most important questions answered.  Read more »

Yards Brewing Company Bringing Brand New Race to Delaware River Waterfront

Guy, guys, guys: STOP what you’re doing and open your calendar to Sunday, October 9th. Now write down “Yards Brewing Company 5,000 Yards Dash,” because that, my friends, is what you will be doing that Sunday. The Great American Brewery Runs series just added the brand spankin’ new race — which starts and ends at Yards Brewing Company on Delaware Avenue — to the this year’s race roster. Read more »

Run215 Challenges Everyone to Run 1 Mile Every Day in February

If you, like me, are the definition of a fair-weather runner, Run215 has a challenge that just might change your not-so-dedicated ways: For the month of February, Run215 is challenging Philly runners to pound the pavement for at least one mile every damn day. The incentive? If you complete the challenge, dubbed #RunStreakPHL, you get to join in on a big blowout party at the end of the challenge AND you get a certificate to hang on your fridge, like the good ol’ elementary school days. Oh! Plus you get to pat yourself on the back for being a kick-ass human, obviously. Read more »

Double-Duty: CorePower Yoga Launches New Yoga-and-Run Club

Photo courtesy CorePower Yoga

Photo courtesy CorePower Yoga

Calling all overachievers: We’ve got the perfect running club for you. CorePower Yoga’s Walnut Street location just launched a new run club that meets at 6 p.m. on Mondays for a roughly 45-minute-long run — but it doesn’t end there. After the run, the group heads to CorePower’s 7 p.m. Yoga Sculpt class, a killer hourlong heated yoga class that works in weights. See? Told you this was perfect for the overachievers out there.
Read more »

Warm Up: 6 Winter Runs It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up For

The Pickle Run | Photo via Facebook

The Pickle Run | Photo via Facebook

For me, the hardest thing about running during the winter season is making it out the door. The cold wind instantly makes me question my sanity — why would I ever leave the Kingdom of Coziness otherwise known as my bed? But falling behind on runs is no good, especially with the spring race season quickly approaching.

If you, too, have a hard time sticking to your winter runs, these should help: Six winter fun runs and races it’s not too late to sign up for — also known as your motivation to step out the door and show that frost who’s boss. Read more »

Snow Day Plans: Run Secret Snow Day Beer Mile with Run215

The snow is a comin’, friends. If you can already feel the cabin fever kicking in, know that you don’t have to stay on your couch all weekend long: Run215 is putting on what sounds like maaaaybe the best snow day activity ever — a pop-up BYOB (or BYO soda, for the non-drinkers) beer mile in the snow tomorrow. The event is called — wait for it — #FREEZYCHEEKSPHL, in honor of this weekend’s postponed Chilly Cheeks 7-Miler. Read more »

The Best Winter Running Gear, According to Philly Runners

Resisting your bed’s siren song of warmth during the winter can be tough. Especially when the alternative is going for a run in the frigid winter air, where each gust of wind feels like Jack Frost is slapping you across the face. The best way to fight the inevitable winter laziness? Have the right gear on deck to brush off winter’s worst.

Your wardrobe should act like armor against the cold and allow the length of your runs to be decided by you, not the forecast. And because dropping that sage wisdom simply isn’t enough to get you to leave your bed, we’re sure, we asked seven of our favorite Philly runners to spill on the items they couldn’t leave behind on a cold winter run. So say adios to windburn and embrace the winter running season! Read more »

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