Coatesville High Schoolers Pose With Swastika-, KKK-Carved Pumpkins

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The image, as blurred by 6ABC Action News. The swastika symbol appeared on the first pumpkin on the left.

It’s a deeply unsettling photo.

An image of several Chester County teenagers posing with swastika- and KKK-carved pumpkins is making the rounds on the internet. According to the Coatesville Area School District, the teens pictured are current and former Coatesville Area High School students.  Read more »

Make: Super-Creamy (Dairy-Free!) Pumpkin Turkey Chili

Pumpkin Turkey Chili | Photo by Rebecca Boyd

The pumpkin spice craze makes me laugh. Best-ever jab was a sign I saw outside of an auto shop that advertised their “pumpkin spice motor oil.” I used to dismiss the idea of pumpkin chili because the two ideas didn’t meld in my mind. Turns out I can be wrong sometimes  — I know, it was a shock to me, too. It’s almost like magic, but the taste of pumpkin is nowhere to be found and instead you’re left with creamy chili (sans dairy) that’s, if possible, healthier than your average version.

This recipe makes a great big batch, which I love, because I can get another night’s dinner out of it and it’s also gorgeously healthy. Here’s to Sunday football fare with an extra dose of nourishment.

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Pumpkin-Spice Up Your Life: 18 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes to Make Now

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In case you haven’t heard the terrible news, there may be a pumpkin shortage headed our way this fall. The majority of pumpkins grown in the U.S. come from Illinois (who knew?) and, after a ton of rain in June, much of the crop was washed out. As one crop scientist told TIME, when it comes to canned pumpkin, “I would not wait until November 20th … I’d buy it whenever it comes to the store.” Yikes.

The thought of fighting for a can of pumpkin puree in a Whole Foods aisle is a bummer in more than one way. For one, pumpkin is an easy way to sneak all sorts of good stuff into your diet: fiber, which keeps you nice and full, vitamins A and C, betacarotene, and potassium. So we say start squeezing all your seasonal pumpkin fixes in now. Below, 18 recipes — from vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls to Paleo pumpkin curry — to make, stat. Now, here’s to hoping none of us has to go head-to-head with a stranger for a can of pumpkin come Thanksgiving.  Read more »

Tonight’s Sandwich, Beer and Shot Combos

“Muffin but Trouble” – Rex 1516 Collaboration burger with Pumpkin.

A few days ago we gave you the city’s best food, beer and shot combos. And here’s a friendly reminder that some of them are available tonight.

Cedar Point‘s “Drunk and Cheesy,” happening every Tuesday night, features a special grilled cheese, side of fries, beer and shot for $13. Tonight’s Cheesy is something rather intriguing – black pudding and cheddar on sourdough, with a Sly Fox stout and shot of Jameson. It sounds a little weird, but is a grilled cheese and booze deal nonetheless.

Here’s what Rex 1516 is serving tonight »

Classic Cake’s Pumpkin Academy

CCpumpkinOver at Classic Cake in Cherry Hill, pastry chef Robert Bennett does a regular series of classes at his shop, called the Classic Cake Academy. He teaches about chocolate making, Jewish holiday desserts and whatever else moves him on any given month.

It being October now, his next class is going to be all about pumpkin. $10 gets you in the door (and gets you a complimentary hot beverage), and then you get to sit back and learn everything you ever wanted to know about baking with pumpkin.

The Classic Cake Pumpkin Academy will be happening at 7pm on Tuesday, October 7. You can sign up in the shop, by phone or email (, but you will have to reserve your spot because the classes fill up fast.

Classic Cake [Facebook]

Where We’re Eating: Pumpkin

Photo by Mike Arrison

Photo by Mike Arrison

There are two ways a restaurant can be and remain successful: It can stay relevant, or it can become a classic. Sometimes, when the planets align and the gods approve, the two happen simultaneously. Pumpkin has lived at 17th and South for what’ll soon be 10 years, the anniversary of the day when owners Ian Moroney and Hillary Bor grabbed hold of a space nobody believed in and created (and kept) the BYO atmosphere we all know and love.

Alas, with the surrounding restaurant neighborhood explosion — the fancy toasts, the small plates — tiny places like this can get lost in the scrum. But Pumpkin stayed true and stayed exciting. Fregola sarda (toasted beads of Sardinian pasta) risotto with an English pea salad on top was not only comforting, but a texturally fun play on popping peas and smooth risotto. And it was the succotash that brought the sweet, tang and heat (from Styer Orchard chili peppers) that tiny gobbets of snails reveled in.

It’s easy eating  at Pumpkin — not dated, not too precious, not clinging to trends,  but not losing sight of what Philadelphia wants, either. It’s a restaurant that’s both current and classic,  and that still harks back to a day when Philadelphia began to do what we do best: bring our own.

Pumpkin [Foobooz]

Originally published in the September 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine.


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