QVC Laying Off 220, Shipping Jobs to Poland

QVC is laying off 220 people as it ships parts of its HR, IT, finance and legal departments to Krakow, Poland. Approximately 100 people at the company’s West Chester, Pa. campus are expected to lose their jobs. There are also 40 layoffs in the U.K., 70 in Germany and 10 in Italy.

QVC CFO Ted Jastrzebski broke the news to Pennsylvania workers on Wednesday, leading some long-time employees to get emotional, according to a source familiar with the situation. Some of the terminated employees had been with the company since its very first years in the late 1980s, the source said.

The layoffs are expected to begin no earlier than January 2017 and will be a gradual process. Read more »

Meet the Philly Ad Agency Promoting “Joy,” the Brand Behind the Movie

"Joy" and Joy.

“Joy” and Joy.

Rarely does a brand have such a prime opportunity to go from niche retailer to household name. But such is the case for Joy — the brand of mops, steamers, pillows and other household items created by founder Joy Mangano.

Not only was she played by Jennifer Lawrence in the film Joy, but Lawrence just won a Golden Globe and got nominated for an Oscar for her performance. If that weren’t enough, Joy-the-brand is in the midst of a huge rollout in the full footprint of TargetBed Bath & Beyond, Container Store and Macy’s locations. Some stores like Target and Macy’s are even creating store-within-a-store concepts that will basically be their own “Joy” sections.

So Joy and her company went on the hunt for an advertising agency — and chose Philly’s Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners. In January, RTOP just launched an ad campaign including TV commercials, digital ads and social media posts. If it’s successful, Joy could become the next Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray. If it fails, the business will likely remain most visible on the Home Shopping Networkwhere Joy has been selling products for years. Read more »

QVC’s HR Chief on How to Ace a Job Interview

Beth Rubino, executive vice president of human resources at QVC.

Beth Rubino, executive vice president of human resources at QVC.

When people find out that I’ve reviewed more than 200,000 resumes and conducted thousands of interviews, they often give me a funny look. I can see them doing the math in their heads, trying to calculate how many resumes a year that averages. I can tell you, it’s a lot!

But, I love it. I always knew I wanted to work with people, and my role leading human resources at QVC is the perfect fit. That’s what I look for when I interview a job candidate — a good fit for the individual and for the company. An interview should be a thoughtful exchange of information to explore opportunities. Remember, the company is as hopeful as the applicant to find a good match. Read more »

How to Get Hired at Top Philly Employers like Comcast, QVC

(Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock

(Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock)

A handful of Philly companies consistently show up on job seekers’ wish lists. Eager candidates may even apply to 10 or more jobs in one company, hoping to get a foot in the door with one of the city’s most highly regarded employers.

So how do you get hired by top local employers like Comcast or QVC? I went straight to the top of the hiring chain to find out. Read more »

QVC Laying Off 147 Workers

QVC, the West Chester-based retail sales behemoth, is laying off 147 workers — mainly holding warehouse jobs.

It’s the result of the company permanently closing its jewelry returns department and handling all distribution and returns at its Florence, S.C. facility.

The layoffs will come in two rounds, one in November and another in December. Read more »

QVC Owner to Pay $2.4 Billion for Online Shopping Site

Mike George, CEO of QVC, will new responsibilities after the deal is completed.

Mike George, CEO of QVC, will new responsibilities after the deal is completed.

QVC is getting a new e-commerce partner.

QVC’s parent company Liberty Interactive Corp. has announced that it will pay $2.4 billion for Zulily, an e-commerce site specializing in limited-time sales of toys, clothes and apparel aimed at millennial moms. The company will join West Chester, Pa.-based QVC Group to bolster its digital e-commerce platform. Read more »

Market Report: Celeb Fashion Finds You Can Actually Afford


Yep, these celebs wear fast-fashion, too. | Featureflash /, Helga Esteb /, Allan Bregg /

  • Apparently celebs love styling on a budget as much as we do. Behold, Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner and other stars sporting affordable brands like Topshop, Asos, and Forever 21, proving that you can make any outfit look like a million bucks with a little bit of sharp styling and a whole lot of confidence. [Huffington Post]
  • Because we all do it even though we know we shouldn’t, here are some pimple-popping best practices from dermatologists to minimize scarring. (The cold, hard truth: Wait for the white.) [The Cut]
  • West Chester-based QVC just bought Zulily for $2.4 billion, which means millennial moms can find more adorable maternity and baby clothes at discounted prices. And also QVC is taking over the world. [Forbes]

Next: The latest Asian beauty trend? Heart-shaped bangs. (Yes, really.)

How QVC Turned an Obsolete Genre Into an $8.8B Business

Meet Mike George, the CEO of QVC.

Meet Mike George, the CEO of QVC.

QVC has gone from a business in danger of being obsolete to an industry-leading powerhouse.

With the rise of big e-commerce players like Amazon and eBay, the home-shopping business model could have become stale. So the West Chester, Pa., retailer named Mike George CEO in 2006 after he served as chief marketing officer and general manager at Dell.

Now, QVC is an $8.8 billion empire with 17,000 employees broadcasting in six countries (soon to be seven when it opens QVC France). It shipped 173 million products in 2014. Read more »

From “Junk” to Shark Tank’s Biggest Success Story

Aaron Krause, president and CEO of Scrub Daddy.

Aaron Krause, president and CEO of Scrub Daddy.

A funny thing happened in 2008: A very profitable Philly-area startup company nearly sold its patent for peanuts. Now it has $50 million in revenue and has become Shark Tank’s biggest success story.

Long before Aaron Krause invented Scrub Daddy — the smiley-shaped sponge with the rough exterior that doesn’t leave scratch marks — he was in the car-washing business. An excitable inventor by nature, Krause created a buffing pad adapter with quick-connect technology. Once it started to disrupt the market, mighty multinational conglomerate 3M took notice. Early deals to acquire Krause’s company (called Dedication to Detail) included 12 of Krause’s other patents — including a weird hand-scrubbing sponge called Scrub Daddy.

“They said we don’t want this sponge thing,” Krause recalled. “They said ‘you keep all those patents — we just want the buffing pad business.’ We didn’t know what Scrub Daddy was. They didn’t know what Scrub Daddy was. We put it in a box and called it scrap. The product was completely dead and sat in that box for five years.” Read more »

We Have Found the Best Gel Nail Polish Ever


Truth bomb: My mother-in-law keeps QVC in business. Single-handedly. She gets deliveries from the West Chester-based retail empire on a near daily-basis. She’s on a first-name basis with the UPS guy.

I don’t ever shop at QVC. I’ve been to the main campus (yes, it’s a campus), which is beyond huge and could probably secede from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and start its own independent state. Former QVC queen Lisa Robertson would be president.  Read more »

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