Zahav Wins Book Of The Year At James Beard Awards

Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov | Photo by Kent Miller Studios

Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov | Photo by Kent Miller Studios

Know what that is right there? That’s what victory looks like.

A double victory, actually, as Michael Solomonov’s book Zahav: A World Of Israeli Cooking took home both Best International Cookbook and Book Of The Year at this year’s James Beard Awards

The awards were given out last night and, obviously, Cook and Solomonov were there to accept those medals in person. Unfortunately, they were the only local names to show up during the Broadcast and Journalism awards last night, but that’s cool. It’s not like Philly hasn’t brought back their share of gold over the years.

In the meantime, we reached out to Solomonov’s team and got some of Michael Persico‘s beautiful shots from the book, plus two recipes: one for beets with tehina, and another for shakshouka.

Check ’em all out after the jump.

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MAKE: Gluten-Free Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins

Photo by Becca Boyd

Photo by Becca Boyd

The concept of gluten-free diets has been a hot topic for years now, but I’ve never never needed to pay attention to it until recently. See, I’m a firm believer in the fact that going gluten-free is only something one needs to do out of medical necessity. It isn’t a weight-loss diet, so I’ve never seen the need to wade into the gluten-free waters. Besides, I’ve eaten pretty much the same way for at least the past 10 years.

But when my husband started eating gluten-free about a month ago in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, the cook in the family — i.e. me — had to change her wheat-loving ways — and quickly.  Read more »

8 Foods You’re Wasting Money (and Calories) On If You Buy Them at the Store



I must preface this post with an admission: I am pretty much the furthest thing from a “serious” home cook you’ll ever encounter. I don’t spend my weekends working my way through a Julia Child cookbook. I don’t obsessively pin recipe ideas on a Pinterest board. I don’t make piles of baked goods for the office just because I happened to be playing round with a snickerdoodle recipe the night before. Heck, I don’t even measure when I cook.

So yes, I’m a pretty lazy home cook. I have my stable of a dozen or so go-to recipes that I simply make over and over and over again. These recipes contain just a few simple ingredients I almost always have on hand, and they come together in 20 minutes or less. Sure, they’re delicious, but they are anything but complicated or creative.

I say all of this by way of background for today’s post, because I want you to understand that if a lazy home cook like me can muster the energy/creativity to make the items below at home, rather than buy them at the store, you can, too. Based on my culinary track record alone, you can trust the fact that these recipes are so embarrassingly simple, you’ll wonder why you ever store-bought them in the first place.

So here goes: My list of eight no-brainer, easy-to-make-at-home foods you’d be crazy to buy at the store ever again.

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What to Eat This Week: Healthy Homemade Takeout Dinners

what to eat lead
I recently discovered that I can order Buddakan to my doorstep with GrubHub’s assistance and, let me just say, it is a problem. And I’m not the only one cursed with an out-of-control delivery addiction: The other day, I was reading this piece on The Cut, where women dished on the stupidest things they waste money on. Spoiler alert: They pretty much all named the delivery service Seamless as their money suck of choice. Now, raise your hand if you’re in the same boat. Yeah, I thought so.

Not to fear, though, friends: We’ve got just the recipes to quell your delivery addiction—and they’re healthier than delivery, too! Here, a week’s worth of recipes for takeout favorites like fried rice, pizza, Indian and more. Next time your stomach starts to growl, just reach for this list instead of the phone.

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#MeatlessMonday: 17 Tofu Marinade Recipes That Will Rock Your World

tofu lead
Trying to convince someone who has never tasted tofu that the off-white, weird-smelling,watery substance is, one, edible and, two, actually really delicious (really!) is like trying to convince a five-year-old that Brussels sprouts are the bomb: difficult, to say the least. Which is why, when you do try your hand at convincing them, you’d better make sure your tofu is darn delicious. And for that, you will need a great tofu marinade recipe. Lucky for you, we’ve found a whole bunch of ‘em.

Now, the great thing about tofu is that it is truly one of the most versatile foods out there. Thanks to its naturally bland flavor, it’s the perfect canvas for just about any marinade in existence, soaking up every flavor from Sriracha to citrus to sesame. But how much flavor it soaks up, as with any other marinated dish, lies in the marinating time. A quick 30-minute marinade will give your tofu some life, but if you really want the flavor to soak in (which you probably do), you should marinate it for a few hours, or even overnight.

But enough talk about tofu, let’s get to the recipes. Below you will find nearly every type of tofu marinade recipe under the sun, from spicy Sriracha to citrus ginger to peanut. So whether you’re short on ingredients or have a pantry that rivals a personal chef’s, we’ve got you covered. And I’m telling you, these recipes will make even the biggest tofu haters give it a second chance. And if you are already a lover of all things tofu, these recipes will only make you love it more. Happy cooking!

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What to Eat This Week: Thanksgiving Detox Dinners

detox dinners

If you’re anything like us, you did a bang-up job stuffing yourself silly on Thanksgiving. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, of course. We wholeheartedly endorse the occasional calorie splurge, especially on days when family and friends come together to share a meal. I mean, you don’t want to be the sour puss in the corner shoveling a plateful of undressed lettuce, do you?

But as with all good things, the splurge must come to an end, and when it does, it’s time to return to your regularly scheduled program. If you’re feeling like you need a little jolt to, um, reset your system, we’ve got you covered. This week, your meal plan is full of foods that will help you detox and digest all that fat and sugar from your Thanksgiving feast. We’re talking light, veggie-loaded meals that’ll make you feel clean from the inside out. Check out our recipe picks below.

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What to Eat This Week: Spectacular Slow-Cooker Meals

slow cooker lead

Winter has officially settled in, it seems. Not that I’m complaining: I love this time of year. The sweaters. The cozy blankets. The crackling fires. Most of all, the warm, filling, delicious slow-cooked meals.

The glorious thing about a Crock Pot is this: It’s like having a personal chef at your beck and call. I mean, you have to do a tiny smidgen of work in the morning,  but the payoff is a piping hot meal ready to be eaten at the end of the day. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can make more than stews and stringy roasts in a slow-cooker. Here, we found five recipes just dying to be made this week. And actually, depending on how many mouths you’re feeding, you may not have to make all five; slow-cooker leftovers are the best leftovers.

Happy cooking!

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