BizFeed: Urban Outfitters’ Shocking Nosedive


1. Urban Outfitters’ Dreadful Earnings Report Sends Stock Tumbling 16 Percent

The News: Well I guess the experts were wrong. In a shocking earnings report, Urban Outfitters recorded sales of $739 million, which fell well short of analysts expectations of $757.58 million. Online retail expenses and deep discounting were major culprits. Anthropologie — normally a top performing brand — saw sales climb a disappointing 1 percent — the slowest growth in 11 quarters. It reported earnings per share of $0.26, below analysts’ estimates of $0.30. CEO Richard A. Hayne called it a “disappointing quarter” and said the company is “working diligently to regain its fashion footing.”

What it Means: Financial analysts have been raving for months about Urban Outfitters, calling it a comeback story after its flagship brand showed serious growth in the fourth quarter and the company hit $1 billion in revenue. Since October, shares had made a serious recovery and hit multiyear highs. Read more »

5 Things Philly Needs to Actually Be a World-Class Shopping City


Illustration by Melissa McFeeters.

When a Condé Nast Traveler reader poll last January named Philly the second-best shopping city in the world, eyebrows rose. Philly? Better than Paris (23rd), New York (24th) and Milan (not even on the list)? We accepted the honor graciously but secretly shot each other the side-eye, silently acknowledging that while the recognition was nice, it was also complete B.S.

Don’t get me wrong: I love our retail scene. Shopping here is my job, and for the most part, I wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else. But let’s be real: If you were to chart Philly’s retail landscape, it would look something like a heart monitor, with high peaks (Uniqlo, Michael Kors and Vince came!) and sudden dips (Burberry left; Forever 21 opened instead of, well, anything else). We’re doggedly chugging along — and we’re getting there — but with the whole world descending on our doorstep for the impending DNC and papal visit, we have more reason than ever to step it up. Here, what we need to be a contender in the international shopping scene.  Read more »

Today Is Your Last Day to Shop at Delia’s for the Rest of Eternity


The Delia’s website splash page.

P.S.A.: Today is your last day to shop at Delia’s forever.  The phone numbers for the King of Prussia, Montgomery Mall and Deptford Mall locations have all been disconnected, though the Delia’s website says the stores are open until 9pm (the Deptford mall location is open until 9:30pm).

You can try your luck and head there for rock-bottom prices and fixtures, but I’d advise against this as it would feel something like vultures picking the final bits off a dead animal. Go instead to pay your respects to the once-great bastion of tween fashion. R.I.P., Delia’s. It’s been fun.

The Best Time of Year to Buy Everything to Score the Best Price


What to buy and when to buy it. | Shutterstock.

Everyone has a pretty good idea of the best times to buy certain things. Coats are generally the most expensive just before the winter season, swimsuits are the most costly in springtime, and everyone knows to look out for Black Friday deals. But what about cars? Luggage? Lingerie? Kitchen goods?

This handy infographic from Business Insider breaks it all down for you, and some of the tips are very insightful. For example, February is the best time to buy electronics as stores try to clear out older products to make room for new models from the Consumer Electronics Show (which takes place in January).

See the most interesting—and surprising—ones here.

Job Alert: Anthropologie Is Hiring For the Holidays And That Means Crazy Employee Discounts


Calling all broke college gals: our three Anthropologie locations (Rittenhouse, Wayne, Marlton) are looking for a couple of extra hands this holiday season. Right now, they are hiring seasonal sales associates—just in time for you to rake in some extra cash and reap the benefits of their unbeatable staff discount, which has reached near-mythological levels.

We stopped by the store (already tricked-out for the holidays) to check out the interview process. Here’s the deal: No appointments or call-aheads are necessary. Just pop by with your resume during the correct time slot. Wayne is holding interviews today until 6pm (they ask you apply online first); Rittenhouse is holding open interviews on Tuesday, November 18th, from 4pm to 6pm. Here’s what you need to know to nail it.

Up first: What to wear?

Market Report: 10 Weird Facts About Your Favorite Stores


  • Did you know Old Navy was named after a bar? And Sephora considers its employees cast members, and its stores a stage? Here are 10 weird facts about your fave stores. [Huffington Post]
  • Behold, the best skirts to wear on windy days, so you don’t have a Marilyn Monroe moment (it won’t look as sexy, trust me). [Refinery29]
  • Oooh, this is fun: What your kiss print says about you, according to a lipsologist (um, apparently those exist?). [Glamour]

Read more »

Retail Roundup: The City’s Newest Stores


Shoppist is always abuzz with news of store openings, so here’s a roundup of the latest in Philly.

Center City
We told you months ago that Uniqlo at 1608 Chestnut would be opening this fall, but Shoppist had the first peek inside before the store launched this past Friday. If you haven’t been there yet, expect to see three fully-stocked floors (basement too) and a mezzanine with the largest mismatched color floor in the country!

Read more »

Zara’s Holocaust Shirt, Urban’s Kent State Sweatshirt: Offensive Clothing Is the Retail Version of a Sex Tape


From left: Zara children’s shirt, Urban ‘Eat Less’ top, Urban Kent State sweatshirt, Urban ‘Depression’ top.

Well, they got what they wanted.

We’re talking about them, just as we talked, over and over and over again, about American Apparel, which filled store windows with mannequins sprouting giant clouds of pubic hair; about Zara, which sold a children’s shirt that eerily remsembled those worn by concentration camp prisoners; about MAC, which once tried to name a nail polish collection after a town in Mexico known for the countless number of women raped and murdered there, without police response.

Read more.

Opening Night at the New Joan Shepp


Wednesday night Joan Shepp officially opened her new store at 1811 Chestnut Street. The trailblazing Shepp’s flagship store was on Walnut Street for nearly two decades before it was chased from Philadelphia’s Rodeo Drive by rising rents. Joan Shepp then headed for the posh Shops at Liberty Place; although it was very lovely, she yearned for a storefront with the glorious window displays that we’d all grown to love. She’s found that in the beautiful new 9,000-square-foot showroom she now calls home.

Joan and daughter Ellen Shepp attract a fashionable crowd to their store, which carries both men’s and women’s clothing, and houses an array of designer labels including Moschino, Balenciaga, Jil Sander,  Rick Owens and Phillip Lim. The crowd at the opening night party was just as eclectic and fabulous.  There were live models in the window facing Chestnut Street, and earlier in the night Mike Jerrick, and new co-host Alex Holley from Fox 29 modeled.

Food was provided by all the Starr restaurants, and over a 1,000 macarons were made by Parc restaurant’s pastry chef. Denise Fike created a mural of guests who attended the soiree, as models roamed the store’s three rooms and outdoor space with the latest fall collections.

Photos from Joan Shepp’s Opening Night after the jump »

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