Broad Street Run 2016 Bibs Now Available Through Race Charities

Blue Cross Broad Street Run

Blue Cross Broad Street Run | Photo by Jeff Fusco

UPDATE 3:36 p.m.: Students Run Philly Style’s Broad Street Run registration page is now open.

Nope, that’s not a typo — we are talking about the 2016 Broad Street Run. As of today, charity bibs are now available for runners willing to fundraise. That means a guaranteed spot for next year’s 10-miler.  Read more »

Meet Philly’s Bernie Sanders Running (and Walking!) Group

Philly's Bernie Sanders Walking/Running Group | Photo via Facebook

Philly’s Bernie Sanders Walking/Running Group | Photo via Facebook

Before Kim Nguyen and her husband, Paul, started campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders back in June, Kim says the couple was super active and healthy: They went to the gym five days a week. They ate well. They made healthy living a priority. But when campaigning picked up and began requiring more and more of their free time, well, “We started eating like crap, stopped going to the gym. Something felt off,” she says.

Kim began to brainstorm ways to balance the demands of the campaign schedule — they volunteer around their full-time jobs — with the need to be physically active. Then, one day, it hit her: They could do both at the same time.   Read more »

The Philadelphia Marathon Is Organizing a Shake-Out Run This Year

Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Can you believe the Philadelphia Marathon is just five days away? If you’re running it, you’re probably taking it pretty easy right about now, with short, easy runs just to keep you loose. The Philadelphia Marathon wants to help on that front this year, with a pre-race shake-out run on Friday during your lunch break.   Read more »

The Complete Philadelphia Marathon Guide for Runners and Spectators

Photo courtesy GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon

Photo courtesy GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon

The Philadelphia Marathon is exactly one week from today, with a maxed-out field of 30,000 runners expected to participate and thousands of joyous, screaming spectators coming out to support them. Whether you’re running the marathon or half marathon this year (bless your soul) or planning to cheer on a friend (or, you know, 30,000 of them), we’ve got you covered.

This year, we’ve compiled what is arguably the exhaustive Philadelphia Marathon race-day guide, with all the wheres, whats and hows to get you to the right spot, plus need-to-know info, like where to find coffee before the race (file this under Essential Information, people) and the best spots to celebrate with brunch and a beer afterwards. May the Philadelphia Marathon countdown officially begin! Read more »

Meet Tessa, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog 

tessa lead

Photo via the Monster Milers

Remember Tessa? If you need a reminder, she was the ridiculously cute pup we featured back in August, best known for sunning herself on the sidewalk. Well, she got adopted a little while ago, but she was recently returned when her new owners moved and couldn’t bring her with them. So, now she’s looking for her forever, forever home. Learn more about this run-loving gal below. Read more »

Get in the Holiday Spirit (Yes, Already!): Run the Lights at Shady Brook Farm

I know, I know: It seems crazy to even begin thinking about the holiday season right now. But as many a-PR person has been eager to remind me lately, there are only seven (!!!) weekends left in 2015. That’s right: You’ll be clinking champagne glasses and ringing in the new year before you know it. So at the risk of jumping the gun (except, not really), I wanted to let you know about the upcoming Run the Lights run happening at Shady Brook Farm.  Read more »

Marathon Training: The 3-Step Strategy to Mentally Prepare for Crushing 26.2 Miles

Now that the physical part of marathon training is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to mentally tackle the 26.2 miles. For most, your longest run was probably in the 18-to-22-mile range, so right about now you might be thinking, “How in the world will I be able to run an additional four to eight miles?!”

Thinking about the race as three separate, smaller runs verses one long daunting 26.2-mile slog can help you mentally overcome the mileage. Here, how to break down the 26.2 miles into easier-to-digest bite-sized chunks.  Read more »

Photo Recap: Be Well Philly Underground’s Rum Run to La Colombe 

Photo by Susan Nam

Photo by Susan Nam

What’s better than a Monday-evening run? A Monday-evening run for rum, which is exactly what we, along with nearly 100 Be Well Philly Undergrounders did last night. We teamed up with our lovely friends from Run215 and City Fit Girls for a three-mile run from Logan Square to La Colombe in Fishtown where there was hot coffee — and iced coffee too, thank goodness — waiting for us. With rum on the side, of course. (Who else wishes every run ended this way? I can’t be the only one.)
Read more »

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