Down With the McRib, Long Live the Boneless Rib Sandwich

We’ve noticed that people are talking about the McRib again and boy do we find that annoying. We live in the city that is home to the Rib Stand and the Boneless Rib Sandwich. We spotlighted the sandwich the last time the McRib reered its ugly head and we’ll promote it again now.

Get to the Rib Stand in the Reading Terminal Market (Northwest corner) and order the boneless rib sandwich combo with mac and cheese, another side and soda for $7.79. Do it, you won’t regret it.

Last Weekend for McRib but We Have a Better Idea [f8b8z]
Rib Stand [Reading Terminal Market]

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Last Weekend for McRib but We Have a Better Idea

The McRib goes back from the sandwich rock it crawled out from on December 5th. We’ll say this for the McRib, it is cheap and we grudgingly admit we kind of dig McDonald’s barbecue sauce. But texturally the McRib is just awful and we won’t miss it when it’s gone.

Why? Well because we have a love affair going on with the Rib Stand’s boneless rib sandwich from the Reading Terminal Market. Sure at $5.39 it’s pricier than the McRib. But at least you’ll recognize the meat as such. The Rib Stand’s sandwich is often overlooked when speaking of great sandwich at the Reading Terminal. Cheesesteaks, hoagies and DiNic’s get the majority of the praise, but this sandwich from the Amish stand nearest 12th and Arch doesn’t bow before any other sandwich.

We love the juicy shreds of succulent meat overflowing the bun. We are salivating right now as we think of sweet kick of the spicy barbecue sauce. We enjoy amping up our sandwich part way through with another application from the sauce cup. The only thing we would skip is the option of cheese on the sandwich, it doesn’t really add much. If you are hankering for some dairy, better to get it in the mac-and-cheese. That plus a drink and another side (potato wedges, green beans or coleslaw) is the combo. It costs $7.79 and is our idea of a happy meal.

Rib Corner [Reading Terminal Market]

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