Local Bar and Restaurant Teams To Compete In Red Bull Flugtag

Though we haven’t been informed of any teams planning to throw sausages into the crowd as their handmade, piloted weinermobiles take flight (then almost immediately plummet into the dankness of the Delaware River below), we do know there will be plenty of eating and drinking as five bar/restaurant teams compete tomorrow in Flugtag on the Camden Waterfront.

If somehow you’ve missed the current TV ad campaign and were among the first to spend time in a bath salt-induced haze two years ago when the Red Bull-sponsored spectacle of goofy engineering first landed in Camden, Flugtag is a day-long event that travels to cities around the world, asking their residents to design and fly engineless vehicles off a ramp into the water. The flightmobile that travels the farthest wins. Ridiculous? Yes? Unmissable? Also yes.

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