Meet Clementine, This Week’s Super-Sweet Adoptable Running Dog

clementine lead

Clementine takes a running break in the grass.

Here reporting for duty to brighten up Friday: Clementine, a current resident at Northern Liberties’s Street Tails Animal Rescue. This sweet gal is fan of running in the Wissahickon AND snuggling on the couch afterward. In other words, she’s the perfect significant other. Learn more about her below. Read more »

My Top Five: Best Spots to Run to in the Wissahickon

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Taking on the trails of the Wissahickon is an easy way to upgrade your boring running routine: There’s the freshest of air, natural obstacles, and the soundtrack of nature humming away while you run. But if you still aren’t convinced, here’s some more incentive: The Wissahickon offers lots of cool spots to discover while you get your run in.

We asked Wesley Celestino, the one of the brains behind local running group Chasing Trail — they run the Wissahickon every Sunday morning — to clue us into his favorite spots to run to in the Wissahickon (Note: some of them easily double as resting spots. #Winning). Read up, say goodbye to your boring running routine and get exploring!

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A Perfectly Valid Excuse to Run in a Cape As a Grown Adult

Admit it: More than once during a strenuous run, you have felt incredibly super — like superhero-status super. You could’ve sworn you were actually flying along, your cape catching the breeze behind you. But then you feel a bead of sweat drip down your back and you were whisked out of your fantasy. There was no cape, just your soaked grey T-shirt instantly regretted wearing. And BAM: Your superhero daydreams were crushed. BUT good news, dreamers: The 29th annual Run for the Hill of It 5-miler is about to make your superhero dreams come true. For the run, you are actually encouraged to wear a cape (that you design yourself) and embrace your inner superhero, all while helping children in Philly. If that isn’t super, I don’t know what is. Read more »

Sanders Delegate Running 1,200 Miles — Yes, Running — to Philly for DNC

Michael Gibino is running from MN to PA. | Photo via Facebook

Michael Gibino is running from Minnesota to Pennsylvania | Photo via Facebook

Hat tip to the folks over at PhillyVoice for making our morning and bringing this (maybe insane, yet insanely cool) Bernie Sanders delegate, who is running 1,200 miles (!!) to Philly for the DNC, to our attention. Yes, you read that correctly: Running 1,200 miles.  Read more »

The Checkup: Words for All the Emotions You’ve Never Been Able to Explain

• Humans are strange creatures and our brains are filled with all sorts of odd thoughts (“I wonder what Missy Elliot is doing today”) and emotions (“I’m not sad, exactly — my heart just feels like a train ran over it, then reversed back onto it, pressed the brakes and stayed there”), many of which we have a hard time describing. To help us out, the folks over at Science of Us have created a handy list of real words  from around the world — like pronoia and malu — for emotions you never knew how to describe before. Guarantee: The list will have you saying “Ahhhhh-ha!” for a good five minutes. [Science of Us] Read more »

Meet Jackie, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

jackie leadI’m going to go ahead and call this week’s adoptable running dog Jackie the Beyoncé of running dogs. Why’s that you ask? Well, for one, she has a GREAT smile (evidence to the left), and two, she can kind of do it all: She can match your pace while running, run alongside you as you bike, and cheer you up with kisses when you feel like you’re going to keel over mid-run. Learn more about this sweet gal below. Read more »

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