Exclusive Spring Shoe Collection Preview Tonight at Egan Day


Some shoes from the spring ‘16 resort collection. | Alumnae.

Head to Egan Day from 5pm to 7pm tonight to catch an exclusive Alumnae spring ‘16 resort collection preview. Designers Kari Sigerson and Steve Madden’s Eliza Axelson-Chidsey have collaborated on this new line of casual footwear – their first full-fledged project since the end of the cult shoe brand Sigerson Morrison back in 2011. Their new collection does not disappoint, with chic calf-hair flats, sandals in warm metallic hues, and tasteful Italian leather slides for the everyday, stylish woman. With a price point of $475-725, the line features luxe shoes in classic designs that will last you through many warm seasons to come. Read more »

Philly-Based Poet Shares Struggle of Being Queer in the Middle East in New Book

NallaNalla, an author currently based in Philadelphia, is revealing her experience being queer in the Middle East in a new book. “Faces,” a collection of poems, describes Nalla’s struggles from his perspective, walking the reader through his difficult journey. The poems also meditate on love and life but mainly focus on the daily confusion and inner conflict Nalla faced while living in different countries in the Middle East.

Sure to be an emotional journey for any reader, Nalla’s poems are expressive of the rejection he has suffered and the love he found along the way. Available through indie publisher Lulu, Faces features a beautiful sketch on its cover that Nalla fell in love with online, then tracked down and obtained the rights to use it for this book. While you wait for your copy of this powerful poetry to ship (just $14, by the way) check out some of Nalla’s work online.

WATCH: Grey’s Anatomy Teaser

We’ve waited all summer to find out the fate of the docs in the season-ending plane crash of Grey’s Anatomy (Sept. 27). As we get ready for season nine to kick off next month (girl, we love our nighttime soaps), we wonder if Arizona survives? Or will Meredith, Christina, Derek or Mark face an early demise like Lexie?

We have to admit, we’re hoping Arizona pulls through to live yet another lesbian story line this season.

Check out the preview:

Preview: Live Arts and Philly Fringe

When Live Arts and the Philly Fringe kick off next month (Sept. 7-22) LGBT audiences will have a lot of relevant events to choose from this season. Sexuality and gender themes – as well as many out performers – all play starring roles in everything from theatre and dance to cabaret and go-go.

Here are our top picks:

Sept 4-10

Bang (all photos courtesy of Live Arts)

Charlotte Ford’s “Bang” explores sexuality and gender roles in a “comedic clown theater spectacular” set under the glow of a pink neon sex show sign. Ford joins Lee Etzold and Sarah Sanford (of Pig Iron) for a very sexually explicit exploration of nudity, desire, gender roles and arousal – and did we say nudity (Christ Church Neighborhood House, 20 North American Street)?

Sept. 7-10, 13 and 14

Two young women fall unexpectedly in love in “Stop Kiss” by Diana Son. And on the night of their first kiss, they are brutally attacked. The performance alternates between scenes before and after the assault, while taking a serious approach to the reality of hate crimes in America (The Arts Garage, 1533–35 Ridge Avenue).

Raw Stitch

Sept 7-9, 13-15-16 and 20-22

Get hot and heavy (and hard) for art during “Rub,” an erotic performance by Gunnar Montana and Jasmine Zieroff at – where else? – a strip club (The Dolphin Tavern, 1539 S. Broad Street).

Sept. 8, 14-15, 20 and 22

Raw Stitch” (7 p.m.) by Jacqueline Goldfinger is a play about the “enthusiastically inebriated and the sexually active,” featuring nine new monologues. Each audience member even receives a PBR, condom, and dental dam with the price of admission (Quig’s Pub at Plays & Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Place, 3rd Floor).

Sept 7-8, 12-15, 17, 19–22, 25 and 26

Brat Productions

Brat Productions presents “RockPile: Popsicle’s Departure, 1989” and “Eternal Glamnation,” a double feature of rock ‘n roll theater. In “Popsicle’s Departure, 1989,” Madi Distefano remounts her internationally award-winning solo tour about the end of the punk rock scene in Boston, while “Eternal Glamnation” is a nuclear glam-rock fantasia cabaret (Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill Street).

Sept. 14, 16, 18 and 24

Brian Sanders’ JUNK is back with “The Gate Reopened,” a dance theatre-in-the-round that takes over a warehouse on the Delaware River. The out choreographer imagines a world inside this massive structure in which a gate has been built as a 20-foot high cylindrical octagon. Audiences encircle eight dancers in a kind of futuristic, post-industrial, post-apocalyptic coliseum where the performers are suspended and propelled (Pier 9, 121 North Columbus Boulevard).

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WATCH: Gayby

Jenn and Matt have been best friends since college. Now, both single and in their 30s, they decide to have a child together – the old-fashioned way. But did we mention that she’s straight and he’s gay?

“I actually think that both parents have to be gay for the baby to be a gayby,” says Matt.

“Please,” Jenn responds. “I’ve been a hag since birth.”

Check out the trailer for Gayby:

WATCH: Pink’s New Video

Philly native Pink is getting ready to release a new album Sept. 18 – The Truth About Love. But she’s giving us a taste  of things to come with the brand spanking new video for “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” an ode to old-school French films that has the pop star doing a little gender-bending. The video even features a steamy lesbian dance scene. Oui!

Check it out:

Our QFest Picks

As QFest turns 18 this week, we selected a few of our favorite picks during the much-anticipated LGBT film festival (it all kicks off July 12). The flicks we picked run the gamut between an adventure of two aging lesbians on the road to serious profiles of LGBT artists and leaders – and even a moody, homoerotic day dream about James Dean.

In addition to these films, G Philly is also sponsoring TRANS, a poignant documentary about transgender men and women, and Dr. Christine McGinn, the New Hope doctor who specializes in gender reassignment. Not only do we meet her patients, but we also follow one story to the Trans-Health Conference here in Philly for a life-changing awakening.

Check out a preview:

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Sneak Peek: QFest 2012

QFest is getting ready to kick off its 18th edition on July 12 (through the 23rd) with 107 films this year, including 13 documentaries, 52 short films, seven world premieres, two U.S. premieres and 26 Philadelphia premieres.

The LGBT film festival opens with Elliot Loves, the story of Dominican-American Elliot Ayende at two stages of his life: as a nine-year-old who is sidekick and confidant to his struggling single mom, and as a 21-year-old looking for love in New York City. The closer is the comedic follow-up to TLA Releasing’s BearCity – BearCity2: The Proposal. In it, Kathy Najimy plays den mother to the returning cast of bears, boys and cubs, for a Bear Week bachelor party in Provincetown.

Other notable films include:

Cloudburst, which stars Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker as Stella and Dotty, a lesbian couple from Maine who embark on a Thelma and Louise-style road trip to Nova Scotia to get married after Dotty is moved into a nursing home by her daughter.

Check it out:

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Listen: Mika with Pharrell Williams

We’re getting ready for the weekend with a new one – “Celebrate” – from Mika (featuring Pharrell Williams). Mika’s new album – Origins of Love – comes out in September, but here’s a taste of the new album just in time for happy hour.

Listen in:

A Chat With Wendy Williams

Courtesy of The Wendy Show

As talk show diva Wendy Williams gets her shoe cam, Wonder Woman mug and general fabulousness ready for Philly Pride this weekend – she’s the headliner at Penn’s Landing on Sunday – we talked to her by phone about what she has planned for Philly’s biggest LGBT party of the summer.

Not only will Williams be answering audience questions in a live “Ask Wendy” segment, but she lets us in on why the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love – and her gay fans – are so important to her.

Why do you think you have so many gay fans?

Gay people have been attracted to what I’ve been doing for years and it’s very flattering. I’ve always been a person of total acceptance of people – I guess they see that. I’m a free spirit with a bit of a flair for the dramatic. It’s flattering!

What can we expect from your live appearance in Philly this weekend?

At 2:30, the mayor is giving me a key to the city, which is a big deal. I spent some very important years in Philly. For the two-and-a-half years I was there, I gave birth to my son Kevin at Methodist Hospital. At 4, I’ll be doing Ask Wendy.

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