Mike Huckabee Sued for Using Rocky III Theme Song

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been sued by Survivor band member, guitarist and songwriter Frankie Sullivan for using his 1982 hit “Eye of the Tiger” at a campaign stop in Kentucky.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Chicago on Wednesday by copyright holder Rude Music, which is owned by Sullivan. It alleges that Huckabee violated copyright law when he played the song at a rally in September that featured Kim Davis, the former county clerk who became a symbol of the Republican party after she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. It blared as Davis emerged from Carter County Detention Center — where she was serving time for her actions.

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10 Strange Rocky Items You Can Buy on Etsy

With Creed fever in high gear, there are quite a few companies who are throwing their hats in the ring selling movie merchandise to celebrate all things Rocky. However, if mass-marketed and mass-produced products are not to your liking, there’s plenty of Rocky-themed items available on everyone’s favorite homemade marketplace, Etsy.

Here, 10 of the strangest pieces of Rocky memorabilia I found on the site that may make you scream something other than “Adriaaaaaan!”

Contorted-Face Printable Drawing


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Rapper Future Remixes Rocky Theme


Just in time for the release of Creed at the end of the month, Atlanta rapper Future has taken the original Rocky theme, that triumphal tune composed by Bill Conti, and remixed it into a hip-hop number. It’s actually pretty good — especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

The song is all about pushing past adversity. The lyrics stay true to the movie, with lines like, “I was down on my last when I found myself. / I’ll be a fighter to the end, to my last breath. / I’ve got angels all around me, yea, yea. / I’ve got love all around me, yea, yea. / … I’m gonna hustle to my last breath.”

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PHOTOS: Big Crowds Greet Sylvester Stallone and Creed Cast at Rocky Steps

Photo by HughE Dillon

Stallone signing autographs in the excited crowd. | Photo by HughE Dillon

A huge crowd of Rocky fans turned up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Rocky Steps” this morning to greet Sylvester Stallone and the cast of Creed, who, as it was announced earlier this week, appeared there to share news about the seventh installation of the Rocky franchise. Stallone was joined by co-stars Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) and Tessa Thompson (Selma, Dear White People), writer/director Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), and longtime Rocky producer Irwin Winkler. Mayor Michael Nutter and Philadelphia Film Office Executive Director Sharon Pinkenson were also there.

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New Rocky Movie Creed Features Johnny Brenda’s In a Big Way

Photo by G. Widman, courtesy Visit Philly

Photo by G. Widman, courtesy Visit Philly

Way back in 2013, a band from Los Angeles called Caught a Ghost played an opening slot on a Thursday night at popular Fishtown bar-restaurant-nightclub Johnny Brenda’s, one of Foobooz’s Best Bars of 2015. The show didn’t get any press, and we couldn’t find a single video from the night other than a quick soundcheck clip of the headliner. But the gig was pivotal in landing Johnny Brenda’s some significant screen time in Creed, the new Rocky movie that opens nationwide on November 25th. Read more »

The “Rocky” Movies, Ranked (And Where We Think “Creed” Is Going to Land)

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed

Although it’s still months away from release (November 25th), the new Rocky spinoff Creed has a lot of people talking. The film stars Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Friday Night Lights, The Wire) as the troubled boxer-son of the long-deceased Apollo Creed, is directed by Fruitvale‘s Ryan Coogler, and, from what we hear, hasn’t had much involvement from Sylvester Stallone, which probably bodes well for its Academy Awards, Golden Globes, etc. potential.

With the second trailer for Creed making the rounds (see below), we thought we’d take a moment to pick the worst and best of the Rocky films. As for Creed, our gut tells us that the Coogler-Jordan team won’t land anything better than the original Rocky (how could they?) but could challenge the sixth movie in the franchise (Rocky Balboa) for second place.

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Frankie Sullivan from Survivor Pretty Angry “Eye of The Tiger” Used at Kim Davis Rally

It’s the iconic song from Rocky III, but the lead singer from Survivor isn’t too pleased that Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee used “Eye of the Tiger” as the theme for the anti-gay “hate rally” yesterday held in honor of Davis’ release.

Frankie Sullivan took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to post a pointed commentary, claiming that he and his band did not give Davis or Huckabee permission to use the tune:


According to TMZ, “The group is hedging on its plan of attack, but the band’s rep tells us they are determined to protect the integrity of their music.”

The Ambulance Route in Rocky II Is Completely Baffling

Almost two years ago, I wrote a piece about the Rocky running route in Rocky II. It turned out Rocky’s montage run (when connected arbitrarily, by me) in the film was nearly a 50K — a number so incredible it led to its own entry on a Google search and an actual race tracing the route.

Recently, I re-watched the film again. As far as sequels catching you up on the original, Rocky II is a hoot: The first few minutes of the film are actually just the final few minutes of Rocky. What better way to start a sequel than to literally pick up where it left off!

When the original footage ends, though, things get weird.

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