MAKE: Guilt-Free Zesty Chicken Burgers With Cilantro Cream Sauce

Zesty Chicken Burgers With Cilantro Cream Sauce | Photo by Becca Boyd

These are not the burgers you make when you have a crowd of 20 on short notice on a hot summer’s night. Those guests can eat their pre-shaped beef patties from the grocery story and be grateful you’re hosting them. These are “something to look forward to on a Tuesday” burgers. They’re healthy but amazingly flavorful and super simple to make.

You might take a quick look at my list of ingredients and deem it “too long,” but, conveniently, the sauce and the burger have almost the same ingredients (lime, onion, mayo and cilantro appear twice). If you don’t like spice then omit the jalapeno from the cream, but if you really like spice, chop that sucker whole without removing seeds/ribs (that’s where the heat is). Either way, the end result here tastes like something you’d order at a restaurant but, as is always the case, the healthiest food is the food you make at home.

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Make: Roasted Kale Salad with Dried Cherries and Toasted Nuts

Photo by Becca Boyd

Photo by Becca Boyd

Goat cheese and I, we’re new friends. I’ve learned that, with some repetition and an open mind, taste preference can change; I’ve been working on this particular change, little by little.

This salad was my gateway-to-goat cheese recipe. I’ve made it so many times this fall and winter that our relationship is really heating up. By roasting the kale just a bit (not till it turns into chips, mind you), the bitterness is cut and the natural sweetness comes out. In fact, now that I think about it, this has become my new favorite way to eat the bitter green.

Dried cherries and toasted nuts create the savory crunch and sweet chew that can change a tasty dish into a perfect one. Bonus: This recipe is 100 percent New Year’s resolution approved.  Read more »

David Bowie’s Puttanesca Recipe

wmmr-rock-n-roll-cookbook-bowie-400There’s no doubting Philadelphia’s connection to David Bowie, from Sigma kids like Doobies owner Patti Brett to the influence the musician had on Philly-born supermodel Gia Carangi. The personal connections are strengthened through Bowie’s Philadelphia recording of “Young Americans” and the live album he recorded at the Tower Theater. But did you know about Bowie’s other contribution to Philadelphia? In the late eighties, Bowie contributed a Penne Puttanesca recipe to the WMMR Rock N Roll Celebrity Cookbook.

Well he did, though he wasn’t that precise with the measurements.

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Recipe: The Amazing Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake You Can Feel Good About Eating

chocolate cake

Photo by Becca Boyd

Want to know what’s super fun? Not hosting during the holidays. Taking on hosting responsibilities requires you to clean things that may not have been cleaned in, well, months (your oven, your baseboards) and write an endless amount of lists on small pieces of paper that you inevitably lose.

Not hosting this year? Congrats! Please offer to bring your host this chocolate cake. It’s delicious, of course, but it’s also gluten- AND dairy-free. So consider this moist, heavenly chocolate cake your own little holiday miracle. Just remember to share.  Read more »

Make: Asian-Style Chicken, Mushroom and Rice Soup

Asian-Style Chicken, Mushroom and Rice Soup | Photo by Becca Boyd

Asian-Style Chicken, Mushroom and Rice Soup | Photo by Becca Boyd

Are you new to cooking? Soup is a great place to start. You can easily correct mistakes, and with the right amount of salt, even an okay” soup is pretty darn good. We all know broth-based soup is the way to go when making waist-friendly decisions in the kitchen (or the buffet line, for that matter), but chicken noodle soup can get old — and fast.   Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 10-Minute Meals You’ll Devour

what to eat

Am I the only one who can’t fathom coming home from a long day at the office only to park it in the kitchen for an hour or more, slaving over dinner? Putting in more than minimal dinnertime effort just so is not in the cards for me.

If you’re of the surgical-strike mindset when it comes to dinner, too, I am pleased to present you with this week’s What to Eat: 10-minute meals that are simple, filling and, most important, delicious. Have at it, my friends.  Read more »

Make: Under-100-Calorie Peanut Butter and Banana Mini Muffins


Photo by Becca Boyd

‘Tis the season for portion control, friends. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and insist you make smaller portion sizes your very best friend this holiday season. Here’s why: By limiting how much you eat of each seasonal holiday treat, you can happily savor every once-a-year delicacy without having to join the throngs of resolution-ers flocking to the gym on January 1st.  Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Dinners That Double as Lunch Leftovers

what to eat

Picture this: It’s lunchtime at work and you’re running around like a crazy person, wondering when it the world will you find time to actually, you know, eat? We’ve all been there. Make your life easy this week by whipping up this menu of dinners that work overtime and become yummy lunchtime leftovers the next day. These dishes double in flavor after a night in the fridge so you’ll actually look forward to your brown bag for once. No, seriously, you’re so welcome. Read more »

The Only Brussels Sprouts Recipe You’ll Need This Thanksgiving

brussels recipe

Photo by Becca Boyd

The best way to beat the frantic crush of the holidays? Plan as much as you can in advance. Take today’s recipe, for example: While I have no idea where I’ll be eating my Thanksgiving dinner — Am I hosting? Will we go to my parents’? — I can tell you for sure that this brown butter Brussels sprouts side dish will absolutely make an appearance on the table.  Read more »

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