Sandusky’s Victims Closer to Getting Settlement Money

In remarks to media yesterday, Philly-based “Victim 5″ lawyer Tom Kline said that negotiations between lawyers for Jerry Sandusky’s victims and Penn State had moved into the money phase. After getting all the details of the charges straight, the two sides are now negotiating how much cash the university will disburse to victims. Penn State has lost $80 million from costs relating to the scandal, and figures to lose tens of millions more, Tom Corbett or no Tom Corbett.

“Phase one was fact gathering,” Kline said. “Negotiators from Penn State looked to determine facts — were these young men injured, was it on Penn State property, was it before or after the now infamous (Mike) McQueary incident?” “That’s done,” he continued. “We’re now getting to the point where we are actually talking about money and talking about whether the case is going to be resolved.”

Meanwhile, a judge is deliberating over whether or not to grant Jerry Sandusky a new trial, which he requested yesterday. (Philly Post outlook: Not so good.) [Centre Daily Times]



Sandusky Returns: Asks for New Trial, Blows Kisses to Wife

Jerry Sandusky appeared in court today in Centre County, marking the first time he’s left prison since his guilty verdict was handed down in June. Dressed in a red jumpsuit and big black boots, Sandusky was asking for a retrial–his attorney Joe Amendola claimed they weren’t given enough time to prepare the last time around. (The copier broke down during Memorial Day weekend, apparently.) A new trial seems unlikely–Amendola eventually admitted that nothing he’s discovered in the past six months would have changed his legal approach.

Nonetheless, Sandusky was in good spirits for the 90-minute session, smiling ear-to-ear and blowing kisses to his wife. He’s also having a better time of it in state prison than he was in his previous county facility.

He gets three showers a week, two phone calls a month, and his wife makes the 400-mile round trip from State College to see him once a month, although they are “no-contact” visitations. The Daily Beast has learned Sandusky also has a radio and a television of his own and gets both ESPN and ESPN 2 in his cell, allowing him to watch plenty of sporting events.

[The Daily Beast]

Graham Spanier Still In Denial Over Sandusky Charges

Last week, I reported that Graham Spanier was asking his bail officer to let him travel to Europe, for a wedding in Slovakia, among other silly things. Now he wants permission to hang out with his buddies on the Board of Trustees in State College. Somebody’s still in Stage 1. From Spanier’s complaint:

State College is not a large city, and contact between (the) defendant and trustees is inevitable; for example, two of the former trustees live in Spanier’s apartment complex and he occasionally meets them in the elevators.”

OK, how about some amended language: “Graham Spanier, former President of Pennsylvania State University, may not fraternize with members of the PSU Board of Trustees to grumble about victimhood, complain about unfair sanctions, or trade recipes, as previously stipulated. If Spanier attempts to enter apartment complex elevator already occupied by a trustee, Spanier must turn around and walk up the stairs (or down the stairs, if he’s doing laundry). If Spanier encounters a trustee trying to enter elevator he’s already occupying, Spanier must either hurriedly close doors on said trustee, or, if not possible, briskly exit the elevator while shielding his eyes, sticking his fingers in his ears, and singing ‘lalalalalala.'” [CBS 3]


Poll: Corbett’s PSU Lawsuit More Popular Than Corbett

If Tom Corbett’s bizarre flip-floppin’ lawsuit against the NCAA (for sanctions he once agreed with) was politically motivated, it wasn’t the worst idea in the world. According to a survey conducted today by Public Policy Polling, 52 percent of surveyed PAers support the suit, 34 percent oppose it, and 14 percent, like Corbett, aren’t sure what they think. Corbett himself, according to the poll, has a 38 percent favorability rating. And one last thing, before you get tired of polls: The percentage of Pennsylvanians (62%) who think the NCAA’s sanctions against Penn State are too harsh far exceeds the number who support Corbett’s suit, suggesting the man has a unique power to taint whatever he touches. [Politico]

Presenting Bill O’Brien’s Typo-Laden Resume

You know that Bill O’Brien CPR’d a moribund Penn State football squad to one of the best records in the Big Ten this year. You probably also know he was on the Eagles shortlist to replace Andy Reid on the sidelines. What you probably didn’t know: He makes spelling errors and doesn’t like to use commas, as evidenced by his official resume. (Sample bullet point: “Coach Tom Brady who in 2011 became the first unanimous Associated Press MVP.”)  Well thank heavens O’Brien has decided to stay out of the NFL and coach Penn State for at least another year, where he might learn some grammar. See page 14 for the CV.  [PSU]

Penn State Settles With Paterno Estate

Penn State Settles Up With Joe Paterno. The university announced its retirement payout of more than $5 million to the Paterno estate. [Centre Daily Times]

Flyers vs. Penguins Game 5 Tonight. The team could still finish off the series tonight, but reports on Bryz’s condition are still murky. [Fox 29]

Rick Santorum Withholds Support From Romney, Continues to Flirt With Media. There’s talk the two could meet in Philadelphia for what one presumes would be awkward wooing. They should definitely consider holding such a meeting on a Ride the Ducks tour. [Inquirer]

Would You Rather Vote for Jewel Williams or Jewell Williams? The daughter-father politicians have potential to cause voter confusion, and opponents in the state rep race aren’t happy. The young Ms. Williams protests, “There’s no hiding who I am. I can’t help it that my name is Jewel Williams.” [Daily News]

Philly Tech Week Begins Today. You Don’t Have to Be a Computer Genius to Be Interested. With events on the schedule like the Robotics Expo, a multimedia music show, and a session called “Behind the Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft,” this annual geek-up isn’t just for techie-type developers and entrepreneurs. [Philly Tech Week]

Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s Old Gym Is Back on the Market. Though the boxer no longer owned the North Philly Broad Street building when he died last year, many Philadelphians still hoped something could be done with the historic property that would honor the legend. If you’d like to try (and have one million bucks), now’s your chance. [Curbed Philly]

Today’s Bad Teacher Alert. A substitute teacher isn’t going to be getting any jobs in a South Jersey school district after allegedly telling a seven-year-old girl that she was “too sexy to do gym class.” Bad grammar is obviously the least of his problems. [6 ABC]

School of Rock to Expand. The music school, which was founded in Philadelphia, just picked up a $5 million investment and plans to open more after-school programs around the U.S. [Wall Street Journal]

Penn & Penn State: A Tale of Two Sex-Abuse Cover-Ups

It’s the tale of a powerful figure at an esteemed Pennsylvania university who led a secret life as the destroyer of young boys, despite officials and colleagues who were aware he’d been suspected of pedophilia. It’s the story of disgraced Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky. And, years before the grand jury investigation into Sandusky’s alleged abuse began, it was also the story of University of Pennsylvania marketing professor Scott Ward. Read more »

A Sex-Abuse Cover-Up Bigger Than Penn State

We have all felt a deep sense of revulsion over the allegations of sex abuse at Penn State. It is impossible to read the 23-page Grand Jury report and not fill up with anger over the descriptions of children being abused and then ignored. But for victims of childhood sexual abuse, the Penn State story and the continuous coverage is tearing off the scabs of painful memories and making them fresh and raw again. Read more »

I Don’t Care About PSU Football

It may seem like a pretty crooked train of thought to start out wondering who the hell Joe Paterno is and work through Muhammad Ali, but that’s where I’m going. I’m thinking about myth-building.

Paterno, well, it’s pretty obvious why I’m thinking about him. And I didn’t realize it, not until the Sandusky mess hit, but I’ve been obsessed with the JoePa thing for about 40 years, from the first day I landed at Penn State. There were two goons in the dorm room next to me. One was an offensive guard. The other, the more lively of the two, was a linebacker with a bad back. Eddie couldn’t play. He was in JoePa’s doghouse a lot. He also liked to tell me if I was going to smoke dope, I better be sure I put a towel under my door, because RA’s were sniffing out guys like me. Read more »

Jim Gardner Tweets His Way Into Hearts of PSU Students

In the midst of Penn State’s child sex-abuse scandal, an unlikely student hero has emerged: 6ABC’s Jim Gardner. In 140 characters or less, the Philly news anchor has taken to Twitter to connect with PSU students, many who feel misrepresented by rioting knuckleheads with a blind faith to a coach who covered up an alleged pedophile. Read more »

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