10 Spring 5Ks to Have on Your Radar



We did it, guys. We survived the long, cold, dreary Winter of Doom and have finally (for good?) made it to warmer weather. So in the spirit of getting outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, and sweating juuuuust a little, we’d like to bring your attention to some of fun upcoming races—all 5Ks, so they’re doable, no matter your fitness level. And these aren’t, er, boring out-and-backs on West River Drive, either. These races will take you to new running locales in our area, including a vineyard, a nature preserve, and the Philadelphia Zoo (twice!).

Happy running!

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Instagram Roundup: The Best Rainy-Run Photos from The Love Run

love run

I have to admit, when I woke up yesterday for my 9 a.m. boot camp class, my first thought was, “Ugh. The poor Love Runners.” Because, see, at 8 a.m. in South Philly, it was absolutely miserable outside: cold, windy, rainy.

So this morning, I was happy to look through the hundreds of photos from the Love Run, Philly’s first spring half marathon, and see smiling face after smiling face after smiling face. Sure, everyone was a tad wet completely soaked, but it looks like the thousands of runners who turned out made the best of the bad weather.

Here are my favorite snaps from Instagram. Congrats to all the runners!

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Philly’s ODDyssey Half Marathon Takes On Self Magazine’s Tutu-Shaming

txking / Shutterstock.com

Even this guy’s cool with running in a tutu, SELF! // Photo: txking / Shutterstock.com

You all voiced some pretty strong feelings yesterday when we shared the now-viral brouhaha over the tutu-shaming in SELF Magazine’s April issue. To recap: They ran a few snarky remarks about runners who don tutus during races, and the Internet pretty much exploded.

Judging by the comments on our Facebook page, most Be Well Philly readers agreed: The blow was low and uncalled for, and also, who the heck cares what other people wear when they run, thankyouverymuch?

The folks over at Philly’s ODDyssey Half Marathon were apparently particularly peeved: ”We here at the ODDyssey were very upset by the piece. We encourage runners to run in costume and every year 35% of our runners do,” race director Carl Ewald wrote on the race’s blog today. “Whether it is your cup of tea or not, the atmosphere it creates is one of fun and celebration, because that is what running, and life, is supposed to be about.”

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