Potato Week: The Best Fries In Philadelphia

Yay, Potato Week! As our starchy celebrations draw to a close, we have one more big list for you–the results of our research into the realm of that most American(ish) of potato presentations, the french fry.

We had 82 different restaurants under consideration for this list–everything from crowd favorites like Village Whiskey and Hot Diggity to lesser-known (but know less loved) contenders like the long-gone crab fries at Sidecar Bar, the lovely frites at Grace Tavern or those at Eulogy (which had a fiercely committed fan base). Putting our waistlines and cholesterol levels on the line for you, we waded through the possibilities and winnowed everything down to a final list of 10: The best french fries of any variety, in any form, that you’re going to find anywhere in Philadelphia.

Hey, someone’s got to do it, right? This stuff is important. And while we here at Foobooz World HQ are absolutely sure that there isn’t one of you out there who will agree with every inclusion on the list (hell, we don’t even completely agree), there is sure to be something on here for everyone.

Happy Potato Week everyone. And now, on to the list…

Philadelphia’s Best French Fries

Yelp’s Passport to East Passyunk Week

From  Monday May 14th to Sunday May 20th, Yelp is bringing you the Passport to East Passyunk, a series of events celebrating the hottest street in South Philly. To encourage locals to explore their neighborhood Yelp is holding events like a bar crawl, free classes at local businesses, salon mini-makeovers, and a Sunday supper. And all you need to take advantage of the many of the deals is the Yelp app on your smartphone.

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In Search of Potato Skins

Photo by ThinkStock

Earlier this month we posted a photo of a special at the Royal Tavern, Duck Confit Potato Skins, topped with Gruyere, truffle butter, sour cream, bacon, and scallions. It sounded great and I was excited that the commenters were on board. Why not have a potato skin resurgence? A great starchy base with a good crunch. Seems to me that the potato skin is a great base for creative toppings and of course sour cream. Sour cream just tastes better when it’s on a potato skin.

So since that post I’ve been on the lookout for skins on menus. And this past weekend it went an interest to an obsession. But two sets of skins in, I’m disappointed.

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Tonight: Not Your Father’s Potato Skins

The Royal Tavern (#19 in the Foobooz Top 50 Bars) has added Duck Confit Potato Skins, topped with gruyere, truffle butter, sour cream, bacon, and scallions to its menu. Sounds great.

Tonight: A Salad After All Them Peeps

After treating Easter like it was that gorge-fest Thanksgiving, we’re looking for a salad this evening. Royal Tavern comes through with this tweet:

Come in for a Blood Orange, Fennel and Mixed Greens Salad with a Chervil Yogurt Vinaigrette.

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

Best of Philly Burgers Down to Just Four

Standard Tap Burger

Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly Burger Bracket has eliminated half its field and we’re ready to vote for the next round. Falling in the first round were P.Y.T., Rouge, Butcher & Singer and Good Dog.

The semifinals see the following matchups:

  • Village Whiskey vs. Royal Tavern
  • Standard Tap vs. Pub & Kitchen

Best of Philly Burger Bracket [Philadelphia Magazine]

Photo by Jessica Rossi

Around the Web: Brewer’s Plate Edition

Royal Tavern Roast Pork | Bridges, Burgers & Beers

The annual Brewer’s Plate fundraiser for Fair Food was held this past Saturday at the Penn Museum. It’s one of our favorite events of the year and this year it was bigger and better than ever. The event received plenty of coverage that we’ve compiled below.

West Chester Dish filled up and declared the turkey meatball and chana masala from Bindi as the clear food winner. [West Chester Dish]

Brian from Bridges Burgers & Beers gave up meat for Lent but what he couldn’t enjoy, he photographed. [Bridges, Burgers & Beers]

We spotted Messy & Picky’s Albert Yee racing around snapping pictures. He may have forgotten to take photos of some of his favorite bites but we’ll forgive him since he uploaded a slide show of 1200 pixel wide beauties. [Messy & Picky]

Philly2Philly was also there and scored an interview with Marcie Turney. [Philly2Philly]

As for our favorites, we enjoyed the foie gras and terrines but found the roast pork shoulder and broccoli rabe sandwich from the Royal Tavern was a delightful upgrade to the traditional roast pork sandwich. On the beer side we had several favorites including McKenzie Brew House’s award-winning Saison Vautour and Flying Fish’s just released Exit 9 Scarlet Ale.

Foobooz Gets In on Black Friday

For this holiday season Foobooz is getting in on the shopping fun. Much as we bring you the best news on the web regarding food and drink in Philadelphia, we’re doing the same with t-shirts.

Right now you can purchase t-shirts from Dos Segundos, Los Caballitos, Oyster House and Royal Tavern. Foobooz is the only place you can get these t-shirts online. Purchase them for yourself or for a former Philly resident who would love to proudly wear a local tee.

And also we’ve restocked our Foobooz Rooster T-shirt for the holidays.

Foobooz Store [f8b8z]

Royal Tavern Turns Eight

Royal Tavern is turning eight and tonight they’re throwing themselves a party. From 5pm on there will be cupcakes, popcorn, special beers and the winners of the Royal’s sandwich contest will also be announced.

During its existence the Royal says they’ve served up  231,361 sandwiches and burgers and they’re not done yet.

Royal Tavern [Official Site]

Nacho Crawl!


NachosNY.com is just what it sounds like, a nacho site out of New York. They review nachos and offer “Chos Before Hoes” t-shirts. Lee Frank who runs the site is originally from Philadelphia and is going to be hosting a “curated” nacho crawl here on Saturday, November 28th. $10 will get you nachos at the Royal Tavern, Taqueria Veracruzana La Lupe and Cantina Los Caballitos.

RSVPs are a necessity. Email to lee@nachosny.com.

Philadelphia Nacho Crawl [Nachos NY]

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