The Informant: Tommy Up Disappears, Meek Mill Disappoints… Then Dines

Tommy Up photo courtesy Mario Manzoni / Fame Lust

Tommy Up photo courtesy Mario Manzoni / Fame Lust

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Tommy Up has always been one of Philadelphia’s most savvy and prolific social media wizards and promotional gurus, using Facebook, Twitter and the like to spread the word about gimmick burger joint P.Y.T. and his other entrepreneurial efforts gone viral. Just how savvy and prolific is he? Facebook once flew him out to company headquarters in Menlo Park, California, for a secret meeting of superusers. But for the past few weeks, his social media accounts have dried up, and folks are wondering what the heck happened to the 44-year-old Fishtown native, especially after his latest effort — a New York City outpost of his burger joint P.Y.T. — closed after just three months. Read more »

Tommy Up and PYT Opening in New York


PYT is headed to New York City.

Tommy Up may be facing competition in Philadelphia with the announcement that Mark Wahlberg’s Wahlbergers is coming to the Piazza, but the PYT frontman is moving ahead with a New York location. The second PYT opens in the Bowery next week and will bring its same brand of zany creations to New York City.

According to Business Insider, the New York PYT will have just four tables inside but the same Doctor Frankenstein creations coming out of the kitchen. There will also be a secret door in what appears to be a video game that leads to SRO, a speakeasy pizzeria.

PYT Burgers [Official]

10 Of Philly’s Best Ice Cream Floats

Watermelon and Mint Soda Float 

We didn’t mean to, but in the past couple of weeks we’ve done a lot of ice cream float reporting. There were the beer floats collaboration between Bottle Bar East and Joe’s Steaks. Then, we told you about the nitro-charged coffee and Weckerly’s ice cream floats collaboration at Rival Brothers and the 2015 affogato road show (because, being made of ice cream and a liquid, affogatos are kinda like floats). So, after all that, we finally just decided to put together a guide to some of our favorite floats around town. Because seriously? There’s just no better way to kick off a season of shore-house-less sorrows than to to drown them in than a tall glass of something frothy and creamy.

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Want To Eat A PYT Burger A Day For A Whole Year?


If you could choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

If your answer is burgers, well, you may just get your wish. Groupon currently has a deal where you can get a burger every day for one year at PYT for $143.

Yes, this is real. Every day. For one year. With french fries. That’s a $4,830 value.

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Charlie Sheen Makes Good On His $1,000 Tip To PYT Server Stiffed By LeSean McCoy

Hey, remember back a couple weeks ago when the internets melted because LeSean McCoy from the Eagles left a 20-cent tip for a server at PYT?

Remember when the melted internets then exploded and caught fire because Charlie Sheen (yeah, THAT Charlie Sheen) got on Twitter and pledged $1,000 to the stiffed server (#nojudgement)?

Yeah, well now it looks like Topper Harley has come through. The Daily News is reporting that 10 hundred dollar bills and a signed photo were mailed to PYT, in care of server Rob Knelly, and the cash is now resting comfortably in Knelly’s wallet.

No word yet on what he’s doing with the signed picture.

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