Marathon Training: The 3-Step Strategy to Mentally Prepare for Crushing 26.2 Miles

Hopefully, you’ve been training your body for tackling a marathon for a few months now. Now, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to mentally tackle the 26.2 miles. For most, your longest run throughout your training is probably in the 18- to-22-mile range, so right about now you might be thinking, “How in the world will I be able to run an additional four to eight miles?!”

Thinking about the race as three separate, smaller runs verses one long daunting 26.2-mile slog can help you mentally overcome the mileage. Here, how to break down the 26.2 miles into easier-to-digest bite-sized chunks.  Read more »

Will Run for Food (and Beer): 5 Philly Running Groups for Foodies

October ’tis the season for prime running weather: You no longer start dripping enough sweat to fill a Big Gulp container the minute you step foot out of your door, and it’s not yet cool enough to enter into hibernation mode. But if a perfectly cool breeze isn’t enough incentive for you to stick to your running schedule, we know what might be: The promise of food, beer and/or coffee at the finish line.

Sold? Thought so. And these Philly running groups, perfect for the food and beer-driven among us (my hand is raised), each end with at least one item on that list. Read up, foodies!

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PSA: There’s a Singles Speed-Dating Run in Philly Tonight

Calling all single runner friends! Nearly a year ago now, I asked the question: Where the heck are the singles running groups in Philly? Well, there still aren’t any running groups for singles in Philly (that I know of, at least), but there is a singles run going down tonight. Which means you have just enough notice to grab your running shoes after work and not enough notice to obsess over how you’ll introduce yourself to what could be your future hubby/wife/Netflix partner for life. Perfect, right?

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Very Important Question: Are You Eating Enough Carbs?

I’m going to state the obvious here, but running a marathon and half marathon are very different than running a 5K or 10K. I’m not talking about the difference in distance — I’m talking about the difference in nutrition needs. For the most part, nutrition isn’t a limiting factor to performance for the 5K and 10K, but once you get over two-hour mark in racing, nutrition plays a vital role in how well you perform.  Read more »

Meet Licorice, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog


This week’s adoptable running dog Licorice comes by way of ACCT after being found as a stray in West Fairmount Park. She loves to move — so if you’re looking for a reliable buddy to tackle the trails of Fairmount Park with you through winter, look no further. You can learn more about her below.

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10 Gorgeous Philly-Area Walking and Running Trails to See Fall Foliage 

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Autumn | Photo by Flickr user MissTessbacher

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum in Autumn | Photo by Flickr user MissTessmacher

I hate winter. I hate winter so much, in fact, that I fled from the east coast to Arizona the minute I turned 18, just for the promise of sweater-clad December days. (Choosing your college based on your weather preferences is an awful idea, by the way.) My aversion to temperatures below 45 degrees makes my relationship with fall complicated. The brisk temperatures of fall signal impending doom to me. That said, it is the prettiest darn impending doom there is, what with orange, red and yellow leaves and sweater-weather that is perfect for running, walking or hiking through them.

So to help you soak up the changing leaves of the season before the branches are bare and your hibernation mode kicks in (just us?), we’ve rounded up 10 beautiful running and walking spots (aside from Fairmount Park, because we’re sure you’re already hip to that gem) where you can get up close and personal with the region’s gorgeous fall foliage. We say you make it a goal to check off as many of these as you can over the next few weeks.

Ready, set, go!

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