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Truth bomb: My mother-in-law keeps QVC in business. Single-handedly. She gets deliveries from the West Chester-based retail empire on a near daily-basis. She’s on a first-name basis with the UPS guy.

I don’t ever shop at QVC. I’ve been to the main campus (yes, it’s a campus), which is beyond huge and could probably secede from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and start its own independent state. Former QVC queen Lisa Robertson would be president.  Read more »

VIDEO: QVC In Hot Water After “Racial Mocking”


Left, the model. Right, the hosts. (And shiny bag.) | Screenshots from YouTube.

QVC, the empire of perpetual televised consumerism inexplicably plopped in the middle of sleepy West Chester, is battling backlash after a host made a live, on-air comment about bad hairstyles at the same exact time a camera panned to an African-American model sporting natural hair.

Poor timing, or a thinly veiled dig at natural African-American hair? Some bloggers were quick to decide:

Bougie Black Girl“Two White QVC hosts mock a Black Woman’s natural hair and humiliate her on TV.”

Bossip: “Race Matters: White QVC Host Apologizes For ‘Making Fun’ Of Beautiful Black Model’s Natural Hair Live On The Air.” 

Misee Harris: “Is QVC Racist? White Host Mocks Black Model’s Natural Hair.”

A blogger on Bougie Black Girl, the first site to post a reaction to the clip, wrote this (questionable capitalization hers):

“Apparently the White women hosts on QVC felt like it was OK to insult a Black woman who has natural hair. If you don’t know what QVC is, they are the folks who sell products on live TV. Check out the models reaction. It says it all.  I am heartbroken for her. In 2015, I am not surprised that it is still happening. What surprised me was how their hosts felt entitled to judge and humiliate a Black woman on TV.”

Here we go.

Read more here.

WATCH: Gay QVC Host Gets Surprise Marriage Proposal Live on TV

Exuberant British QVC host Will Gowing was thrown for a loop recently when his boyfriend surprised him with a marriage proposal while he was busy hocking goods on air. Gowing and his cohost Alison Young were just about to wrap up a live segment when Young asked him to read “one last message” that appeared on the teleprompter. It was a sweet proposal from his boyfriend of nine years, Steve. Did he say yes?! Watch the clip above to find out.