Bus Carrying Penn State Students Back From Spring Break Catches Fire

A charter bus transporting spring breaking Penn State students from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia caught fire on Interstate 70 yesterday, near Breezewood. “Students smelled smoke on the bus and the driver pulled over and the students evacuated. Much of the luggage was removed before the fire spread, but some left onboard was damaged when the vehicle was later engulfed in flames.” Nobody was injured. [AP]

UPDATED: Sue Paterno to Release Rebuttal of Freeh Report

Sue Paterno’s on the march. She’s already conducted an interview with Katie Couric in which she said her husband didn’t know the extent of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes (to air Monday at 3 p.m.). Today, she sent a letter to former Penn State football players, letting them know that a comprehensive rebuttal of Louis Freeh’s Sandusky report will be posted on paterno.com on Sunday. In the letter, she called the Freeh report a “disservice” to Sandusky’s victims and called her husband a “moral, disciplined” man. Paterno.com, by the way, looks like this right now:

Sunday talk shows, here she comes! [Philly.com]

UPDATE [2/8/13, 4 p.m.]: When I said “Sunday talk shows,” I was almost right. Turns out Sue delegated her Washington, D.C.-based lawyer Wick Sollers to gather some experts and pick apart Freeh’s report. The authors of that report will discuss it on ESPN at 9 a.m. Sunday during an Outside the Lines panel.

And here’s a link to the letter Sue drafted to the Penn State lettermen today.

Guy Who Personally Fired Joe Paterno Resigns from Penn State Board of Trustees

U.S. Steel CEO and Vice Chairman of the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees–AKA the guy who fired JoePa over the phone–is resigning. I can only assume John Surma was tired of all the angry alumni who won’t stop accusing him of conspiring to fire Paterno because of a personal grudge. Said one angry aluni group, which has been calling for the entire board to be fired, “We only wish he would have resigned sooner.” [AP]

Sneak Peek: Katie Couric Interviews Sue, 3 Other Paternos

Sue Paterno’s interview with Katie Couric–her first public remarks  since the death of her husband–will air Monday at 3 p.m. But one Harrisburg TV station called up Couric to get a sneak peak at their conversation. Couric said her impression was that the Paternos were not close to Sandusky, and that they had no idea about the extent of his crimes (at least several decades ago, when Sue’s own kids were young). Said Couric:

“Sue said sometimes on the road at a hotel, Sandusky would be in the pool with the Paterno kids,’ and she said, ‘Never in a million years would I have let my children spend time with Jerry Sandusky if I had any inkling he could have committed these crimes.’

Couric also interviewed three members of the Paterno family, who “talk about supporting his legacy as a husband and a father and someone who deeply loved Penn State and the entire Penn State community.” Which gives you a sense for what direction this interview’s going to go in. [ABC 27]

Sandusky Loses Appeal for New Trial

Jerry Sandusky’s request for a new trial–his lawyers claimed they weren’t given enough time to prepare–was rejected today in McKean County Court.

Judge John Cleland’s 27-page order said lawyers for the former Penn State assistant football coach conceded that their post-trial review turned up no material that would have changed their trial strategy.

In other words, they admitted they had nothing. Which was sort of a problem. Sandusky will now appeal to the Superior Court. If that appeal is denied, his fate is pretty much sealed. [AP]

Police Use Facebook to Charge 8 Penn State Students for Cheerleader’s Fall

Police have charged eight PSU students for furnishing alcohol to Paige Raque, the 19 year-old sophomore who fell five stories out of a screen window at a party in October. She was reportedly “dancing on top of a table with other individuals when she fell out.” Four of the defendants were cheerleaders, like Raque. Another was on the dance team. All have been removed from their teams, but not necessarily for this reason. (Though probably.) And all were girls. (If you really want their names, click here.)

More party details: Between 40 and 50 guests attended, there were five boxes of wine and nine bottles of vodka, and wouldn’t you know it, a bunch of it was documented on Facebook, which police used to track down the individuals who were there. For her part, Raque suffered serious brain and pelvic injuries from her fall, though she can talk and walk, and is recovering in her home in Kentucky. [Daily Collegian]

Graham Spanier Seen Chilling Out Courtside at PSU-Nebraska

Slovakia, it ain’t. But Graham Spanier nonetheless lived it up a bit this weekend, after he was invited by an unnamed benefactor to the Penn State-Nebraska basketball game. Spanier’s options for excitement are limited these days: He can’t leave the country and can only leave the state if he gives five days notice. (Hell, he’s having trouble hanging out in his own elevator.) Spanier, who continues to bring a pox upon the House of Nittany, didn’t do any favors for the team, which lost 68-64. [Daily Collegian]

Pacino to Play Paterno in “Happy Valley”

Lead Actor: Al Pacino. Director: Brian De Palma. Setting: Penn State. Based off: Joe Posnanski’s Paterno. Premise: “This story of a complex, intensely righteous man who was brought down by his own tragic flaw.” Wait, I thought this movie was based on Posnanski’s book? The premise of that one was: I had no idea Joe Paterno was going to get embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal that ruins my preconceived narrative–guess I better avoid the subject as much as possible. [ESPN]

Vigil Planned for One Year Anniversary of JoePa’s Death

As candlelight vigils go, this one is probably among the more controversial. A group called “Inspiration Way” will light 409 candles next Tuesday in State College, in honor of the victories Joe Paterno racked up at Penn State before the NCAA so cruelly (or appropriately, depending on which side of the vigil you stand) stripped them away. The date marks the one-year anniversary of the coach’s death. Now that JoePa’s statue has been torn down, Saddam-style, “Inspiration Way” also hopes to build a commemorative brick path. [CBS 3]

Temple #3 “Sugar Daddy” School in the Country

What does that headline mean, you ask? It means a lot of female Temple students are having sex with rich older men (not the other way around though), who pay their tuition in exchange. The news comes from a press release from SeekingArrangement.com, the “Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby” “dating” site, that the Times called “at best a convenience store for adulterers and at worst a virtual brothel.”

“The population of college Sugar Babies in Pennsylvania has steadily increased every year, with Temple leading all major universities this year,” says [Seeking Arrangement founder whose parents are very proud of him Brandon] Wade. “While some may argue that these women are just using men for their own personal gain, I believe that they are proactive in pursuing a higher education.”

The average sugar baby, receives $3,000 a month for tuition, books, and living expenses. It’s unclear how the site crunched their numbers, but they claim Temple had 268 new “sugar baby” “sign-ups” last year, while 168 percent new sugar babies are attending Penn State, and 533 percent more are studying at UPenn. (Total figures weren’t available for PSU and Penn, unfortunately.) While Temple’s reputation may suffer as a result of this news, it’s surely a PR boon for SeekingArrangement.com, and prostitution in general.


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