Pumpkin Market Closes


Pumpkin Market’s parklet from Spring 2013

Ian Moroney and Hillary Bor are South Street West pioneers. The couple opened Pumpkin Restaurant in 2004, next came Pumpkin Cafe and then Pumpkin Market in 2008. The Cafe and Market merged  in 2011. And now comes word that Pumpkin Market will be closing. On Facebook, the reason given is that the landlord is asking for a 65% increase in rent.

Pumpkin Restaurant will remain open.

Pumpkin Market [Facebook]
Pumpkin Restaurant [Official Site]

Six Pack: Sunday Tasting Menus


There’s the glitz and the glam, and then there’s the humble and the honest-to-goodness, the unaffected and the unassuming. To each his own, but I prefer the latter.

I get a kick out of the quirky buildings’ awkward seating arrangements and tiny menus—menus that need not say much, and food that says all too much; the chef-driven and food-focused holes, often orienting themselves in such a way that the preparer and prepared are shown off, experienced only through an intimate three-part channel between the chef, his food, and his guest. When done well, the following few weeks (or longer) will pale in comparison. That’s why the tasting menu is so important; it’s a facilitation of exchange between the hand of the cook and the consumed palate it feeds.

Some tasting menus you’ll find in places that don’t deserve them, and others are just a second menu to the main. Some are only available on weekdays, but there are those you can only take part in on a single day: Sunday, perhaps.

An ode to the tasting menus of Sunday »

Weekend Round Up

This weekend is jam packed with fall festivals, cheesteaky goodness and brunches on brunches, one of which you can share with your pooch. Whether you choose to chow down on some Pepperoni Pizza Soup at Royal Tavern or try one of Shake Shack’s Shacktoberfest additions like the Cheddar Brat Burger, make it a weekend full of three of our favorite F words: fun, food, and fall.


Cafe Rue 52 Grand Opening

Start of Shacktoberfest

Appetizer throw back night at Royal Tavern


Nutella Truck in Philly, its final day

Harvest Festival at Reading Terminal Market 

Blocktoberfest: South West Street

Mildred’s first weekend brunch

Royal Tavern specialty brunch


Shopping with Pumpkin’s chef at Headhouse Farmer’s Market

Dog Brunch at Alla Spina 

Royal Tavern specialty brunch

First brunch at Ela

Cheeseteak Challenge: High Steaks at Square 1682

Rocky Horror Balboa Quizzo this Sunday at Trestle Inn

Shop with Pumpkin’s Chef Ian

Chef Ian Moroney of Pumpkin will be at Headhouse Farmers Market every second Sunday of the month starting this Sunday, June 10th. Pumpkin fans and patrons are welcome to join him at the Food Trust stand, right in the center of the market, as he shops for the restaurant throughout the farmers market at his favorite vendors from 10:30 to 11 a.m.

Anyone who loves the farm-to-table trend will enjoy this outing as they get to see how chef Moroney makes his choices for the week throughout the market at 2nd and Lombard. The free event will include mingling with the chef, vendors, farmers, and the community at large as well as vendor samples throughout the market.

The Urban Forager

Photo courtesy of Ada Kulesza

Metropolis, a Philadelphia regional news site, recently profiled David Siller in a piece called “The Urban Forager.”

Before you start thinking this is some creepy trash-digger, you’re wrong. Siller actually forages edible plants out of the forest (in super-secret locations) that he then sells to farmers markets, pubs, and high-end restaurants.

Enough chefs at spots like Russet and Pumpkin buy Siller’s finds — everything from cattails and chives to edible flowers and gargantuan mushrooms — that he makes most of his income off of local foraged plants.

The Urban Forager [Metropolis]

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