Meet Helen, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

helen lead2You may remember this week’s adoptable running dog, Helen. We featured this cute pup back in November. And yep: She’s STILL at Street Tails, eight months later. (Insert all the tear emojis here.) This gal, who happens to be deaf, is all about running, hiking and road-tripping. So if you are an adventurer who needs a escape mate, you can learn more about her below.

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Why Runners Are Upset About the Philadelphia Marathon Course Changes 

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Back in April, the Philadelphia Marathon announced that they’d be making some big changes to the November race this year: For one, Jim Marino, race director for the Broad Street Run, would be coming on as race director for the Philadelphia Marathon. Two, the half marathon and the full marathon would be held on different days — the former on Saturday and the latter on Sunday — as opposed to running concurrently, as they have in past years. And three, both distances would see some course changes.

Back then, they outlined the race changes in a press release, saying the most notable change to the full marathon would be the nixing of the out-and-back portion on East Falls Bridge. They outlined some serious changes to the half marathon course—long story short: significantly less time spent in Center City, more time spent in Fairmount Park—but there were no maps of the courses available then. Well, now there are. The race recently posted the map for the full marathon course (here) and the half marathon course (here)—and runners have quite a bit to say.

Runners have been chatting about the changes, primarily the changes to the half marathon course (the marathon course is mostly untouched, and many people are actually very happy about the fact that the East Falls Bridge portion was cut), over in the Facebook group Run215. Reading through the comments, there seem to be two main issues upsetting runners when it comes to the half marathon course changes. Read more »

The Checkup: The Unexpected Food That’s Packed With Post-Workout Powers

• Sometimes, when my family eats out, a plate will be garnished with a flower and my mom will swallow it right down with the rest of her meal. “Mom, it’s for decoration, you don’t eat it … ” we all say. But perhaps she’s onto something. (Mom’s are always right, aren’t they?) Perhaps flowers are more than a beautiful decoration. According to science, edible flowers offer a whole host of health benefits including some serious post-workout anti-inflammatory powers. [Runner’s World] Read more »

The Checkup: How to Choose the Best Wine for Your Waistline

• If you, like Olivia Pope, love a good glass of wine after work but don’t want to overdo it in the calorie department, this super-helpful guide to choosing the best wines for your waistline should come in handy. First tip: Don’t follow Pope’s lead with a bottle of red — opting for white instantly cuts calories. [SHAPE]
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Meet Clementine, This Week’s Super-Sweet Adoptable Running Dog

clementine lead

Clementine takes a running break in the grass.

Here reporting for duty to brighten up Friday: Clementine, a current resident at Northern Liberties’s Street Tails Animal Rescue. This sweet gal is fan of running in the Wissahickon AND snuggling on the couch afterward. In other words, she’s the perfect significant other. Learn more about her below. Read more »

My Top Five: Best Spots to Run to in the Wissahickon

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Taking on the trails of the Wissahickon is an easy way to upgrade your boring running routine: There’s the freshest of air, natural obstacles, and the soundtrack of nature humming away while you run. But if you still aren’t convinced, here’s some more incentive: The Wissahickon offers lots of cool spots to discover while you get your run in.

We asked Wesley Celestino, the one of the brains behind local running group Chasing Trail — they run the Wissahickon every Sunday morning — to clue us into his favorite spots to run to in the Wissahickon (Note: some of them easily double as resting spots. #Winning). Read up, say goodbye to your boring running routine and get exploring!

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