Be Well Workout of the Week: High-Intensity 20-Sprint Challenge 

Good news, people: There will be no burpees in this workout. You won’t find any squats or push-ups either. And that is because you’ll be too busy sprinting. This workout is going to challenge your cardiovascular ability as you sprint your way through a high-intensity interval circuit.

Now, do know: When I say sprinting, that means something different for everyone  For beginners, sprinting may be a fast walk, and for seasoned runners, that means an all-out sprint. Regardless of your ability and fitness level, use this workout to challenge yourself to move as fast as you can for a short period of time before recovering and doing it all over again. And if running isn’t your jam at all, know that this workout can be done running outside or on a treadmill, OR on an elliptical, a bike, or a rowing machine — take your pick!

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The Checkup: It’s Perfectly Fine to Never Wash Your Coffee Mug (Really!)

• In today’s assurances that may seem questionable: It’s totally fine to never wash your office coffee mug (because you know you haven’t, like, ever), an infectious disease expert says, as long as you’re not sharing the mug with anyone or leaving cream and sugar in it for days on end. Because the disgusting truth is, your germy mug is probably way cleaner than the communal office sponge. [Science of Us] Read more »

What Was Your Biggest Race-Day Fail Ever?

Philadelphia Marathon weekend is right around the corner, with the half marathon coming up on November 19th and the full marathon on the 20th. (Yippee!) We’ve been posting our weekly marathon training tips (you can find them all here), courtesy of running coach Cory Smith, for a few months now. But fact is, even if you train like you’re the Rocky Balboa of running and try your best to be race-day ready, a little mistake can still throw you off big come race day. That’s where this post comes in: We want you to tell us the biggest race-day mistakes you’ve ever made, so that other runners can steer clear of ’em.

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There’s a Free Group Run to the Shiny New Whole Foods This Weekend

Who loves running and Whole Foods? My hand is raised as high as my shoulder will let it go right now. If yours is too, take note: This Saturday, November 5th, the Fairmount Park Conservancy is hosting a five-ish-mile run that starts at the shiny new Whole Foods Market at 2101 Pennsylvania Avenue, taking runners through East Fairmount Park and ending back at Whole Foods for complimentary snacks and specials on drinks like local draft beers and kombucha and lattes for the non-boozy brunchers among us.

Amazing, we know.

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The Fascinating Oral History of the Boston Marathon Dad Incident and Its Ripple Effect

Remember Boston Marathon Dad Mike Rossi? If you are a runner, you are most definitely nodding your head, but if not, here’s a little background. He’s a dad from Montgomery County who took his kids to watch him run in the Boston Marathon in 2015. His principle scolded him for taking his kids out of school. He wrote the principle a feisty letter back. The whole saga went viral. People loved Boston Marathon Dad Mike Rossi for a few days — and then they started questioning his qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.

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The SEPTA Commuter’s Guide to Biking and Running to Work

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a SEPTA strike happening right now. Scratch that — unless you’re 16 hours deep into a 24-hour Netflix marathon (we don’t judge), you’ve definitely heard. In a word, the SEPTA strike, which means no Market-Frankford or Broad Street subway lines and no buses or trolleys running in the city, is inconvenient. (But hey, that’s kind of the point, right?)

But not to fear, my subway and bus-loving friends! (Fine, no one loves the subway. Maybe subway-reliant is the better way to put it?) There are other ways to get around town. Our friends over at Philly Mag’s news team put together a roundup of all your alternative options for commuting, but naturally, the options that appeal to us over at Be Well Philly HQ are the active ones, namely biking, running and walking. (We did help start Run to Work PHL, after all.)

Walking to work is pretty straightforward — running or biking to work can be a bit more tricky. So below, some tips to help newbies get going. Your boss can thank us later. Read more »

Marathon Training: The 3-Step Strategy to Mentally Prepare for Crushing 26.2 Miles

Hopefully, you’ve been training your body for tackling a marathon for a few months now. Now, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to mentally tackle the 26.2 miles. For most, your longest run throughout your training is probably in the 18- to-22-mile range, so right about now you might be thinking, “How in the world will I be able to run an additional four to eight miles?!”

Thinking about the race as three separate, smaller runs verses one long daunting 26.2-mile slog can help you mentally overcome the mileage. Here, how to break down the 26.2 miles into easier-to-digest bite-sized chunks.  Read more »

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