Rocky Spinoff Creed Filming at Rocky Steps Today

Philly photographer HughE Dillon is on the scene this afternoon while Rocky spinoff Creed is filming at the Art Museum steps. He was able to grab this shot, but apparently “production and police are very aggressive in blocking Sly Stallone.”

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A Permanent Home for Rocky Musical? Bad Idea.

Rocky musical

So this appeared today in the Philadelphia Daily News, under Chuck Darrow’s byline:

“Rocky,” the musical based on the iconic 1976 rags-to-riches film about a ham-and-egg boxer from Kensington, closed its Broadway run last August, a mere five months after its much-hyped debut. But just because New York wasn’t a hospitable host doesn’t mean that Rocky Balboa’s hometown couldn’t be. From this vantage point, bringing the musical to Philly as a permanent attraction is a no-brainer.

Darrow’s being an unabashed cheerleader for our city — something we like to try every now and again ourselves — and, hey, we’re big Rocky fans too. Our Victor Fiorillo heaped praise on the musical when it debuted on Broadway last year.

But this is a terrible idea. One that would probably end in tears.
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Philly Ring Girls, Fire-Breathers and Spanish-Speakers Sought for Rocky Spinoff Creed

rocky movie

Sylvester Stallone is back in the City of Brotherly Love (see!) and he’s calling for backup. Heery Casting, a local casting agency, is seeking locals from all walks of the life to join the cast of the latest Rocky spinoff, Creed. Over 5,500 extras will be featured in the film, which finds Rocky playing mentor to the grandson of his nemesis Apollo Creed.

“Philadelphia will be a prominent character featured within the movie,” says Jason Loftus, casting director and partner at Heery. In efforts to bring the city’s diverse and unique personality to life, the agency is seeking background performers from all corners of the city. Last week on CBS Philly, casting director Diane Heery explained, “We’re going to show parts (of Philadelphia) that haven’t been shown before. We want to see people from the neighborhoods … because that helps tell the story and helps paint the picture.”

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Sylvester Stallone Poses for Selfie on Art Museum Steps

Sylvester Stallone

Lancaster resident Peter Rowe and his friends got a big surprise when they decided to race up the famous “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Friday: Sylvester Stallone was standing at the top.

“Man, you guys are fast,” Stallone told Rowe, 22, and his friends. “You make me look bad.”

Rowe (far right in the above photo) graduated from Azusa Pacific University in December with a degree in international business management and a minor in Christian ministry, and the two other guys in the photo were college friends paying him a visit.

Rowe decided to show them the sights in Philadelphia, including the Art Museum. Well, make that the Art Museum steps, which Stallone famously ran up as Rocky. Rowe admits the trio didn’t actually make it inside the world class museum.

He says that soon after their chance encounter with the star, who is in town shooting Creed, the next film in the Rocky franchise, Stallone started walking back to his car. Seeing their chance, they asked if he would pose for a selfie with them.

“He told us, ‘OK guys… look tough!'” says Rowe.

We asked Rowe if he would send us the photo. Alas, he says he sold the rights to the Associated Press (where we wound up obtaining the photo, legally) for $100.

“But now I think I didn’t get enough, based on the way people were reacting,” he says.

(AP Photo/Peter Rowe)

18 Things to Do in Philly This Weekend: Big Philly Beerfest, Little Baby’s Ice Cream Auction, South Philly Rocky Fest and More

Rocky … Again?

Photo by Ferdaus Shamim/Getty Images

Photo by Ferdaus Shamim/Getty Images

At some point this month, you’ll no doubt be seeing paparazzi photos of Sylvester Stallone in and around Philadelphia. The mega-rich star is coming to town to shoot the newest movie in the once-thought-to-be-dead Rocky franchise: Creed. It’s about Apollo Creed’s grandson, Adonis, who wants to step into the ring to honor the legacy of Apollo (who died in Rocky IV); a reluctant Rocky eventually agrees to manage and train him.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. I did. I even imagined myself writing some ranting screed called “It’s Time to Let Rocky Die.” But I’ve changed my tune.

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