Mistral in Princeton Gets Two “Very Good” Reviews


Mistral in Princeton lands reviews in the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer this week. Scott Anderson and business partner, Stephen Distler who also on Elements in Princeton, opened the BYOB in May with Ben Nerenhausen as the chef de cuisine. Both the Times’ Fran Schumer and the Inquirer’s Craig LaBan gave the Mistral a “very good” rating. Both highlighted the octopus and scallops. LaBan definitely had problems with service (they lost his reservation on one occasion) or he might have even rated it higher.

Small Plates, and a Taste of Many Cultures [New York Times]
Mistral helps put Princeton in culinary Ivy League [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Mistral [Philadelphia Magazine]

Princeton Now Using Red Solo Cups to Solve Weird Meningitis Problem

Solo cups: not just an emblem of everything that’s wrong with 21st century collegiate life. Also: a leading cause of meningitis, apparently. As we’ve noted before, Princeton has a bizarre meningitis problem. And Princeton thinks it has to do with sharing drinks. So the school has devised a solution in which it’ll make available 5,000 red Solo-looking cups that all say: “MINE. NOT YOURS.” (Photo here.) Hate to break it to you, O Tiger Faithful, but if every single one of those cups says exactly the same thing, that’s about as useful as having students all drink from identical red cups. Which they’re doing in the first place. What you need is to dip into the old war chest and print out 5,000 individually labeled cups. You know, collective action to further the cause of freedom and safety in the world. Something to make Woodrow Wilson proud. [Times of Trenton]

Obnoxious Princeton Mom Has an Obnoxious Book Deal

Lean In, meet SMARTEN UP! Princeton alum Susan Patton (’77) has been offered a book deal by Simon & Shuster imprint Gallery Books to expound on the “wisdom” of the letter to the editor she sent the Daily Princetonian in March. You’ll recall the immortal line: “Find a husband on campus before you graduate.” And later, her deep regret at marrying a man who attended a lesser institution: “Yes, I wish I married someone who went to Princeton.” Now, she’s turned a hastily-written word-belch into a potential foil for Sheryl Sandberg’s airport bookshelf blockbuster.

In SMARTEN UP!, Patton will delve into how marriage and motherhood have become thought of as the antithesis of modern womanhood,  the heartbreak women may face if they delay marriage and motherhood, and the necessity for young women to plan for their personal happiness as carefully as they plan for their professional success. She will confront realities including the limited number of years women can bear children and how the current hook-up culture diminishes women’s self-esteem.

Got that, ladies? Get into Princeton, don’t whore yourselves out to Princeton men but also make yourselves as attractive as possible to Princeton men so that they marry you immediately following graduation. Reproduce. Send children to Princeton. Repeat process. [NY Mag]

Bomb Threat Reported at Princeton [Updated]

A bomb threat has been made to several buildings on Princeton’s campus. Here’s the notice, which was posted on Princeton’s website at 10:26 a.m.:

There has been a bomb threat to multiple unspecified campus buildings. Please evacuate the campus and all University offices immediately and go home unless otherwise directed by your supervisor. Public Safety officers and Princeton Police will direct drivers leaving the campus and those without cars will be directed to evacuation sites. You will receive an update later today. Do not return to campus for any reason until advised otherwise.

h/t Philly.com

Updated [4:41 p.m.] Still no bomb, thankfully. From Princeton:

In the aftermath of a bomb threat, searches of the Princeton University campus are continuing and significant progress has been made this afternoon. The searches are expected to continue for a few hours more, and University officials hope to reopen campus this evening. However, no decision to reopen will be made until the searches are completed.

As of 3:30 p.m., no explosives had been found. Bomb-sniffing dogs brought in from law enforcement agencies were on campus, and University officials were doing other searches. The bomb threat at the University was one of a number of similar threats around the United States today.

Campus-wide TigerTransit has been suspended at least until tomorrow morning. Undergraduate students are, of course, on summer break.


Meningitis Outbreak Could Ruin Princeton Alumni Weekend

New Jersey’s state department of health has declared a meningitis outbreak at Princeton University, thereby jeopardizing the school’s Alumni Weekend, taking place this weekend. 24,000 are (were?) expected to attend. NY Mag notes that this news has potential to jeopardize crucial life-altering alumni hook-ups. As Wikipedia tells us:

Both can be transmitted through droplets of respiratory secretions during close contact such as kissing, sneezing or coughing [if you're into that] on someone, but cannot be spread by only breathing the air where a person with meningitis has been.

Maybe just wear those plastic lips Robin used in that Batman with Uma Thurman?


Luxury, Eco-Friendly Princeton Property for Sale

Spotlight Listing: Luxury, eco-friendly Princeton property

If Earth Day has inspired you to be eco-friendlier, take a peek inside this Princeton home, which proves green living and luxury living are not mutually exclusive. With a sunny, open floor plan, the home has a state-of-the-art kitchen with top-of-the-line Miele and Dacor appliances, and each bedroom has its own bath. Finer living can also be found in the details, including arched openings, crown molding, oak floors, plantation shutters and high ceilings. Plus, the property benefits from Princeton’s easy train access to both Philadelphia and New York. See, this luxury, eco-friendly Princeton property proves you can have it all while trying to be green.

56 Cradle Rock Rd, Princeton
Price: $3,295,000
Bed: 6
Bath: 6.1
8,000 sq. ft.



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