The “Rocky” Movies, Ranked (And Where We Think “Creed” Is Going to Land)

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed

Although it’s still months away from release (November 25th), the new Rocky spinoff Creed has a lot of people talking. The film stars Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Friday Night Lights, The Wire) as the troubled boxer-son of the long-deceased Apollo Creed, is directed by Fruitvale‘s Ryan Coogler, and, from what we hear, hasn’t had much involvement from Sylvester Stallone, which probably bodes well for its Academy Awards, Golden Globes, etc. potential.

With the second trailer for Creed making the rounds (see below), we thought we’d take a moment to pick the worst and best of the Rocky films. As for Creed, our gut tells us that the Coogler-Jordan team won’t land anything better than the original Rocky (how could they?) but could challenge the sixth movie in the franchise (Rocky Balboa) for second place.

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Frankie Sullivan from Survivor Pretty Angry “Eye of The Tiger” Used at Kim Davis Rally

It’s the iconic song from Rocky III, but the lead singer from Survivor isn’t too pleased that Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee used “Eye of the Tiger” as the theme for the anti-gay “hate rally” yesterday held in honor of Davis’ release.

Frankie Sullivan took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to post a pointed commentary, claiming that he and his band did not give Davis or Huckabee permission to use the tune:


According to TMZ, “The group is hedging on its plan of attack, but the band’s rep tells us they are determined to protect the integrity of their music.”

The Ambulance Route in Rocky II Is Completely Baffling

Almost two years ago, I wrote a piece about the Rocky running route in Rocky II. It turned out Rocky’s montage run (when connected arbitrarily, by me) in the film was nearly a 50K — a number so incredible it led to its own entry on a Google search and an actual race tracing the route.

Recently, I re-watched the film again. As far as sequels catching you up on the original, Rocky II is a hoot: The first few minutes of the film are actually just the final few minutes of Rocky. What better way to start a sequel than to literally pick up where it left off!

When the original footage ends, though, things get weird.

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Crazy Skilled Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Rocky and Other Famous Figures

Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis is giving drag queens a run for their money, proving that anything is possible with few brushes and some expert contouring. Just check out her Instagram account, where she shares photos of herself transformed into famous figures by the power of makeup. A lot of makeup. I mean, this woman must clear the aisles at CVS to be able to turn herself into some of these people. (Look at her Keith Richards!)

Among the other celebs she’s taken on is one very close to our hearts, fictional Philly boxing champ Rocky Balboa. She goes for the young Rocky here, and a moment when he just came out of the ring, with a jacked-up eye, a little blood on his lip and a bandage around his paws. Check him out below, and a few other notables. See more on her Instagram account here.

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Oscar-Winning Rocky Producer Robert Chartoff Dies

Robert Chartoff, the Oscar-winning producer of Rocky and a slew of other iconic films from the mid-’70s and ’80s, passed away yesterday at his home in Santa Monica after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 81.

Chartoff, a New York native, began his film career in the 1960s producing films like Point Blank, The Split and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? The last of which was nominated for nine Oscars. Rocky came out in 1976, and he won a Best Picture Oscar for it the following year with his partner Irwin Winkler. He also got Best Picture nods for Raging Bull and 1983’s The Right Stuff.

Check out video from his Rocky win in the video below. He’s the guy to the right of Stallone.

(h/t Deadline)

Rocky Spinoff Creed Filming at Rocky Steps Today

Philly photographer HughE Dillon is on the scene this afternoon while Rocky spinoff Creed is filming at the Art Museum steps. He was able to grab this shot, but apparently “production and police are very aggressive in blocking Sly Stallone.”

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