What to Eat This Week: Spectacular Slow-Cooker Meals

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Winter has officially settled in, it seems. Not that I’m complaining: I love this time of year. The sweaters. The cozy blankets. The crackling fires. Most of all, the warm, filling, delicious slow-cooked meals.

The glorious thing about a Crock Pot is this: It’s like having a personal chef at your beck and call. I mean, you have to do a tiny smidgen of work in the morning,  but the payoff is a piping hot meal ready to be eaten at the end of the day. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can make more than stews and stringy roasts in a slow-cooker. Here, we found five recipes just dying to be made this week. And actually, depending on how many mouths you’re feeding, you may not have to make all five; slow-cooker leftovers are the best leftovers.

Happy cooking!

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What to Eat This Week: Simple Six-Ingredient Dinners

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Confession: At least once a week, I toast two slices of bread, top them with mashed avocado, lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil, and about a jar’s worth of chili flakes and call it dinner. Why? Because I’m lazy. And I’m guessing you have your lazy days, too.

As someone who’s had her fair share of lazy days, I know: When just walking to the kitchen feels like work, a recipe that requires a bazillion and one ingredients is just not happening. So to help you make it through those lazy days without having to resort to cereal for dinner, we’ve brought you a week’s worth of recipes with a max of six ingredients (not including kitchen staples like salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic)—a hearty avocado toast included. Happy cooking, friends!

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10 Lighter Versions of Your Favorite Brunch and Breakfast Foods



Quick survey: How many of you love the weekend? I’m going to take a guess and say, oh, all of you. Even if your weekend schedule is packed with activities, it’s still your chance to sleep in a little later, sit and enjoy your morning coffee, and relax. One reason I love the weekend is because I can actually take the time to make and enjoy my breakfast, instead of simply rushing out the door. Whether it’s French toast or waffles, an omelet or quiche, I can kick back and enjoy a meal reserved especially for lazy mornings.

The problem is this: Buttermilk pancakes with syrup isn’t exactly the healthiest way to start my day. The good news is, there are plenty of recipes that can help you lighten up your favorite brunch indulgences. While they wont replace a breakfast of steel-cut cut oats and berries, these “skinny” versions of the original recipes have cut down on the fat and sugar and amped up the protein and veggies. This means you get more of the good stuff while still getting to indulge. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.

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14 Recipes for a Healthier Fourth of July



Fourth of July weekend always includes a few food staples: potato salad, burgers, an all-American pie. Another, less appealing, staple of the holiday is a post-barbecue bloat (and guilt). For a healthier holiday this year, opt for the lighter versions of your Fourth favorites. Happy Fourth of July, Philly!

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14 Healthy and Easy Mason Jar Breakfasts

We’ve done it again. We already showed you the joys of mason jar salads, and now we’re back with another Instagram-worthy meal: mason jar breakfasts.

Not only are your breakfast faves now in a totally cute mason jar, they’re also portable! And since eating a good breakfast is so stinkin’ important, we’ve picked recipes that will help you start your day off right and avoid a crash later. So no matter how many times you hit the snooze button, knowing you have a nutritious breakfast ready to go will make your rushed morning just a little bit easier.

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7 Healthy-Eating Philly Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow Now

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There’s no doubt about it: healthy eating is the bomb. It’s good for your your body, your brain—it can even up your Instagram following if you style it correctly. The only problem is, without a bazillion and one sources of inspiration, coming up with healthy recipe ideas can be tough. And after a long, draining day of working/watching cat videos on YouTube/twisting yourself into a pretzel during hot yoga–or whatever it is that you do during the day—the last thing you want to do is rack your brain for a healthy dinner idea, right?

We’re totally with you. So to make sure none of us ever has to think of a healthy dinner recipe again, we’ve scoured the depths of Pinterest to find the most amazing healthy-eating recipe boards our fellow Philadelphians have to offer (aside from ours, of course!). Here, seven totally drool-inducing Pinterest boards overflowing with years—maybe even decades!—worth of healthy recipes and inspiration. Happy cooking, friends!

(Warning: Pinterest is like Pringles—once you start, you canNOT stop. Case in point: I spent an entire two days this week just looking at Pinterest boards. You’ve been warned.)

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What to Eat This Week: Simple, Veggie-Centric Recipes


The other day, I was devouring my lunch when someone said to me, “Oooh, that looks good. What is it?” It was a three-day old zucchini and quinoa salad—the same salad I’ve been making for the past month and eating for lunch or dinner at least three times a week. And she was right—it is a delicious dish. But not when you eat it three times a week. And that was when I realized: I am officially in a cooking rut.

I’m so used to sautéing zucchini and throwing it into a salad that it never even occurs to me to prepare the versatile veggie differently. It’s pure habit. And my guess is—whether your go-to veggie dinner of choice is zucchini and quinoa, a mushroom stir-fry over rice or a kale Caesar salad —you’ve fallen into a cooking rut at some point, too. And you might just be in one now. But it’s time to snap out of it, folks (myself included): This week, we’ve brought you five simple but creative veggie-filled recipes that have probably never landed on your dinner table before. So give your predictable go-to meals a break and whip up these delicious new recipes instead. Happy cooking!

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