Quick Bites

The Blockley Pourhouse has opened at 38th and Ludlow and Meal Ticket has the pics. [Meal Ticket]

The Korean BBQ spot, Miga has opened on 15th Street. But no table-top barbecue or liquor license yet. [Meal Ticket]

Tomorrow, across the street from Miga, Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man opens.

The Beer Lass twitters that South Philly’s Sticks & Stones is less than two weeks away. [@BeerLass]

Media is getting Ariano Cafe, a quaint little Neapolitan pizza spot from Anthony Bellapigna who owns Fellini’s. [Restaurant Club]

Sycamore isn’t just a tree, it’s a new BYOB in Lansdowne. [Meal Ticket]

Daniel Stern’s Rae-placement is now set for November high above the city in 2 Liberty Place. It’s also not going to be Rae but rather R2L. [The Insider]

Gayle a top-50 American cuisine restaurant according to OpenTable diners. [OpenTable via Illadelph]

In The Restaurant Club

The Philly Mag Restaurant Club

This week in Philadelphia Magazine’s Restaurant Club Newsletter.

  • Sneak Peek at Our July Reviews: Noble and Table 31
  • Help a Member Out: Dining Outdoors With Your Posse
  • Great Chefs Dish: Bobby Flay in UCity, Rae to Open in October?
  • Snap Squad Shot of the Week
  • Win Tickets to the PAWS Chefs Dinner

Restaurant Club Newsletter [Philadelphia Magazine]

The Weekender Happy Hour: Chris’ Jazz Café

What to Drink: $10 buckets of Coronitas, $2 Kenzingers, or any of the discounted straight-ahead cocktails

What to Eat: Start with the free, always-changing butlered apps and move on to the by-the-piece raw bar selections and buckets of fresh crawfish, which your server will show you how to eat

When to Go: There are live bands (more R&B than jazz) Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Chris’ Jazz Café, 1421 Sansom Street; 215-568-3131.

It’s A Shame About Rae

RaeWe worry for Rae. The Kleinsider had a note Friday about Rae being closed for the weekend but today we notice OpenTable isn’t accepting any reservations for any upcoming dates. Daniel Stern is planning to move Rae to high atop Liberty Place Two but that isn’t scheduled to happen till around Labor Day.

What’s going on at Rae? [The Insider]
Rae [OpenTable]

UPDATE: Philly.com has more information. Rae is now a lunchtime only spot and only for December. After that Daniel Stern will be concentrating on moving Rae to Center City and retooling the current Rae space for a new concept. [The Insider]


Tonight is the kickoff of OpenTable.com’s Appetite Stimulus Plan. 70+ participating restaurants are offering $35 dinners and $24 lunches.

We don’t have a whole lot of information on the menus but Lacroix and Rae was nice enough to send theirs along.

Read more »

Rae Moving On Up

The Inquirer is reporting that Daniel Stern’s Rae is going to move to Two Liberty Place.

When Rae opens, hopefully by Labor Day 2009, the 37th floor restaurant will be the highest public restaurant in the city. Stern also says he has plans for a more casual spot where Rae currently is.

No word on whether Stern will petition the city to allow him a sign on the exterior of Two Liberty Place.

Stern also owns Queen Village’s Gayle and he ishad been slated to have a restaurant in the 10 Rittenhouse complex, currently under construction.

Rae to move to Two Liberty [The Insider]
Rae [Official Site]

Around The Web

Caution: do not look at Philadining’s photos of Chick’s mini beignets with Nutella and raspberry dipping sauces on an empty stomach. [Philadining]

Uncle Jimmy weighs the “Yays” and “Neys” of dinner at Kanella. [Uncle Jimmy Eats]

Dish & Bitch is pretty cool. They have a brunch club and invite a guest along each Sunday whom they interview. Most recently they were at the Royal Tavern. [Dish & Bitch]

PhilaFoodie tips us off that Wine Spectator’s Sam Gugino is in love with Daniel Stern’s (Gayle and Rae) apple pie. [PhilaFoodie]

Collin Flatt dines on the “All Pork Menu” at Cochon with mixed results. [Phoodie.info]

Blogalicious is partial to the flagship in the Primo Hoagies chain and rarely varies from ordering the Chicken Suprimo on a seeded Sarcone’s roll. [Blogalicious]

Mac & Cheese gets some Egyptian and Mediterranean bites at Mazag Cafe in South Philly. [Mac & Cheese]

Our beer runs are much shorter (from wherever we are to the Foodery or Food & Friends) than the one Bryan Kolesar and Chris Leonard are preparing for this Saturday. They’re doing 13.1 miles from the General Lafayette to the new Tiedhouse. [Brew Lounge]

Foodzings has only a mediocre time at Mantra. [Foodzings]

Quick Bites

Progress continues to be made at Earth Bread + Brewery where they’ve recently posted a photo album that chronicles the construction.

Frank Imbarlina was supposed to be the chef at Time but he’s out before they opened. Stepping in will be Keith Murphy who is currently the chef at Jason and Delphine Evenchik’s Vintage. [The Clog]

In other chef movement, pastry chef Peter Scarola is set to leave the Inn at St. Peters Village and is headed to Rae.

Orange Alert, Pat Bombino’s has a liquor license application in the window.

In other window based news, a paper sign in the window on 20th Street across from Twenty Manning notes that a Japanese restaurant, Yoshi is coming soon.

Phoodie.info has a photo of the refurbed upstairs dining room at the North Star Bar. Well we think they do. It might be a photo of someone’s living room. [Phoodie.info]

James Beard Awards Nominees Revealed


Nominees for the 2008 James Beard Awards, often referred to as the ‘Oscars of the food industry’, were announced today. Here are the local connections:

Restaurateur of the Year: Stephen Starr

Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic: Alison Barshak (Alison at Blue Bell), Jim Burke (James), Jose Garces (Amada), Matthew Levin (Lacroix), Daniel Stern (Rae)

Outstanding Pastry Chef: Kate Honeyman (Continental Mid-Town)

Rising Star Chef of the Year: Jeff Michaud (Osteria), Chip Roman (Blackfish), Michael Solomonov (Marigold Kitchen)

Outstanding Chef: Marc Vetri (Vetri)

Outstanding Service: Vetri

Best New Restaurant: Osteria, Tinto, Xochitl

They also give out awards to food writers, which we would undoubtedly win if we could afford the $100 entry fee.

Beard Nominees Sent to Judges [Grub Street]

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