Attention Tinder Enthusiasts: Philly Is 4th Most “Sexually Diseased” City in the U.S.

[Updated at 3:40 p.m. with 2014 data and comments from a public health expert.]

It looks as though Philadelphia-area residents are more likely to be diagnosed with having sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia than are residents of almost any other city in the nation.

This news comes from a somewhat bizarre source; the website, which used Centers for Disease Control data to create a national STD map and a companion 10-worst list. But there’s no tricky methodology here. It’s just a copy and paste of quite reliable CDC data slapped into a map. And while it’s a transparent marketing ploy for, it nonetheless shines a light on just how bad Philadelphia’s public health problem with STDs has become.

Philadelphia’s high ranking is all the more remarkable given that the list isn’t limited to big cities. The map includes data for thousands of communities, and even so, Philadelphia ranks 4th most “sexually diseased,” behind Montgomery, Alabama, St. Louis, and West Memphis. Read more »

How City Hall Is Making General Tso’s Chicken a Little Healthier

Now with less sodium. |

Now with less sodium. |

There are more than 400 Chinese takeout joints in Philadelphia. That’s a lot. More than all the chain restaurants in the city combined, in fact. And while many of them serve delicious, cheap food, much of it is also wildly unhealthy.

So a year-and-a-half ago, Philadelphia’s Department of Health set off on a well-intentioned but seemingly doomed attempt to change that. How? By convincing the owners of takeout joints to cook lower-sodium versions of three Chinese American standards: chicken lo mein, shrimp with broccoli and General Tso’s chicken. Good luck with that, right? Read more »

Controversial Philly Nursing Home Remains Open Despite Complaints

The Daily News’ Will Bunch writes today of the untenable situation at the Philadelphia Nursing Home. The city-owned care facility is not solely for senior citizens — more than half of the residents are under 65. Many residents in the Philadelphia Nursing home are crime victims and homeless in need of serious medical care.

The home has been privately-managed since a series of scandals in the 1990s, but the complaints continue. Bunch chronicles a litany of them in the paper including:

Read more »

Garces Foundation Hosts Free Community Health Day


The Garces Foundation is hosting its quarterly Community Health Day this Saturday, October 26th. The goal of the day is to provide free medical and dental care for Philadelphia’s uninsured and underserved immigrant community. Blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol screenings will be available as well as flu shots and a host of dental procedure.

Staff at the Community Health Day will all be able to speak Spanish. The event will be held at the Garces Dental Group, 212 Race Street from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Appointments are required by calling, 215-923-1233.

About the foundation »

Free Flu Shots for Restaurant Workers

The Restaurant Opportunities Center is joining up with Thomas Jefferson University to provide free flu shots to restaurant workers. The vaccinations will take place on Tuesday, January 22nd from noon to 4 p.m. at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Center for Urban Health. 211 South 9th St, Suite 313.

To sign up for a flu shot, fill out this online form, call 215-867-9747 or email

This season’s flu season is being called the worst in a decade and Philadelphia has been particularly hard hit.

I’ll Have An Egg and Cheese and Mouse Turd Sandwich, Please

Well, I was planning to scarf down a $2.50 egg-and-cheese sandwich (ketchup and pepper) from a street vendor near Foobooz World Headquarters. But once I spied these clear-as-day rodent droppings sitting atop a long roll on the counter inside the cart, I decided to skip breakfast altogether. (See, I knew I should have gone with the English muffin.) Read more »

Can Marc Vetri Save School Lunch?

Goodbye, rubbery nuggets, plastic trays and long cafeteria lines. The city’s top chef and his team want to turn the midday meal on its head. Marc Vetri, Jeff Benjamin and Jeff Michaud aim to remake school lunch. And not just the food but the social setting as well.

The Vetri team plans to revolutionize America’s school cafeterias »

UPDATE: Today was Vetri’s first day providing lunch at People for People Charter School and he tweeted the work. Vetri’s Eatiquette program provided roast turkey, mushroom risotto, Swiss chard and a fresh pear for $1.82 per child. [Twitter]


Retro-Raunt: Pub Tiki

Photo via Arkiva Tropika

Drawing for Food visited the Pub in Pennsauken a bit back, a retro experience in and of itself but they also did some research on the history of the Pub that we found fascinating.

  • There were once 5 Pub locations
  • Founded by Morris “Duffy”J. Shoyer (1914-1995)

Here are some fun facts we found about Pub Tiki:

  • Opened in the mid-1950s
  • Closed in 1977
  • Interior featured a glowing map of the South Pacific and a waterfall
  • The Missionary’s Downfall was the most expensive cocktail at $1.20
  • A Hawaiian hukilau of special rums and fresh exotic juices served in a whole fresh pineapple

  • All drinks had a minimum of 1 1/2 ounces alcohol
  • 3 Tiki mugs from Pub Tiki recently went for $188.49 on eBay.
  • GQ food writer Alan Richman took a date to Pub Tiki in 1965, his senior year at the University of Pennsylvania and also mentioned the restaurant in his book, Fork it Over: the intrepid adventures of a professional eater .
  • Phyllis Stein-Novack reminisced that the “Polynesian” food served there “was sort of Chinese, the addition of cherries and pineapples.”
  • Dinner Menu from Pub Tiki [Arkiva Tropika]
  • Cocktail Menu from Pub Tiki [Arkiva Tropika]

Are we ready for a Tiki renaissance?

The Pub [Drawing for Food]

Patel is LHAO


We were tipped off to this web site by a reader yesterday. It focuses on some Philadelphia Department of Health/Office of Food Protection violations that Ekta has received.

The site is owned by someone identified as Patel who extols Ekta owner and chef Raju Bhattara to wash his hands. It’s an odd site as Patel seems genuinely freaked by the sanitary conditions but also praises the “unity of spices” at Ekta.

Ironically we received this email as we were polishing off some Ekta leftovers. We’re happy to report that we’re feeling fine and Ekta was as tasty as ever.

Ekta Indian Cuisine – Raju Bhattarai Wash Your Damn Hands [Certainly not the Official Site]
Ekta Restaurant [Official Site]

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