Drink Spiked Root Beer Floats for America

BBQNext up on the list of strange food-related holidays is National Root Beer Float Day. This Saturday, August 6th marks the official holiday. Better start to stock up on root beer so you’re properly equipped to celebrate this weekend.

Percy Street Barbecue is getting an early start with their celebration. Tonight, the South Street barbecue restaurant will be making Yards Root Beer floats and they’ll be continuing through August 6th.

For $4 grab a float straight, or spike it with Overholt Rye or Art in the Age‘s ROOT.

And according to the flyer these floats “for America.” Patriotic, alcoholic drinks with ice cream in them? Sounds like an offer you can’t refuse.

Percy Street Barbecue [Foobooz]

First Visit to Tria Taproom


Tria Taproom quietly opened Saturday evening at 20th and Walnut Streets. The former Rum Bar has been totally transformed into a minimal space where the focus is clearly on the bar’s forty taps that pour beer, wine, cider and soda. We stopped in shortly after Tria Taproom opened yesterday at 4 p.m., to check out what was pouring as well as what was coming out of the kitchen.

In addition to Tria’s well-trained staff, Tria Taproom welcomes you with an iPad. From the iPad menu you can check out what’s available to drink and if you’re a true nerd, you can see just how much is left in the keg. You can also do this from your smartphone as well at tria.bevchek.com.

The food menu and more photos » 

It’s National Root Beer Day


As anyone else noticed an uptick in National <Insert Food> Days? How does one get that job? Is it part of the NSA? So let it be noted, according to some unknown government agency, August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day. And for the day, Percy Street Barbecue is offering their awesome Yards Root Beer floats for just $3. In addition, Percy Street is bringing back its $24 all-you-can-eat rib deal for one day with special root beer and Chipotle-glazed ribs.

Now if you’d prefer a root beer float, you’ll want to see what they’re doing at Old Eagle Tavern in Manayunk.

Beer floats in Manayunk »

National Root Beer Float Day at Percy Street

On Monday August 6th starting at 5pm Percy St. Barbecue will be celebrating National Root Beer Float Day. Using Yards Brewing Company Root Beer made just for Percy St. and house made vanilla ice cream, Percy St. will be handing out three types of floats, all served in a frosted mason jar and topped with ice cream. The Yards Root Beer Float will be $3 and a Spiked Float with Old Overholt Rye will go for $6. Percy St. will also be serving their signature Oskar Blues Ten Fidy float, with the chocolate-covered caramel and coffee flavored stout poured over vanilla ice cream, for $10.50.

Percy Street Barbecue [Official Site]

Victory for all Ages

Victory Brewing Co. has been pleasing adults for fifteen years and now they have something for kids (young and old). Victory is now bottling their super tasty root beer and selling three beer inspired flavors of ice cream to-go.

Victory Root Beer has been available at the Brew Pub since 1997 where we’ve had it numerous times as it makes a fine last drink before responsibly hitting the road. We’ve even taken a growler of it home. But now it’s even easier, Victory Root Beer is now bottled and available at the brewery’s gift shop.

Also available at the gift shop are three varieties of Victory ice cream. None of them have alcohol in them but they are all inspired by Victory beers. Triple Monkey is a banana ice cream made with the wort from Golden Monkey, swirled with peanuts and caramel. Hopped Up Devil is a cayenne and cinnamon ice cream made from HopDevil wort studded with chocolate-covered coffee beans. Storm King Crunch mixes chocolate ice cream made with the wort from Storm King Stout, with chocolate malted milk balls. Pints retail for $4.24 plus tax and quarts are $7.99 plus tax.

Maybe one day the root beer and ice cream will like the beer be available in 29 states but for now you’ll have to plan a trip to Downingtown.

Victory Brewing Co. [Official Site]