Meet John, This Week’s Adoptable (Celebrity!) Running Dog

John with 6abc's Matt O'Donnell | Photo courtesy Monster Milers

John with 6abc’s Matt O’Donnell | Photo by Caitlyn of the Monster Milers

John, the terrier mix you see above who’s also our featured running dog of the week, is bit of a local celebrity. See, a couple of weeks ago, he appeared on 6abc with Action News morning anchor Matt O’Donnell in a promo spot for the Monster Milers’s Rescue Run 5K. And let me just say, John killed it on camera.

This spunky little celeb is looking for a forever home and a running buddy who will take him along on training runs. Could it be you? John is available for adoption through the Monster Milers. Read more about him below.   Read more »

Franklin Field Has a New Track — And You Can Run On It

Franklin Field - New Track

Photo | Dan McQuade

Penn athletics officials were curious to see what would happen when workers dug up the old track. What would be below?

It turns out there was quite a bit of history there.

“What was beneath it were the original cinders from this track back in 1895,” said C.K. Buddington, director of the Friends of the Penn Relays. “The cinders that Jesse Owens, Paavo Nurmi — and some of our great friends who are members of the Wall of Fame on the far turn (Charlie Jenkins, Ron Delany from Villanova, Josh Culbreath from Oregon State) — ran on. All these people ran on these cinders. They built the legacy of this event.”

The cinders are gone. And the previous rubberized track is gone. Franklin Field has been hosting meets since the 1800s, and it now has its fastest running surface ever. Penn athletics officials unveiled the new track surface today, about seven years after the project was first studied. The track is now re-open to community members who wish to run on it. Read more »

This Is the Best Day to Do a Long Run

The weekly long run, the most important single run of the week and probably the one run you think about most: What route will I take? Is the weather going to cooperate? How will I feel? Can I finish it?

7-weeksFor most, the long run is a Sunday morning ritual. It’s set in stone, like some unspoken rule. I mean why not run long on Sunday? It seems perfect: Sunday is the last day of the week and last day of the weekend; You can relax and get loose Friday night after a long workweek and recover by Sunday; Also, most training plans have the long run set on Sundays and odds are most of your running partners run long on Sundays.

These are all good reasons to run long on Sundays. But the thing about a Sunday run is, given most people have work on Monday, you must get it done or skip it. And skipping a weekly long run can have a negative effect on your training — and skipping a few long runs will definitely have a detrimental effect.

But the nice thing is, this is super-easy to steer clear of. You can avoid setting yourself up to skip your long run by scheduling your long run on Saturdays instead of Sundays. Below, four very convincing reasons to move your long run to Saturdays. Read more »

The Official Philly Runner’s Bucket List: 10 Races and Runs to Do (At Least) Once

The Philly 10K | Photo by Matt Stanley

The Philly 10K | Photo by Matt Stanley

If you’re a runner in Philly, chances are you’ve done the Broad Street Run and the Philadelphia Marathon. (Haven’t yet? Get on that!) But what about the Midnight Madness Run? Or the 26×1 Marathon Relay? Or a Run the Vineyards race? Add them — and the other awesome runs and races below — to your bucket list pronto.  Read more »

Find Your Fit: The Ultimate Guide to Running Groups Around Philly

Fishtown Beer Runners / Photo via Facebook

Fishtown Beer Runners / Photo via Facebook

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to get your jog on, running takes motivation. And if you’re anything like me, somewhere between lacing up your sneakers and walking out the door, something more interesting catches your eye (Say, a How I Met Your Mother marathon?) and you’re all “Running who?”

Not to worry, though: There’s no need to struggle alone. What’s better than a few running buddies to keep you up and at ’em? We’ve rounded up over 40 running clubs in and around Philadelphia to help keep you motivated. And pssst: Plenty of the clubs even go out for beer (or milkshakes!) after. You know, if you need even more motivation to get out the door. Read more »

5 Ways I Changed My Outlook on Running — And Learned to Love It Again



I mentioned a few weeks ago on the blog that I’ve been having a bit of difficulty figuring out when, in my new working-mom schedule, to fit a workout into my day.

To recap: Mornings aren’t super ideal, since that’s the largest chunk of time in a given day that I’m able to spend with my kid. Evenings are tough, because by the time I get home from work and put my kid to bed (and put him to bed AGAIN, when he inevitably wakes up screaming 20 minutes after going down) I’m exhausted and, well, starving. And midday is obviously out because I’m here spending my time with you, dear reader.

So that leaves me with … the middle of the night? Yeah. You see my predicament.  Read more »

Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Songs to Lift Your Spirits This Rainy Weekend

Confession: If my boyfriend broke up with me and my dog died and a doctor told me I was allergic to avocado all in the same day, Robyn’s “Show Me Love” would still put a smile on my face. There’s just something about that song — and the other 17 songs on this playlist — that makes you smile. And considering this weekend is supposed to be a very dreary, very rainy one, I’m sure we could all use some spirit-lifting. So listen up!
Read more »

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